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While in theory news channels must always be unbiased, mainstream U.S. news networks have traditionally fallen in the liberal or conservative categories. Much of this polarization is attributed to the prevalent Democrat Vs Republican culture which encourages masses to pick the left or the right. And perhaps no other event could highlight this divide more than the 2020 US Election which brought to light an awfully divided public opinion.

With that said, the truth of the matter is the news source that becomes your go-to is almost always one that matches your personal inclinations. If your socio-political views lean to the right, according to a Pew Research Center Study it is likely you’d place the most trust in FOX News. Whereas if you happen to have a left-leaning mindset, CNN would be your go-to network for news and current affairs.

Apart from putting the divisions in the American public opinion in the spotlight, the 2020 US Election also resulted in the surprise popularity of the Newsmax network despite the long-standing presence of media giants like CNN, FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and MSNBC. While some commentators prefer to attribute the network’s “short claim to fame” to ex-President Trump voicing his unhappiness with FOX News’ coverage of the election, the fact is Newsmax did beat FOX News when it came to the 2020 Election coverage, and FOX News’ viewership did tune into what Newsmax offered in big numbers. It was almost as if the conservative-leaning viewers found a worthy choice in Newsmax.

Watching Newsmax with WOW! Cable

If you’re new to the  WOW! TV service and looking to tune into Newsmax, you’ve come to the right place. We understand how cumbersome it can be to figure things out with a new cable TV subscription at your home. And, staying on the top of the news is not something that can be put off to until after you’ve learned the ropes of your new in-home entertainment system. You must tune into the headlines when aired, and watch analyses on time. Else you’ll have a hard time catching up on current affairs given the pace at which things move these days.

For this reason, our today’s article comes complete with a listing of channel numbers for Newsmax in different WOW! service regions. But, before we get to that, let’s just give you a quick run-through of the WOW! TV service features that you’ll be happy to take advantage of.

What Channel is Newsmax on WOW!?

Switching to a new cable TV service is a process longer than you’d like it to be. It’s not just about finding the right provider and narrowing it down to the right plan. But, getting it installed and set up as well as figuring out the new system. And to be honest, the entire ordeal can end up frustrating even the best of us.

The on-screen program guide for WOW! TV sure makes for a great interactive tool, but the impatient and the less tech-savvy among us are unlikely to find the information needed on time. Unless they have familiarized themselves with the interface and can navigate their way around things with ease. Now, you wouldn’t want to miss Robert Finnerty with Wake up America, the American Agenda with Bob Sellers, the National Report with Kraisman and Rechenberg, or John Bachman Now. So, here is exactly what will do the trick for you:

City by State


Newsmax Channel Number













Panama City










Fort Gordon













Grand Rapids, Mid-Michigan


Greater Lansing, Mid-Michigan


NE Lansing, Mid-Michigan


NW Lansing, Mid-Michigan


West Detroit, Mid-Michigan







South Carolina






Must Watch Newsmax Shows

While everybody loves to make small talk around politics not everyone understands the ins and outs of the game as much as they’d like to believe. This is why it is best to hear out the experts before you shape an opinion. Well-versed in political science, international relations, and more, they know what they’re talking about. Hear them out on Newsmax as they analyze stories, follow developments and help you understand how political decisions and policy changes can have come to impact the common American.

Here are some of the shows hosted by experienced journalists:

The Chris Salcedo Show

This author, veteran broadcaster, and seasoned political analyst began his career over the radio where he provided listeners with weather updates and traffic reports. Now, he uses his experience and knowledge in calling out media bias and what he deems are the wrongs committed by politicians. If you’re a passionate conservative, you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement with Chris.

National Report

Hosted by the Emmy-nominated TV news anchor Shaun Kraisman, and the Emmy award-winning journalist Emma Rechenberg, the show keeps you up to date with breaking news and provides you with analysis on all the political developments, from Washington and capitals around the globe. With its dynamic format, the show is not just the anchor reading out the news. But live interviews with those who make the news, and panelists who are able to hold an insightful debate.

John Bachman Now

Another host popular among the masses, John Bachman focuses on the biggest story of the day and breaks it down for you in a clear, concise, and informative manner. You get to discover the intricate details of the matter, and also watch guests and experts provide insightful analyses.

American Agenda

A face-paced show with the Emmy award-winning journalist Bob Sellers, which takes on the task of getting top national and international events to you. Listen to lawmakers and experts share insightful analyses. And, update yourself with media reports from the U.S., and abroad.

Spicer & Co.

Watch Sean Spicer, a former Whitehouse Communications Director, leading a team of journalists, capital insiders, and power brokers to discuss the headlines making the news. He is joined by co-host Lyndsay Keith, the ex-Deputy Communications Director of the Republican National Committee. And, together they share with you exclusive new insights. 

Greg Kelly Reports

Exposing the power struggle in play and enlightening people, Greg Kelley is a force to be reckoned with. Here you’ll know about news stories from coast to coast that is likely to impact you. Inform yourself, as Kelly puts what matters to you in the spotlight.   

America Right Now

Well, the title couldn’t be more straightforward than that. Bringing you the biggest stories of the week from across the U.S., Tom Basile invites top talkers from politics and entertainment. The show is engaging and energetic, and one that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Final Words

That is about it!

You are all set to tune into your Newsmax favorites on WOW! Cable, unless you hold a subscription for WOW! Small TV. Because if that is the case, you must upgrade to a Medium or Large TV channel lineup in order to access Newsmax programming. In case you do require assistance, you can call WOW! Customer Service at 1-844-343-1373 at any time, and speak to a representative regarding a possible upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WOW! channel lineup include Newsmax?

Yes. WOW! TV offers a Newsmax channel in its Medium and Large TV tiers.  

What is the channel number for Newsmax in Auburn?

You can watch Newsmax on WOW! Cable in Auburn on channel number 57 for SD and 759 for HD.

Do WOW! bundles offer Newsmax?

Yes. When you’re subscribe to a WOW! bundle that includes WOW! Medium TV or Large TV, you’ll have access to Newsmax.