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Poor network reception is a common issue people face with their wireless phone plans. Due to some providers using outdated or poorly maintained network infrastructure, their wireless phone connectivity has deteriorated over the years.

It is very easy to get frustrated with the sloppy service provided by your current wireless phone carrier. But you can put an end to your sufferings by switching to AT&T Wireless service while keeping your old number as your AT&T phone number!

AT&T Wireless has built itself an excellent reputation in the industry, with advanced service features and quality you can depend on. Here is everything you need to know about keeping the same phone number for AT&T Wireless.

Can I Keep My Number if I Switch to AT&T?

You can transfer your existing phone number to America’s most reliable network very easily. This process of transferring the number from one network carrier to another is also referred to as porting. For porting the number to AT&T Wireless, you must keep some things in mind and follow the essential steps.

How to Transfer My Number to AT&T?

Firstly, you must ensure that your number is eligible for a transfer. Use this eligibility tool to check if you can use the phone number for AT&T.

For porting the number to AT&T Wireless, you will need the following information:

  • Active phone number for transfer
  • Your phone account’s name, address, and Social Security number
  • Current carrier’s 9 to 18-digit account number
  • Passcode or PIN to current carrier’s account

You will need this information while ordering an AT&T Wireless SIM kit either online or via phone. Please check a recent monthly bill or log into your existing account to verify your info in order to avoid any delays.

Once AT&T has all this information and you have opted to keep your current number, AT&T will start working on your request. It will ask for your confirmation to authorize the transfer. Once you authorize, only then will your AT&T Wireless service start working on your current phone number.

For this process to be successful, here are some things that you must make sure of:

  • Make sure your current service is not canceled. Until you authorize the network transfer, you will be able to use the service as per usual.
  • If the information you provided has errors, the process may face delays or even cancellation.
  • You can check and verify your mobile device’s compatibility with AT&T Wireless via this comprehensive list.

How Long Will the Transfer Take?

The transfer from your current provider to the AT&T Wireless phone number network can take varying number of days to complete. The process duration mainly depends on the medium through which you have requested the transfer. You can request the transfer via phone, place an order online, or visit the nearest AT&T retail store.

  • Online Orders: 3 to 5 business days
  • Orders via Phone: 3 to 5 business days
  • Retail Store Orders: 1 to 3 business days

If you requested a non-wireless number to be transferred, you can expect the process to take around 5 to 7 business days to complete.

End Note

It is fairly easy to switch your current number to an AT&T phone number. You must take care of a few things, like having all the important information at your fingertips and not canceling your existing service before the transfer is finalized. There is some waiting time involved as well, as mentioned earlier in the article. Plan your transfer request accordingly, so you can avoid any hiccups.

AT&T Wireless connections are one of the most well-reputed in the country. The service is available in more than 21 states, backed by highly professional customer support. Its service features make it stand out among the competition. To subscribe to AT&T Wireless, call AT&T customer service at 855-925-2541.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I transfer multiple numbers to AT&T?

Yes, you can transfer up to 5 lines with an AT&T Wireless Premier subscription.

How long will AT&T take to transfer my number?

To transfer your existing number to AT&T Wireless phone number, it can take between one to seven business days.

How Do I Contact AT&T Wireless Customer Service?

Contact AT&T Wireless customer service by calling 855-925-2541. You can also contact AT&T customer service by visiting the nearest retail store or using the online chat support.