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AT&T Internet comes in a range of speeds and pricing because of the multiple network technologies used to build the infrastructure. Connection types include bleeding-edge fiber, fixed wireless, and an ingenious mix of copper and fiber known as IPBB. The AT&T network spans 21 states delivering high-speed internet service. Customers are offered different internet plans based on their location.

However, the AT&T Internet 75 plan is one of the most popular and widely available. So if you are shopping for a new internet plan, you may consider shortlisting the AT&T Internet 75 plan.

Let’s see if this detailed AT&T Internet 75 review helps you decide whether or not the plan is worth your shot.

Pros Cons
Affordable Internet Plan Second Year Price Hike
No Contract Data Caps
Great Bundling Discounts and Perks
Hbo Max™ Free 30-day Trial
From a Provider Top Rated in Customer Satisfaction
Widely Available Across at&t Service Locations

AT&T Internet 75 Plan

This AT&T Internet plan offers up to 75 Mbps download and up to 20 Mbps upload speeds. It is one of the more affordable plans when compared to what else is available in the market. Competitors do offer higher internet speeds, but each option comes with its own set of conditions. You can take a look at our comparison of the AT&T Internet 75 plan with competitor offers later in this review.

As for the AT&T Internet 75 plan, the speed offered can get your browsing, social networking, email, and other essential online activities done without a hitch. Webpages with images, audio, and video on the site, load quickly. Unless there is a problem with how optimized the website’s loading speed is. You can stream videos in HD, play online games, stream music, video chat, and download large files—without frustrating lags.

Rest assured, the internet won’t let you down if 5 or so users engage in light to standard online activities. But, if there are more users or online activities are heavy on bandwidth, we’d recommend you consider upgrading to AT&T Internet 100.

Let’s take a quick look at what you will get when you subscribe to the AT&T Internet 75 plan.

HBO® Max 30 Day Trial

Use the high-speed AT&T internet connection, and virtually unlimited data allowance you get with it to feast on HBO Max™ during the first month. Because with all AT&T Internet plans, you get a 30 Day free trial for HBO Max™. It is your choice whether or not you want to continue using HBO Max™ after the trial ends. You can always contact AT&T professionals at 1-855-820-1220, and let them know what you want.

Generous Data Allowance

Unlimited internet data would be perfect with any internet offer. AT&T gives you that with higher speed tiers. But AT&T speeds ranging up to 75 Mbps do not come with unlimited data. With that said, AT&T's data allowance is very generous. Because 1TB or 1,000GBs is virtually unlimited.

If you find yourself looking for unlimited internet data with the AT&T Internet 75 plan, read more about data caps a little later.

AT&T Internet 75 Modem & Router

Your AT&T connection comes with its own equipment. And, that is the case with all plans. AT&T will provide you a modem-router combo, to get your internet connection up and running smoothly. And, you will be charged a monthly equipment fee for using the gateway device.

BGW210, 5268AC, or NVG599 are among the Wi-Fi Gateway models offered by AT&T.

AT&T lets you use your own router, provided you configure it with the AT&T provided gateway device. And, for a DIY job, you can also get access to full instructions on using your own router with AT&T Internet.

No Annual Contracts

There are no obligations to bind you. No contracts with AT&T Internet to restrict your freedom. So you can cancel anytime if for some reason you wish to discontinue your AT&T internet service. But, if you are subscribing to an AT&T Bundle, which includes a video service, you must fulfill the term of the contract; early cancellation will result in an Early Termination Fee.

Introductory & Regular AT&T Internet 75 Price

In the first 12 months of your subscription, you pay the promotional price every month. Taxes, equipment fee, and surcharges are additional. Do check out the total estimated cost of the AT&T Internet 75 plan below. It will give you a good idea of all the hidden costs.

Internet Only Plan Max Download Speed Promo Price
AT&T INTERNET 75 75 Mbps $45/mo. plus taxes & equip. fee

After the end of the first 12 months, you will be charged the regular rate. Again, the rate shows below does not include taxes and surcharges or the equipment rental fee.

Internet Only Plan Max Download Speed Regular Price
AT&T INTERNET 75 75 Mbps $55/mo. plus taxes & equip. fee
AT&T Professional Installation AT&T Self-Installation
AT&T sends out a technician for the professional installation of the internet connection. Pro-install costs you a one-time installation fee of $99. But, if you bundle internet with AT&T TV orDIRECTV, you qualify for a waiver. If you are more of a DIY person, you can save precious dollars. Because, AT&T offers a self-install kit free of cost. Once you place the order, the self-install kit can arrive as early as the next day. AT&T also gives you a 2 or 3-5 day delivery option.
Professional installation makes things hassle-free for you. Any glitches in the process are dealt with by the professional technician and AT&T. You just have to schedule an appointment when you place your order for the AT&T Internet 75 plan. The AT&T self-install kit is designed for the convenience of DIY lovers. You do not need to have polished technical skills or pro tools to do the job. And it will only take you around 30 minutes to set up everything.
The pro install can take up a little time. So you must ensure that you or someone else at your house is there to attend to the technician.

The Total Cost of AT&T Internet 75 Plan

Category Upfront Fee Monthly Fee
AT&T Internet 75 Promo Price$45/mo. for 12 months
AT&T Internet 75 Regular Price$55/mo.
Full professional installation 99.99
Internet equipment rental$10/mo.
Late payment feeUp to $9.25 (due to increase to $9.99 eff. December 1, 2020)
Data Overage fee (Internet-only)$10 for each 50 GB utilized in excess (up to $100/mo.)
Data Overage fee (when bundled)None
Equipment non-return fee150
Early Termination feeUp to $180 (if applicable)
Bill Reprint FeeUp to $5 per Bill
Taxes and other surchargesVary with location

AT&T Internet 75 Network Infrastructure

AT&T utilizes several types of broadband networking technologies to adequately cover its 21-state service areas. So you get a variety of connections—IPBB, fiber optic, fixed wireless, and DSL.

AT&T’s DSL network is the oldest of all—and the most widespread too. Because it relies on twisted and aged copper phone wires spread across rural areas. But, given the length of the “last mile” that data travels over these copper lines, remote rural localities get internet speeds only as high as 5 Mbps. Recently AT&T has indicated it intends to discontinue its aged DSL service. The existing subscribers will continue to receive the service, but new customers won’t be offered the choice.

One may presume since now AT&T has better options available, the traditional slow DSL service won’t be missed. The AT&T fixed wireless network is quickly covering ground in rural America. The service offers faster download speeds—a minimum of 10 Mbps downstream. While, in urban and suburban neighborhoods, AT&T Fiber is anyway spreading out given the high demand for state-of-the-art internet service.

To know more about AT&T Internet 1,000, , check out the detailed review. If such high speeds are too much for what you need to be done, AT&T Fiber also gives 300 Mbps and 100 Mbps tiers. Which may be more suitable for standard internet consumption. Find out what AT&T Internet 300 offers in our detailed guide.

The only downside is that AT&T fiber service is available to less than 30% of the households falling under the AT&T network coverage. And it is mostly the urban and suburban residential neighborhoods that are able to benefit from the latest in internet tech. AT&T is however progressively expanding its fiber coverage. Until that becomes more widely available, you can make use of its IPBB connections which are able to deliver reliable fast speeds.

The IPBB network utilizes a mixture of ADSL2 , VDSL2, G.Fast, and Ethernet technologies, and relies on both fiber optic and copper cable lines. This is why the availability of IPBB connections is widespread, and there is a good variety of speeds on offer. The AT&T Internet 75 speed tier falls in this category. Download speeds delivered over the IPBB network are significantly higher than traditional DSL internet.

AT&T Internet Plans and Speeds through IPBB

As we identified above, the AT&T Internet 75 plan is offered through an IPBB connection. Other IPBB-based AT&T internet speeds include the 10, 18, 25, and 50 Mbps tiers. Due to multiple technologies powering the IPBB network, the availability of speeds across regions vary. So, if for instance, you look at regions where AT&T works in collaboration with the Connect America Fund Phase II, the network in that area is likely to be based on ADSL2 bonded technology. Meaning, the highest download speed available will be 10 Mbps. But, no matter what kind of network covers your neighborhood, AT&T remains committed to getting you the fastest possible speed in that area.

That may make you feel as if AT&T Internet may not be able to give you much choice in terms of speed in any one locality. But, let’s tell you, in the majority of areas, the AT&T IPBB network does deliver higher download speeds which do well to cover standard household consumption of the internet. To find out which internet plan AT&T offers in your area, call 1-855-820-1220.

Internet Plan Max. Download Speed Price

No. of Devices What it Can Do?
Internet 1010 Mbps$45/mo. for 12 months taxes & equip. fee1Surf web, send emails, stream SD videos, & download music
Internet 1818 Mbps$45/mo. for 12 months taxes & equip. fee43832Stream SD videos, share photos and videos, & play light games online
Internet 2525 Mbps$45/mo. for 12 months taxes & equip. fee43833Stream videos on multiple devices, play online games, & share photos and videos
Internet 5050 Mbps$45/mo. for 12 months taxes & equip. fee43894Stream video on multiple devices, surf the web, email, online gaming, & photo and video sharing
Internet 7575 Mbps$45/mo. for 12 months taxes & equip. fee5 Stream HD videos on multiple devices, play multiplayer online games, & share large files

AT&T Internet Bundle Pricing

AT&T Internet service comes with one big perk. And, that is if you pair it with an AT&T video service i.e. DIRECTV or AT&T TV, , you can benefit from a discount rate.

DIRECTV is a satellite TV service. And, comes with one of the most celebrated channel lineups. When you subscribe to DIRECTV and AT&T Internet in a bundle: You get a free trial for HBO Max™, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX®. You can enjoy a free NFL SUNDAY TICKET for the season. And, also save money with a free professional installation.

You can subscribe to a Triple Play Bundle if you’d rather get a home phone service as well, and complete the service suite for your home. AT&T triple play bundles include the internet, DIRECTV, and AT&T home phone service —AT&T phone connection comes with a good choice in terms of plans—local, nationwide or international—every option is on the menu.

AT&T TV recently went nationwide, as AT&T U-Verse service was discontinued for new customers. It’s an IPTV service that comes with an exciting channel lineup and other features such as a Free limited-time subscription to HBO Max™, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX®. Cloud DVR with 500 hours worth of storage. Google assistant powered voice remote. And more! You can bundle AT&T TV with AT&T Internet to get a discounted rate.

This brings us to the pricing. Bundling does not change your AT&T Internet bill. But you do save $10 every month on DIRECTV or AT&T TV service when you bundle. So, all in all, you can save $120 in the first 12 months. There are also other perks that only come with AT&T Bundle offers.

If you are interested in finding out what an AT&T video service will cost you in combination with the internet service, you can read up on our detailed analysis on the the hidden cost of DIRECTV and also the the hidden cost of AT&T TV.

AT&T Internet 75 Data Cap

Different AT&T internet plans are available in different regions in the U.S. depending on the available network infrastructure. For this reason, the internet data allowance varies as well.

The AT&T Internet 75 plan is delivered via the IPBB network, so you get a 1TB data allowance every month. The data cap for all AT&T Internet speed plans delivered over IPBB remains the same, i.e., 1TB.

From a standard user's viewpoint, it is quite difficult to exceed a 1TB data cap. But, in case you find yourself exceeding the limit, AT&T lets you have additional internet data for a fee. You can pay $10 more and get an additional 50GB data block. In any given month you can get additional data worth $100—which means up to 500GB.

AT&T however notifies you when your data consumption reaches 65%, 90%, and 100% of your internet data allowance for the month. This is to help you avoid the data overage fee. AT&T charges you $10 for every 50GB block of data when you exceed your data limit for the third time during the same month.

That is why it is recommended if you are expecting heavy usage in any given month, get unlimited internet data with your AT&T Internet 75 plan. It comes for just $30, and you can do what you need to be done without the stress. If however unlimited internet data is what you need every month, we would say you subscribe to an AT&T Bundle. This way you will get unlimited data on your IPBB connection for free.

Here is a summary of the monthly data allowance for each AT&T internet connection type and what it costs.

AT&T Service Type Monthly Data Allowance Data Overage Fees or Prices
AT&T Fiber Unlimited dataNo data overage fee
IPBB 1TB$10 fee for each additional 50GB of data used per month (up to $100 per month)
DSL 150GB$10 fee for each additional 50GB of data used per month (up to $200 per month)
Fixed Wireless 250GB$10 fee for each additional 50GB of data used per month (up to $200 per month)
Get Unlimited data allowanceUnlimited $30 per month for unlimited data
Get Unlimited data allowance by bundlingUnlimited No additional charge

AT&T Internet 75 Plan Availability

AT&T covers 21 states and has a particularly impressive footprint in California, Texas, and Florida. AT&T’s IPBB and DSL network stretches farther than its fiber-optic infrastructure. DSL based services from AT&T are available to more than 122 million—ranking AT&T as the second-largest DSL service provider in the U.S. So if you are interested in the AT&T Internet 75 plan, chances are you won’t face accessibility issues.

As for AT&T Fiber, the service is available to an estimated 36 million residing it AT&T service locations. Making AT&T stand at the top among fiber broadband providers in the U.S. With that said, AT&T fiber is still available in select areas. So, if you find yourself interested in AT&T Fiber we’d recommend you check for availability in your area. You can speak to an AT&T expert at 1-855-820-1220.

In case, you plan to subscribe to higher speed tiers from AT&T, we’d suggest you read up on our AT&T Internet 100, AT&T Internet 300, and AT&T Internet 1000 reviews. More information may help you make a better-informed choice.

Let’s now take a look at the AT&T Fixed Wireless service. Well, it delivers high-speed internet to some 6 million residents in rural areas, which is quite remarkable. Subscribers in the range of AT&T fixed wireless networks get a minimum of 10 Mbps to download speed. Albeit, similar or better internet speeds are delivered via the IPBB network, the availability of IPBB connections varies from one location to another. You can read up a detailed AT&T Internet 25 review to compare your options better.

State Cities Covered Population Covered
North Carolina1664,017,800
South Carolina1402,571,800

AT&T Internet 75 Vs Competitor Pricing

If you have been wondering as to what alternatives to the AT&T Internet 75 plan may be available in the market, here a list that tells you about AT&T competitor offers in a similar speed range. Take a look at the prices and data caps that come along with these offers. A first-hand comparison may help you reach a conclusion quickly.

Provider-Plan Price Max. Download Speed Data Cap Contracts
AT&T Internet 75$45/mo. for the first 12 months*1 TB or unlimited data for an additional fee or upon bundling75 MbpsNo Contract
Spectrum Internet$49.99/mo. for the first 12 months*Unlimited data200 MbpsNo Contract
Mediacom Internet 60$39.99/mo. for the first 12 months*400GB60 MbpsNo Contract
CenturyLink Internet with Price for Life$49/mo. *1 TB 100 MbpsNo Contract
Cox Internet Essential 50$39.99/mo. for the first 12 months*1.25 TB50 MbpsContract
Xfinity Performance Pro $39.99/mo. for the first 12 months*1.2 TB (May vary with location)200 MbpsOptional

Quick Facts About AT&T Internet 75

Final Words

Considering the cost, data allowance, and the fact you are not bound by a contract, AT&T Internet 75 plan may just cut the deal for you. The speed tier is easily accessible. The plan comes with HBO Max™ free trial. And, above all, you know you are dealing with a provider that carries a top-notch reputation in customer service. All in all, the AT&T Internet 75 plan becomes a rather appealing choice.

It may concern you there is a price increase during the second year. But, if you look at the current regular rate, and compare it with standard rates offered by competitors, you’ll be able to judge the value of your investment. Also, you are not bound since there is no contract. If you feel the rate hike in the second year does not fit your budget, you can walk away without the fear of incurring an Early Termination Fee (ETF). And, if the data cap puts you off, let us tell you again, 1TB is so high that you may have a hard time beating it.

And, then again if you want unlimited data, you can always subscribe to an AT&T bundle or get a higher speed plan. Check out our AT&T Internet 100 Review, AT&T Internet 300 Review, and AT&T Internet 1000 Review. More information may help you decide which AT&T plan would suit you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is AT&T Internet 75 price?

The price for AT&T Internet 75 is $45/mo. for the first 12 months, excluding taxes and equipment fees.

What is AT&T Internet 75 price in the second year?

The AT&T Internet 75 price in the second year increases to $55/mo.

Does AT&T Internet have contracts?

No. AT&T doesn’t bind you in any contract with its internet plans.

What is AT&T Internet 75 data cap?

AT&T places a 1 Terabyte (TB) data cap on the AT&T Internet 75 plan. You can get unlimited data by paying an extra $30 in any given month. Or get it free every month by bundling your internet service with AT&T TV or DIRECTV.

Is a modem included in the AT&T Internet 75 plan?

AT&T includes the Wi-Fi Gateway in the internet plan for a monthly fee of up to $10. The device is mandatory for your AT&T service to work smoothly.

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