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AT&T Internet (for ESP user AT&T internet Español) comes with varying speed plans. Due to its usage of multiple network infrastructures to deliver internet services across 21 states, customers are offered different internet plans based on their location.

However, the AT&T Internet 50 plan is one of the most popular and widely available. So if you are shopping for a new internet plan, you may consider shortlisting the AT&T Internet 50 plan. After all, AT&T is one of the top residential service providers in the U.S and is esteemed well for its customer satisfaction.

But. Is it really worth it? Well, this detailed AT&T Internet 50 review will answer your question nicely and thoroughly.

To start with, here are the pros and cons of the AT&T Internet 50 plan.

Pros Cons
Affordable Internet Plan Second Year Price Hike
No Contract Data Caps
Great Bundling Discounts and Perks  
Hbo Max™ Free 30-day Trial  
Top Rated in Customer Satisfaction  
Widely Available Across at&t Service States  

AT&T Internet 50 Plan

This AT&T Internet plan offers up to 50 Mbps download and up to 10 Mbps upload speeds. It is one of the more affordable plans when compared with other providers. Competitors do offer higher internet speeds, but they come with their own set of conditions. Have a look at the comparison of AT&T Internet 50 plan with competitor offers at the end of this review.

For now, let’s focus on AT&T Internet 50. The speed offered with this plan can get your browsing, social networking, email, and other essential online activities done without a hitch. All your webpages along with imagery, audio, and video on the site, load pretty quickly. Any delay you may experience in this regard is more likely to be connected to a website’s loading speed. Moreover, streaming videos in HD, playing online games, streaming music, high-definition video chatting, and downloading large files—all of that gets done in a breeze.

Rest assured, the internet is not going to sputter and stammer when catering to the whims of 3-4 people. However, if there are more users in the household, consider upgrading to AT&T Internet 75 or AT&T Internet 100..

Here is what you will get when you subscribe to the AT&T Internet 50 plan.


Impressive Data Allowance

Unlimited internet data would be ideal with any internet plan. And AT&T does offer that with higher speed tiers, but AT&T speeds ranging up to 75 Mbps do not come with unlimited data offer. The good news is the AT&T data allowance is incredibly generous. That is 1 Terabyte (TB) or 1000 Gigabytes, which is not so easy to beat. If you want unlimited internet data with the AT&T Internet 50 plan, read more about data caps below.

AT&T Internet 50 Modem & Router

AT&T provides its own internet equipment for all your internet plans. AT&T (for ESP user AT&T Español) will give you a Wi-Fi Gateway, which is a modem and router 2-in-1 combo, to get your internet connection up and running smoothly. It comes included in the per month price you see, so you won’t incur and additional cost for the equipment.

BGW210, 5268AC, or NVG599 are some of the Wi-Fi Gateway models offered by AT&T.


No Annual Contracts

There are no pesky annual contracts with AT&T Internet to restrict your freedom. Unless you are on a plan with a minimum service commitment. In that case an Early Termination Fee is charged. But if you are on a month-to-month plan, you are free to cancel the service at anytime without incurring an ETF.

Keep in mind when you bundle AT&T Internet with a video service i.e. DIRECTV or DIRECTV STREAM, you will have to sign a 2-year contract.

Introductory & Regular AT&T Internet 50 Price

In the first 12 months of your subscription, you are charged $55 per month for the plan. However, taxes will add more dollars to your monthly bill. Do check out the total estimated cost of the AT&T Internet 50 plan below, which takes all the hidden costs into consideration.

Internet Only PlanCategory Max Download Speed Promo Price
AT&T INTERNET 50 50 Mbps $45/mo. for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d

After the end of the first 12 months, you will be charged the regular rate of $65/mo. Again the rate is exclusive of taxes, but includes the equipment fee.

Internet Only PlanCategory Max Download Speed Regular Price
AT&T INTERNET 50 50 Mbps $65/mo. plus taxes

AT&T Internet 50 Installation

AT&T Professional Installation AT&T Self-Installation
AT&T sends out a technician for the professional installation of its internet service. But, it may cost you a one-off hefty installation $99 fee. Unless you qualify for a waiver, because you bundle the internet with AT&T TV or DIRECTV. Professional installation makes the entire process a breeze. If there are any unexpected obstacles, the technician will know how to deal with that. And even solicit AT&T’s help if needed. You just have to set up an appointment with customer service while ordering your AT&T Internet 50 plan. The installation can take up quite some time. Make sure you or someone in your house is there to supervise the technician. If you are more of a DIY person, AT&T offers a self-install kit. This DIY kit is completely free. The self-install kit can arrive as soon as the next day. But there are 2 and 3-5 day deliveries available as well. The AT&T self-install kit is designed for the customer’s convenience. There are no technical skills or tools required to get the work done. And it will only take around 30 minutes to set up everything.

The Total Cost of AT&T Internet 50 Plan

Category Upfront Cost Monthly Fee
AT&T Internet 50 Promo Price   $55/mo. for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d
AT&T Internet 50 Regular Price   $65/mo. plus taxes
Full professional installation $99.99  
Late payment fee   Up to $9.99
Data Overage fee (Internet-only)   $10 for each 50 GB utilized in excess (up to $100/mo.)
Data Overage fee (when bundled)   None
Equipment non-return fee $150  
Early Termination fee Up to $180 (if applicable)  
Bill Reprint Fee   Up to $5 per Bill
Taxes   Vary with location

AT&T Internet 50 Network Infrastructure

AT&T utilizes several different types of broadband networks to adequately cover its 21-state service areas. IPBB, Fiber Optic, Fixed Wireless, and DSL are the technologies the provider makes use of.

AT&T’s DSL network is the oldest of all—twisted and aged wires spread across far-flung rural areas, where there are a few to no other options. But, the network barely delivers internet speeds higher than 5 Mbps. AT&T recently announced that it is discontinuing its aged-old DSL network service. The existing subscribers will continue to receive DSL internet service, but new customers won’t be offered any.

We can safely say DSL internet with its barely 1-5 Mbps downstream won’t be missed. AT&T has better alternatives on the offer now for its new customers.

In rural areas, the AT&T Fixed Wireless network is quickly covering the ground. The service offers faster download speeds, which gives you a minimum of 10 Mbps download speed. While, on the other hand, AT&T Fiber offers symmetrical speeds as high as 940 Mbps, and unlimited internet data.

To know more about AT&T Internet 1,000, check out its detailed review here. If you aren’t keen on gigabit internet speeds, AT&T Fiber also gives 300 Mbps and 100 Mbps speed tiers and lots of perks. Find out what AT&T Internet 300 offers or the hidden cost of AT&T Internet 100 in our detailed guides.

However, AT&T fiber services are available to less than 30% of the households in 21 AT&T service states, and mostly in urban and suburban residential neighborhoods. Not to worry though, AT&T is gradually increasing its fiber coverage. Meanwhile, you can make use of its IPBB connections, which are quite widely available.

The IPBB network includes a mixture of ADSL2 , VDSL2, G.Fast, and Ethernet technologies, and makes use of fiber optic and copper cables. This results in extensive coverage and multiple speed tiers, which includes AT&T Internet 50 speed among others. Download speeds are significantly higher than traditional DSL internet.

AT&T Internet Plans and Speeds through IPBB

The AT&T Internet 50 plan is offered through an IPBB connection. However, that’s not it. The non-fiber AT&T Internet plans offer a range of speed tiers, starting from 10 Mbps, going as high up as 75 Mbps.

Due to multiple technologies powering the IPBB network, the availability of speeds across regions varies. For example, if you reside in a neighborhood where AT&T is collaborating with Connect America Fund Phase II, the network in that area is likely to be based upon ADSL2 bonded technology. So, the highest download speed available will be 10 Mbps. In any case, AT&T vows to offer you the highest internet speed available in your area.

Don’t worry, the state of AT&T Internet is not as dismal as it may sound. In the majority of areas, AT&T delivers higher download speeds. To find out which internet plan AT&T offers in your area, call 1-855-820-1220.

Internet Plan Max. Download Speed Price No. of Devices What it Can Do?
Internet 10 10 Mbps $55/mo. for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d 1 Surf web, send emails, stream SD videos, & download music
Internet 18 18 Mbps $55/mo. for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d 1-2 Stream SD videos, share photos and videos, & play light games online
Internet 25 25 Mbps $55/mo. for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d 1-3 Stream videos on multiple devices, play online games, & share photos and videos
Internet 50 50 Mbps $55/mo. for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d 3-4 Stream video on multiple devices, surf the web, email, online gaming, & photo and video sharing
Internet 75 75 Mbps $55/mo. for 12 months plus taxes. AutoPay & paperless bill req’d 5 Stream HD videos on multiple devices, play multiplayer online games, & share large files

AT&T Internet Bundle Pricing

You can bundle your AT&T Internet service with DIRECTV or DIRECTV STREAM.

DIRECTV is a satellite TV service with one of the largest channel lineups. As you subscribe to DIRECTV along with AT&T Internet, you can get a free trial for HBO Max™, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX®. Plus, you can enjoy free a NFL SUNDAY TICKET for the season and save money with free professional installation of the DIRECTV satellite service.

You can also subscribe to a Triple Play Bundle, which includes the Internet, DIRECTV, and AT&T home phone —AT&T gives you the best of its home phone plans—Phone Unlimited North America, which gives you unlimited nationwide calling at a discounted bundle rate.

DIRECTV STREAM replaced the AT&T TV service in 2021. DIRECTV STREAM is a live streaming service with a diverse channel lineup, thousands of On Demand titles, 20 hours of Cloud DVR storage, and free limited-time subscription to HBO Max™, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX®. If you also include the exclusive DIRECTV device in your subscription, you can enjoy an all-in-one experience. With this advanced streaming device you can do away with the need to switch inputs, and search across live TV, On Demand, DVR, and streaming apps all in one place.

As for pricing, it is simple and straightforward. The cost of the Internet and your chosen TV plan just gets added up. And even if you are on the AT&T 50 Mbps plan, you will be entitled to unlimited data which is a $30 value.

AT&T Internet 50 Data Cap

As AT&T Internet plan availability is different across territories depending on available network infrastructure, the internet data allowance differs as well.

The AT&T Internet 50 plan falls under the IPBB network, so you are granted a 1TB data allowance for the month. Regardless of the internet speed, AT&T Internet which is delivered via an IPBB connection comes with the same 1TB data cap.

Though it is extremely hard to beat the 1TB data cap, AT&T offers additional internet data for a fee. For $10, you can get an additional 50GB of data in a month. You can get more data as you pay more i.e. 100GB for $20. AT&T limits your additional data allowance to $100 per month, which means you can get up to an additional 500GB during any given month.

When you have consumed 65%, 90%, and 100% of your internet data allowance for the month, AT&T will alert you via email. So you don’t risk the data overage fee, which is charged when you exceed the data limit for the third time during the same month.

But, you don’t have to keep paying an extra $10 for each 50GB allowance. If you anticipate particularly heavy usage during any given month, you can get unlimited internet data with your AT&T Internet 50 plan for just $30 that month. If you would like unlimited internet data at no additional cost, subscribe to an AT&T Bundle (for ESP user Ofertas de AT&T). You will get unlimited data on your IPBB connection for free.

The table below summarizes the monthly data allowance for each AT&T Internet connection type and its fees.

AT&T Service Type Monthly Data Allowance Data Overage Fees or Prices
AT&T Fiber Unlimited data No data overage fee
IPBB 1TB $10 fee for each additional 50GB of data used per month (up to $100 per month)
DSL 150GB $10 fee for each additional 50GB of data used per month (up to $200 per month)
Fixed Wireless 250GB $10 fee for each additional 50GB of data used per month (up to $200 per month)
Get Unlimited data allowance Unlimited $30 per month for unlimited data
Get Unlimited data allowance by bundling Unlimited No data additional charges

AT&T Internet 50 Plan Availability

AT&T has spread its reach far and wide across the United States. Covering 21 states, with a heavy footprint in California, Texas, and Florida. AT&T’s IPBB and DSL network stretches farther than its fiber-optic infrastructure and is available to more than 122 million. Which makes AT&T the second-largest DSL-based internet provider in the U.S. So if you want to sign up for the AT&T Internet 50 plan, you are less likely to have availability issues.

On the other hand, AT&T fiber internet is available to an estimated 36 million residents in its 21 state service areas. This elevates AT&T’s rank to the top in the fiber internet race. With that said, AT&T fiber is still available in select areas. So if you are interested in AT&T Fiber plans, check for availability in your area with an AT&T expert at 1-855-820-1220.

If you are planning to subscribe to higher speed tiers from AT&T, better read up on our AT&T Internet 100, AT&T Internet 300, and AT&T Internet 1000 reviews. So you can make a better-informed decision.

Lastly, AT&T Fixed Wireless service delivers high-speed internet to some 6 million residents in rural areas. If fixed wireless is available in your area, you are likely to be offered the AT&T Internet plan, which delivers a minimum of 10 Mbps download speeds. Similar or better internet speeds are delivered via the IPBB network, but availability varies from one location to another. Read up our detailed AT&T Internet 25 review for a better understanding of a comparable plan and its availability.

State Cities Covered Population Covered
Alabama 212 3,078,100
Arkansas 103 1,588,100
California 603 26,380,100
Florida 219 10,016,500
Georgia 245 7,061,100
Illinois 362 9,962,800
Kansas 133 2,099,800
Kentucky 154 1,977,800
Louisiana 229 3,472,300
Michigan 345 7,332,800
Mississippi 219 2,292,100
Missouri 203 3,749,000
Nevada 16 533,700
North Carolina 166 4,017,800
Ohio 247 5,925,000
Oklahoma 171 2,508,000
South Carolina 140 2,571,800
Tennessee 243 4,369,600
Texas 488 17,159,300
Wisconsin 112 3,244,500

AT&T Internet 50 Vs Competitor Pricing

You may be wondering what other alternatives to the AT&T Internet 50 plan are available. So here’s a list of AT&T’s top competitors offering similar speeds. But the prices, data caps, and perks are surely going to differ. A comparison may help you make a snap judgment on whether AT&T Internet 50 is a good choice.

Provider-Plan Price Max. Download Speed Data Allowance Contracts
AT&T Internet 50 $55/mo. for 12 months plus taxes 50 Mbps 1 TB or unlimited data for an additional fee or upon bundling No Contract
Spectrum Internet $49.99/mo. for 12 months 200 Mbps Unlimited data No Contract
Mediacom Internet 100 $49.99/mo. for 12 months. Plus, activation, installation and monthly modem rental fees. 100 Mbps 1000 GB (1 TB) Contract
CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet $50/mo. 100 Mbps Unlimited No Contract
Cox Internet Essential 50 $39.99/mo. for 12 months with 1-yr. svc. agmt. 50 Mbps 1.25 TB Contract
XfinityConnect $20/mo. for 12 months w/1-yr. Agreement. Paperless billing & automatic payments required. 50 Mbps 1.2 TB or Unlimited depending on your location Optional

Quick Facts About AT&T Internet 50

Company Name AT&T Corporation

Founded 1893

Headquarters 208 S. Akard St. Dallas, Texas 75202

Number of Employees 245,000

Coverage Areas 21 states

Population Served 122 Million

Service Type Internet

Where to Buy Order online, call AT&T, or visit the store

Connection Type IPBB

Other Internet Speeds 10 Mbps, 18 Mbps, 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and 75 Mbps

Data Cap1TB

Modem/Router Included for a monthly fee

Long-Term Contracts None (Unless bundled)

Contact 1-855-820-1220

Website Go to AT&T Internet

Facebook Go to AT&T Facebook/p>

Twitter Go to @ATT - @ATTHelp - @ATTNEWS

The Bottom Line

Considering its price, data allowance, and no contractual obligation, AT&T Internet 50 plan may be worth it. It brings you conistent speeds. And, the service is backed by top-notch customer satisfaction ratings. All of that makes it even more appealing.

Second-year price hikes may be an issue for some. But once you’ve completed your term commitment of 12 months, you can always cancel the service without the risk of an Early Termination Fee (ETF) if you don’t think it is worth your money. Remember in some cases you are charged an ETF e.g. if you are subscribed to a bundle. Also, the data cap may put you off, but it is quite high so you will have a hard time beating it.

However, if you wish for unlimited internet data, you can subscribe to an AT&T bundle. Check out our AT&T Internet 100 Review, AT&T Internet 300 Review, and AT&T Internet 1000 Review. They may help you decide which AT&T plan would suit you best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is AT&T Internet 50 price?

The price for AT&T Internet 50 is $55/mo. for the first 12 months, excluding taxes.

What is AT&T Internet 50 price in the second year?

The AT&T Internet 50 price in the second year increases to $65/mo. plus taxes.

Does AT&T Internet have contracts?

No. AT&T doesn’t bind you in an annual contract with its internet plans, unless you subscribe to a plan which requires a minimum service commitment.

What is AT&T Internet 50 data cap?

AT&T places a 1 Terabyte (TB) data cap on the AT&T Internet 50 plan. Though you can get unlimited data by paying an extra $30 in any given month. Or get it free every month by bundling your internet service with DIRECTV or DIRECTV STREAM.

Is a modem included in the AT&T Internet 50 plan?

AT&T includes the WiFi Gateway in the price of the Internet plan. There is no extra charge for the equipment.

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