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When it comes to ordering internet services, we better thoroughly assess the cost of service since almost every internet package advertised is riddled with hidden fees and surcharges that at first tend to be invisible.

These charges are often revealed during the journey you take to order the service, and more so when you receive your final bill, making you wonder if the service was even worth the money.

AT&T Internet 100 is one of the most-favored packages offered by the renowned ISP. Essentially speaking this is a DSL broadband connection, although AT&T utilizes a network strengthened by Fiber, and in urban neighborhoods, it is only in the “last mile” to your home that data transfer takes place via twisted copper lines. Widely available to 120 million U.S. residents, AT&T (for ESP user AT&T Español) is quite often the only wired choice for subscribers residing in rural areas too, where copper DSL tech plays a bigger role in delivering internet connectivity.

Irrespective of whether you hail from an urban or suburban region before you jump onto the enticing AT&T Internet 100 offer, you must find out what you are getting into.

AT&T Internet 100 Introductory Price

Before you delve into the pricing details, remember the AT&T Internet 100 package wouldn’t necessarily deliver 100 Mbps of speed at your address. AT&T delivers the maximum internet speed as per its network capacity in any given neighborhood at a standard rate, while actual speeds can be anywhere up to 100 Mbps.

No worries though, the highest available speed at your address will be disclosed to you as you order the AT&T internet plan.

AT&T offers the high-speed internet 100 plan to its new customers at a promotional price of $49.99, which is applicable to the first 12-months of subscription only. Note the price excludes taxes and any other installation or activation and equipment fees, which you must anticipate in the final bill.

Internet Only Plan Speed Promo Price
AT&T INTERNET 100 100 Mbps $49.99/mo. plus taxes & equip. fee

AT&T Internet 100 Regular Price

After the end of the first 12 months, you will be charged a regular rate of $59.99/mo. Again, the rate is exclusive of taxes and surcharges as well as equipment fees.

Internet Only Plan Speed Promo Price
AT&T INTERNET 100 100 Mbps $59.99/mo. plus taxes & equip. fee
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AT&T Taxes and Surcharges

Topping up your cost every month by a few dollars will be the taxes and surcharges that you’re obliged to pay as per your state laws. These taxes and surcharges aren’t mentioned as they depend upon your physical address, the taxing authority, and other laws in your region.

However, here are some different types of charges and fees you may or may not get in your monthly bill.

AT&T may charge you a recovery surcharge along with a few other fees every month, which aren’t extracted from subscribers as a governmental requirement. However, the company does pay certain government-imposed fees in order to deliver its services to you, so these charges tend to stem from there.

AT&T Data Overage Fee

The data caps on the residential internet-only plans differ, but most come with a 1TB data allowance.

In case you exceed your data limit for a high-speed internet plan a third time in a given bill cycle, AT&T charges you $10 for each additional 50 GB of data utilized that month. You always have at your disposal the option to purchase unlimited data for that month for an additional $30. However, if you opt for AT&T Bundles such as the AT&T TV and internet package, or DIRECTV and internet package, you will be able to use unlimited data at zero extra charges.

Note: AT&T U-verse is no longer available to new customers.

AT&T Internet Installation and Activation Fee

You have two choices:

Either order a self-installation kit and install your own equipment. This way you will only be charged a one-time activation fee of $35.

Or get your equipment installed by an AT&T professional technician, which will cost you a one-time $99 fee that also includes the activation charges. However, as an AT&T Bundle subscriber, your installation charges will be waived.

AT&T Internet Equipment Fees

If you choose to rent a Wi-Fi Gateway — a combination of Wi-Fi and modem — for your AT&T Internet 100 plan, your bill will include an extra $10/mo. as equipment rental charges.

AT&T Internet Cancellation Cost

AT&T doesn’t charge you an Early Termination Fee (ETF) if you cancel your subscription for any reason within 14 days following service activation. If however, the 14-day window stands closed, and the plan you subscribed to came with a term commitment, you will be liable to pay an ETF. The ETF is pro-rated based on the number of months your internet service remained active, so the amount varies depending upon the length of your subscription.

If you opt for AT&T fixed wireless service and cancel the contract early on, you would be required to pay a prorated ETF up to $120. The fewer the months remaining in your contract, the lesser the amount you would be required to pay.

AT&T Late Fee

If you don’t pay your monthly bill by the due date, AT&T will charge you a late fee along with your monthly bill. The late fee depends upon the package you have opted for or the billed amount, therefore it differs for each customer. Usually, AT&T charges up to $10 as a late fee. You may see your late fee show up in the account section of your paper or online bill.

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Summary: The Total Cost of AT&T Internet 100

Category Fee
AT&T Internet 100 Promo Price $49.99/mo.
AT&T Internet 100 Regular Price $59.99/mo.
Full professional installation and activation $99.99
Self-install and activation fee $35
Internet equipment rental $10/mo.
Late payment fee Up to $10/mo.
Data Overage fee (Internet-only) $10/mo. for each 50 GB utilized in excess
Data Overage fee (Bundles) None
Equipment non-return fee $150
Early Termination fee Varies with subscribed plan and the length of active service
Taxes and other surcharges Vary with location

To Go For AT&T Internet 100 or Not?

We may have provided you an AT&T Internet 100 review as far as the cost involved, but now it’s up to you to decide whether the pros exceed the cons for you and if AT&T offers higher value compared to other providers.

AT&T high-speed DSL plans do offer stable and consistent speeds, and if you opt for an AT&T bundle instead of an internet-only plan, you may get many more perks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Cost of AT&T Internet 100?

AT&T offers the high-speed internet 100 plan to its new customers at a promotional price of $49.99, which is applicable to the first 12-months of subscription only.

Is there any activation fee for AT&T internet 100?

Full professional installation and activation can cost up to $99.99 for AT&T Internet 100.

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