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Make unlimited connections with AT&T home phone bundles

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Get the best value for your money. Get an AT&T home phone bundle!

Need a phone line that connects you without costing an arm and a leg? Want to talk your heart out with loved ones in Canada and the U.S. Territories without counting the minutes? Or are you looking for a phone service that lets you connect globally without breaking the bank?

AT&T has a phone plan to cover you nationwide and beyond the borders! Bundle it with AT&T Internet—and you’ve a complete communications suite for your home office! What’s more, you can stay connected on-the-go over the AT&T Wireless network across the U.S., and enjoy 5G access where available―at no extra cost.


  • Fast online speeds up to 100 Mbps†† for the whole family
  • Digital phone with unlimited nationwide calling
  • Digital Phone Call Protect―get FREE spam call alerts!
$79.99/mo. for 12 months plus taxes

Autopay & Paperless Bill req’d.*

*Price after $5/mo autopay & paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills). One time install chrg may apply. Monthly State Cost Recovery Charge in TX, OH, NV applies. Ltd. avail/areas.

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25+ Digital calling features with AT&T home phone

You can do much more than just dial and receive calls with your AT&T Phone.

AT&T Digital calling features

Reject Anonymous Calls with AT&T phone

Reject Anonymous Calls

Forward Calls When Busy with AT&T phone

Forward Calls When Busy

Access Address Book with AT&T phone

Access Address Book

Block up to 100 Numbers with AT&T phone

Block up to 100 Numbers

Screen Calls with AT&T phone

Screen Calls

Trace Calls with AT&T phone

Trace Calls

Transfer Calls with AT&T phone

Transfer Calls

Call Waiting with AT&T phone

Call Waiting

Cancel Call Waiting with AT&T phone

Cancel Call Waiting

Block Caller ID (All calls or per call) with AT&T phone

Block Caller ID (All calls or per call)

Caller ID per Call Blocking with AT&T phone

Caller ID per Call Blocking

Caller ID Name and Number display in AT&T phone

Caller ID Name and Number

Caller ID on Call Waiting in AT&T phone

Caller ID on Call Waiting

Directory Assistance (DA) Blocking in AT&T home phone

Directory Assistance (DA) Blocking

Do Not Disturb Mode with AT&T home phone

Do Not Disturb Mode

Exclusive Call Forwarding with AT&T home phone

Exclusive Call Forwarding

Block International Calls with AT&T home phone

Block International Calls

Locate Me feature in AT&T phone

Locate Me

Safe Call Forwarding with AT&T phone

Safe Call Forwarding

Three-Way Calling feature with AT&T phone

Three-Way Calling

AT&T voicemail features

AT&T voicemail includes a web portal for feature management

Web Portal for Feature Management

Voicemail greeting in AT&T phone

Voicemail Greeting

Setting number of voicemail rings in AT&T phone

Set Number of Voicemail Rings

Voicemail Call Forwarding Notification in AT&T phone

Voicemail Call Forwarding Notification

Remote Voicemail Access with AT&T phone

Remote Voicemail Access

Voicemail Viewer in AT&T phone

Voicemail Viewer

Voicemail to Text converter in AT&T phone

Voicemail to Text

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Stay safe with AT&T home phone

Protect yourself from fraud, spam, and unwanted calls with the free Digital Phone Call Protect feature. Activate the feature through myAT&T App or desktop, and stay stress-free!

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Shop AT&T plans & packages for maximum value

AT&T home phone service: The top name in reliability & innovation

AT&T is a household name countrywide. Over a 100 years of experience in providing phone services has made AT&T earn a good name and the trust of millions across America. After all its roots go back to Bell, the original telephone provider worldwide. So, when you subscribe to the next-gen AT&T digital home phone service, you know you can count on its loyalty!

  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Top-notch and high-tech equipment
  • Handle your everyday communication with 25+ useful and popular calling features
  • And a great calling plan—AT&T Phone Unlimited North America
  • Get the benefits of more than one feature-rich service in the bundle—AT&T Internet, & AT&T Wireless! And if you’re also looking for TV, browse DIRECTV or DIRECTV STREAM packages, and complement your AT&T service(s).
A woman speaking on the AT&T home phone for an unlimited time, making unlimited calls across the U.S.
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Bundle and connect with AT&T Phone Unlimited North America at an affordable price

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A woman speaking on the AT&T home phone for an unlimited time, making unlimited calls across the U.S.

AT&T home phone service availability

AT&T home phone service is available across 21 states serviced by AT&T.

To check for availability of AT&T home phone bundles, call at 855-925-2541. Speak to professionals. They’ll also guide you to choices which may fit your needs and wants the best.

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AT&T Home Phone at your address easily!

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Bundle your Phone with Internet & Wireless

Frequently Asked Questions

Reset the Voicemail PIN with the following instructions:

  1. Log in to myATT account.
  2. Go to My Plans, select the Phone option.
  3. Go to Voice Features on the right.
  4. Click on the Voicemail Settings tab on the far right.
  5. Under the General Preferences section, click on the arrow next to Change PIN.
  6. Now, enter a new PIN. Re-enter for confirmation and click on Save.

Yes. AT&T digital home phone does have a Call Screening feature among the 25+ available in all.

If you are looking for a landline service that holds up in tough weather, AT&T phone service can be a sure bet based on AT&T’s long term repute in the industry.

AT&T has a number of local, nationwide and international phone plans, but AT&T Phone Unlimited North America at $24.99/mo.—when bundled with AT&T Internet and DIRECTV—offers the best value. The service allows unlimited calling across the U.S., and to Canada, Mexico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Northern Marianas. The other services in the bundle only add to the value of your AT&T package. For details call us at 855-925-2541.

In the myAT&T phone app, find the Troubleshoot and Resolve tool and submit repair tickets.

You can block up to 100 unwanted calls on your AT&T phone service. If you dial *61 immediately after a recent unwanted call, the number will be added to your block list.

AT&T phone service when bundled with AT&T Internet and DIRECTV costs you $24.99/mo. plus taxes. The total cost of your bundle depends on which broadband plan you choose and which DIRECTV package you pick. For details call us at 855-925-2541.

Yes. Dial *98 on your home phone to access your Voicemail. If you are trying to access your Voicemail remotely, you would need to dial your home number and press * upon hearing the greeting. Next, enter your PIN, and press 1 to listen to voice messages.

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