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Cox Homelife Automation
(Smart Home)

  • Get live video feed from your security cameras
  • Be notified via window & door alerts
  • Control individual lights and set timers
  • Add equipment and upgrade anytime
  • Add continuous video recording (optional)

Get Cox Homelife

$20 /mo.

Cox Homelife Security
(Smart Home + Security)

  • Get 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Reliable backup system
  • Detect unusual activity via Motion Sensing
  • Enhanced upgrade ready
  • Added security
  • Add continuous video recording (optional)

Get Cox Homelife Security

$40 /mo.

Explore Cox Homelife Automation & Security Features

For Smart and Simple Solutions

Mobile Alerts

Mobile Alerts

All equipment with Homelife plans is wireless and dependent on the internet. This makes it possible for you to receive up-to-date mobile alerts no matter where you are. Anytime a window or door, equipped with the wireless magnetic sensor is opened, you are notified in real-time.

Power Outage

Add More Equipment

Cox Homelife plans come with a free Smart Home Starter kit, which includes an HD Camera, a smart LED bulb and Cox Homelife door/window sensor. The Homelife hub is also included.

If you want, you can add equipment such as smart door locks, thermostats, motion sensors and disaster protection equipment to optimize the safety of your smart home.

Customization Options

Customization Options

Whether you wish to customize automation, personalize something as trivial as a door chime or the thermostat schedule, or simply have your Touchscreen display the way it is the most convenient for you, Cox Homelife allows you to make your own rules.

Professional installation

Professional Installation

You don’t need to worry about installing the equipment. Cox Homelife plans come with professional installation. Technicians will take care of the entire process inclusive of determining the best place to install the equipment.

Add more

Power Outage Protection

The best part about Cox Homelife Security is the backup battery. Paired with the cellular network, your system never goes offline and works even if the power is out.

Build a Cox Bundle with Homelife

Make Your Home More Smart, Safe & Connected

Cox understands how each home has its own unique dynamics—shaped by the needs and wants of the people who call it home. And, Cox believes only you can judge the best what will make your home better connected, smarter and safer. That is why Cox leaves it to you to customize a package for your home—pick a Cox Internet plan, add Contour TV to it, throw in a Cox Voice plan, and make a quad play for the most value for your money—or just pick any one service your home needs and bundle it with Homelife.

Internet plays a critical role in how optimally Cox Homelife system functions. The faster and the more reliable your internet connection, the more advantage you can take of your Cox Homelife service. And, there isn’t really an option better than Cox Internet to run your Cox Homelife!

Cox Homelife with Cox Internet Ultimate

  • Download speeds up to 500 Mbps
  • Ideal for up to 9 devices: connect your smart home gadgets, work from home, attend school online, stream HD etc.
  • Smart Home controls, including door locks, thermostat, and lighting
  • Live viewing and motion-activated recorded video
for 12 months with 1-yr. svc agr.

Cox Homelife with Cox Internet Gigablast

  • Download speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • Ideal for all devices: connect your smart home gadgets, work from home, attend school online, stream 8K etc.
  • Smart Home controls, including door locks, thermostat, and lighting
  • Live viewing and motion-activated recorded video
for 12 months with 1-yr. svc agr.
Cox Homelife

Put Your Mind at Ease with Cox Homelife

Make your home smart with Cox Homelife. Control lighting, heating, cooling and so much more with one click of a button from anywhere anytime. With the 24/7 Cox smart and secure home you’ll never have to worry about your home’s safety anymore. After all, Cox Homelife places the entire control in your hands. You can watch over and control your house no matter where you are. And guess what! Homelife equipment comes at no rental charge. It is yours!

Go ahead and make your life convenient by gaining complete control of the smart devices in your household. Command your gadgets verbally. And, let the Contour Remote do the rest. Not only that, Cox Homelife takes your greater concerns away too. The combination of smart devices and professional security monitoring means the watchful Cox eye takes care of your house 24/7 whether or not you are on the premises.


Get Started with the Cox Homelife App

Cox Homelife app keeps an eye on your system and makes it easier to monitor your home whenever you want and from anywhere you wish. You can easily check the status of your home, view live camera feeds, and monitor all activity. The app will also alert you if a device has malfunctioned.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can switch between modes to optimize the Homelife system activity. These are the modes for you to choose from:

Night - when everyone is at home but there is no activity

Away – when your home is unoccupied

Stay – when someone is at home

You can also monitor activity of all of your devices in real time and view history for the past 30 days.

Cox Homelife App

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