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Cox Contour TV & streaming packages

Pick the one that is right for you

Enjoy an innovative Cable experience with the variety of Contour TV plans. If you want more, choose from the array of Contour TV and Internet bundles. And if you’re a fan of streaming TV, check out the Cox Contour Stream option. Whichever way you prefer to access your favorite entertainment, Cox Contour has you covered!

Stream with 4K Contour Stream Player & Cox Internet


Everyday low price. No term agreement.
  • Up to 250 Mbps download speed―ideal for HD video streaming
  • Contour Stream connects you to all your favorite entertainment platforms in one place, powered by the Contour Voice remote, for an easier viewing experience!

Get your favorite cable networks with Contour TV


Everyday low price. No term agreement.
  • Includes your first Cox Contour box w/ voice remote
  • 140+ channels―popular cable & top local networks like ESPN, HGTV, USA & CBS, NBC, FOX
  • Access your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video & more

Connect & entertain with Cox Contour TV & Internet


Everyday low price. No term agreement.
  • Up to 250 Mbps download speed
  • Includes your first Cox Contour box w/ voice remote
  • 140+ channels―popular cable & top local networks―e.g. ESPN, HGTV, USA & CBS, NBC, FOX
  • Access your favorite streaming apps―Netflix, Prime Video & more

Cox Contour―Watch TV Anyway You Like

Contour TV―it’s all watch, no work!

The innovative Cox Contour box together with the award-winning Voice Remote, introduces you to an all-new cable TV experience.

  • Get live TV, On Demand, and your favorite apps all in one place―the Contour box is your home entertainment hub that never runs out of things to watch
  • Search across all your entertainment options with voice commands―from live TV to streaming apps
  • Discover new favorites with recommendations from the smart program guide, search and filter content with ultimate ease
  • Stream shows on the go―the Contour app is part of the Contour TV setup, and turns your favorite mobile device into pocket TV
Cox Channel Lineup
Cox Channel Lineup

Contour Stream Player―it’s streaming made simpler & smarter

Want streaming only? Stream your favorite content in stunning 4K―the Wireless 4K Contour Stream Player is your connection to all the entertainment you love.

  • Bring your favorites all in one place―from Netflix to Hulu and iHeartRadio, it all lives here
  • Enjoy free entertainment with Tubi, Xumo or Pluto TV
  • Find your shows & movies faster―just say it and play it―the award-winning Contour Voice Remote comes included
  • Watch on any TV in your house without needing a Cable outlet
  • Stream better with the right wifi speed―Cox Internet gives you a range that fits in with any number of devices or 4K streams

Contour Flex―it’s a different type of TV

Cox Contour Flex is TV that you can watch anyway you like―think of it as a stream-able cable TV service.

  • Add your favorite channels & channel packs―tune into your go-to local broadcast networks & cable favorites―you can choose from the Starter or Economy lineup
  • Stream any of your channels at home on your phone or tablet with the Contour app
  • Watch with Network TV Everywhere apps―you’re not limited to the living room
  • And, if you want to tune in on your home screen, add a non-DVR receiver and watch TV the old way
Cox Channel Lineup

Cox Contour TV & Streaming Packages

Bring home your favorite entertainment

Call at 855-349-9316 NOW!

Cox Contour Channel Lineup―Something for Everyone to Love

The Cox Contour channel lineup is designed for a range of consumer preferences―

  • Starter with its 75+ channels gets you access to popular local broadcast TV networks like CBS, NBC, ABC & more.
  • Preferred offers 140+ channels inclusive of local channels & Cable favorites like ESPN. HGTV, USA & more.
  • Preferred Plus gives you access to premium channels like HBO MAXTM & STARZ® on top of the Preferred lineup.
  • Ultimate includes more premium networks like MGM+TM, Cinemax® & SHOWTIME®, as well as channel packs

The variety of add-on premium networks and channel packs from Cox takes your Contour channel lineup a notch up―

  • For sports fans, you can get in on all the action with the Sports & Info Pack plus Sports Pack 2 or catch your favorite games with seasonal sports packages.
  • Add on premium networks for hit movies, critically acclaimed Originals, award-winning series & more.
  • Movie & Variety packs make a great choice for family entertainment
  • The Latino Pack gets the Spanish-speaking access to your favorite shows, telenovelas and sports

Watch Cox Contour TV Anywhere, Anytime, and on Any Screen

The Contour app is your portable TV

The free Contour TV app turns your phone and tablet into a TV screen―all you need to do is download the free app, and you’re good to go with your Cox credentials.

There is a lot you can watch w/ the Contour app

Tune into live TV at home or on the go. Watch movies and shows On Demand. Manage your recordings & downloads. Or search for favorites & discover new ones.

Watch Cox TV from your desktop

Watch TV from your desktop―just go to, and sign in with your Cox Credentials to start streaming your Cable favorites on Cox TV.

Capture It with Cox Contour DVR

Recording styles for everyone

The Contour DVR service is designed to fit different household sizes and viewing habits.

Follow all your favorites

You can record up to 6 shows with the Preferred DVR or 2 with the Essential DVR.

No favorite is left behind

It’s easy to record shows with the Contour DVR.

Capture a program or the entire series.

Make live TV follow your lead

With Contour DVR you enjoy access to playback controls―pause, fast forward or rewind.

Build your own movie library

Store around 1000 hours of SD content with Preferred DVR and 200 with Essential―that’s a lot to run weekend movie marathons!

Watch & record w/ Contour App

Catch recordings anywhere at home via Contour app―you can also manage & schedule recordings via the app.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cox Contour

Cox Contour TV Starter offers 75+ channels for $56 per month. The channel lineup includes your local broadcast TV networks and more. For details call at 855-349-9316.

You can choose from thousands of titles, shows and movies, including new movie premieres, with Cox On Demand. Content from channels you’re subscribed to is free of cost. For details call at 855-349-9316.

Yes. Cox Communications gives you different ways to enjoy entertainment anyway you prefer. There are Cable plans to pick from, as well as the option to include the Contour Stream Player with your Cox Internet subscription. For details call at 855-349-9316.

Yes. Cox Contour TV app is free for customers to download. You only need your Cox username and ID to sign in and start watching TV on your phone or tablet.

With Cox Contour Flex you can watch TV any way you like―via the Contour app or on TV with a non-DVR receiver. With this service Cox gives you a choice of 2 live TV lineups to pick from.

Your first Cox Contour box comes included in the price. For additional boxes you need to pay extra. The wired HD Contour box or the wireless 4K Contour box can be leased for $8.50/mo.