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In between an intense video conference while working from home, or during a gaming tournament, when the internet stutters the whole mood is killed! We cannot imagine ourselves making peace with glitchy internet that does not support our online activities like gaming, streaming, video conferencing, sharing heavy media files, and much more. And with Optimum services, no one needs to make do with bad internet.

If you are thinking about doing some shopping and looking for the best internet and TV services, we are here to help. We have already shortlisted the best pick for you: Optimum. Don't waste your time going through the endless list of providers in the country, and just trust Optimum services for the ultimate solution to your entertainment and communication needs.

An Overview of Optimum – Contract Buyouts, Money-Back Guarantees, and More

While Optimum has services in only 5 states, it still is one of the largest cable providers in terms of how many people can access its cable services. The provider has the most prominent services in states including New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut . So, if you reside in the tri-state areas or are moving there soon, you are in luck. Here is a quick overview of some amazing benefits you can enjoy as a subscriber to Optimum services .

Many of us will avoid switching to Optimum services because we are tied down by another provider’s long-term contract. If you opt-out of the existing agreement, you may be charged a hefty cancellation fee, which no one really wants to pay.

In such cases, you will be pleased to hear that Optimum offers its new customers a contract buyout option. So, if you have no past bills due and are an active user of another service provider, Optimum will buy out the contract for you for up to $500! You should learn more about the terms and conditions of this feature by speaking to an expert at Optimum customer service.

Optimum leaves no room for speculations or worry regarding sudden price hikes. There will be no surprises for you, as there are no rigid contract requirements. This gives you great peace of mind that you won't get knocked off by a huge price increase in your next month’s bill!

If you have just moved to a new place or simply want to try out different service providers to make an informed decision, Optimum makes it easy for you. The 60-day money-back guarantee lets you enjoy Optimum services such as internet, TV, and voice for 60 days with the freedom to cancel anytime freely. Consequently, you can take all your time to monitor and evaluate whether Optimum internet speeds or channel lineup is good for your family or not.

Optimum Internet – Glitch Free Speeds for Gamers, Streamers, and Large Families

If you binge-watch every trending show on Netflix or have a family member who spends hours in front of their gaming PC, then Optimum has to offer a lot to you. The unlimited data allowance makes sure you don't worry about any hefty overage fees. Plus, you will not have to watch out for any data limits exceeding and can enjoy Optimum internet services with great peace of mind.

One of the biggest challenges people face with their internet providers is the quality of internet equipment. Since you have very little say in what quality of internet equipment you get, you must settle with routers and modems that do not provide strong enough signals in every part of your house.

This problem is eliminated when you subscribe to Optimum internet plans and packages. You get to enjoy advanced in-home Wi-Fi 6 technology. This Optimum Wi-Fi technology guarantees better signal coverage, making sure you and every member of the house enjoy the internet speed they actually pay for.

Ever found yourself working on the go, but got disconnected from your coworkers due to missing internet? Whether you are sitting in a café, a public library, or working on your phone in a park, Wi-Fi hotspots offered by Optimum can be your life saviors.

These hotspots are only available to Optimum customers, and there are approximately 2 million of these ! All you need to use these hotspots is to log in to the Optimum Wi-Fi network with your Optimum ID and password. You can find help regarding the credentials from Optimum customer service.

Select Optimum internet plans come with a free subscription to HBO Max. The duration of this free access varies from one plan to another. High-speed internet from Optimum is the only thing you need to stream and enjoy the wide library of on-demand content HBO Max has to offer. From its own originals to classics to the hottest theatrical releases, HBO Max is the complete solution to all your entertainment needs.

Internet Speeds and Prices

Optimum internet is delivered to your houses through a powerful hybrid coaxial-fiber network. There are three-speed tiers that you can choose from, so there is no way you will be stuck paying for bandwidth too low or too much for your use.

Internet Tier Speed (download/upload) Price*
Plan 01 5GB for $25/mo.
Optimum 300 300/20 Mbps $39.99/mo.
Optimum 500 500/20 Mbps $59.99/mo.
Optimum 1 Gig 1 Gbps/35 Mbps $79.99/mo.

* For 12 months plus taxes w/AutoPay & Paperless bill

Optimum TV – Entertainment for Everyone

Optimum has the most complete and well-rounded TV services out there.

Entertainment has gone to different levels ever since technological advancements. And there is no doubt that the TV-watching experience has also evolved over this time. A prime example of it is the voice-activated TV remote that comes with Optimum TV packages. It can do much more than regular TV remotes.

For starters, the remote includes a specially dedicated button for launching the Netflix app directly. This fits well for households with smart TVs. Secondly, the remote has a built-in mic in it that you can use to give voice commands. From changing the channel to launching an app, you can handle everything with just your voice. The remote has handy playback controls, a dedicated button for DVR, a record button, and also an “info” button that helps you go through a program’s details before starting it.

We have all longed for a TV experience that we can watch on our own schedules. For this reason, the Optimum FlexAbility DVR is such a huge hit. You can choose different cloud storage capacities, with varying prices, to meet your needs the best. Plus, the multi-room DVR feature makes Optimum TV an excellent choice for large families.

Have friends and family living in different cities or states? Do some even live outside of the US? What better option than the flat-rate home phone service that you can enjoy with Optimum TV plans and packages. Home phone service is the easiest, most affordable way to get in touch with your loved ones over a long distance. With Optimum home phone service, you can call people locally, as well as outside of the US including Canada, and Puerto Rico. One of the many brilliant phone features you will get is remote access to your home phone. You can use the website to check and manage your voicemails, calling history, and other calling features too!

All you need is a stable internet connection to be able to enjoy your Optimum TV channels on the go. The app can be downloaded on any compatible device and is also your gateway to accessing DVR recordings. It gives the ultimate on-the-go live TV streaming experience. This is ideal for sports fans who can't miss out on any of their favorite matches.

Optimum TV Channel Lineup and Packages

You can enjoy up to 420 channels with Optimum TV packages. The Optimum TV tiers are divided into three, each having its own uniqueness and significance for different types of viewers. The tiers include:

Optimum TV for Non-English Speaking Viewers

Optimum TV is the best choice for non-English speaking households as well. This inclusive cable TV provider has a little something to offer to everyone. Considering that the US is home to more than 41 million Spanish-speaking individuals, it is important that cable TV providers cater to their entertainment needs too. This is why Optimum TV is such a must-have for every household now. You can enjoy many Spanish channels with Optimum TV, some of which include:

  1. Estrella TV
  2. GOL TV
  3. Dominican View
  4. NTN24
  5. HITN
  6. Discovery Familia
  7. Internacional

You should definitely check out the complete Spanish channel lineup offered by Optimum TV services. All you need to do is speak to the specially dedicated servicio al cleinte de Optimum. Just call telefono de numero de Optimum to get the best promo prices!

Speak to Optimum Customer Service Now – The Friendliest Lot!

There are so many reasons to opt for Optimum services. You can rely on Optimum to provide your house with glitch-free, blazing-fast cable internet, along with the option to bundle with TV and home phone services. If we were in your place, we would not second guess and make the move to become Optimum subscribers today!

To discover available plans and prices in your area, you need to call Optimum customer service. It is available any time of the day and has a dedicated line for Spanish customers. Just call 1-844-520-8978 or teléfono de número de Optimum 1-844-527-5633.


1. What is the cheapest Optimum internet plan?

You can find standalone internet starting at no more than $39.99/mo., with download speeds as high as 300 Mbps! To find available plans and prices in your areas, speak to a sales rep at Optimum customer service.

2. What type of internet is Optimum?

Optimum provides cable internet services and is the 4th largest cable provider in the US.

3. Is there an Optimum mobile app?

The Optimum mobile app houses thousands of on-demand titles along with access to your DVR recordings. The app can be used to filter through multiple genres, channel names, ratings, and much more. You can enjoy live TV on the go with this amazing mobile app.