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We are living in an era where getting access to entertainment is not that difficult. Whenever we feel our cortisol levels rising, we grab our TV remote control, escape into the realm of TV channels and beat away the boredom blues, just like that!

However, it hasn’t always been this way. If we hop on our time machines and travel right down to the time when TV was still considered an unusual box that played images, the cable that put life into TV sets still needed a lot of work. Audiences wanted to watch theatrically released movies and shows on their TVs, without commercials getting in the way. None of this was going unnoticed.

Hence, in 1972, a TV channel was launched with a vision to offer audiences a commercial-free matinee experience. That particular TV channel is now a part of millions of households worldwide and it has only gotten bigger and bigger. We’re talking about Home Box Office, or as many of you like to call it, HBO.

A lot of you may have known HBO for its original programming, but that’s not all the channel’s known for. HBO set the conceptual blueprint for Premium Pay TV services, which let’s face it, was quite a bold move for a channel in its early years. Fast forwarding to now, HBO boasts a reputation of being the oldest operating TV service in the US that operates 7 linear multiplex channels, a streaming service known as HBO Now and topping it all is HBO’s VOD platform, HBO On Demand.

As of 2018, HBO was available to more than 35 million subscribers in the US, and contributing to that growing number of subscribers is Optimum with its cable TV service.

HBO On Optimum TV – Transforming Living Rooms into Mini Theatres, in a Wink!

Every new channel focuses on broadcasting uniquely crafted original programming, which the audiences would remember for a long, long time. Of course, that was what HBO had planned to do. However, its idea of introducing commercial-free broadcasts of theatrically released movies was what bagged this network heaps of attention. After all these years, HBO’s broadcast still consists of feature films and original content, along with satirical late night shows, documentaries, magazine shows, made-for-TV movies and stand-up comedy shows that were later added.

Besides offering an extensive broadcasting lineup, another thing that HBO pioneered was the Free Preview concept. This concept now serves as an important promotional tool in the Pay TV industry, aimed at attracting new subscribers.

Speaking of subscribers, the ones who have opted for Optimum TV get to enjoy a plethora of TV channels, along with HBO’s time shift channel HBO East. Now you might be wondering what HBO’s channel number would be and whether it’s available on all Optimum TV plans or not. Well, fret no more, because here you can find everything that you need to know about HBO’s channel number on Optimum TV and it’s availability on all plans.

Optimum TV Core

Total No. of Channels


Availability of HBO (East)


HBO (East) Channel No.  


Optimum TV Select

Total No. of Channels


Availability of HBO (East)


HBO (East) Channel No.  


Optimum TV Premier

Total No. of Channels


Availability of HBO (East)


HBO (East) Channel No.  



Let Optimum TV be Your Ticket to the Realm of Pure Entertainment

Optimum is a TV, Internet and Phone provider dedicated for the dwellers of New York Tri-State area. With Optimum splendid connection, you can enjoy consistent internet connectivity, speedy downloads and unlimited phone calls.

If you are looking to add excitement and fun in your life, then you have to consider Optimum Cable TV. To say the least, if you’re someone who prefers having never ending entertainment options right in the palm of your hand, then Optimum is what you need in your life. Whether you’re an avid movie buff, or you prefer staying ahead of the latest current affairs, Optimum TV channel lineups have you covered!

Optimum TV service could’ve been enjoyed on its own, but realizing that most of you like to stay connected with a speedy internet connection, the company thought of throwing in something extra.

Select any channel lineup that fits your needs and enjoy it paired with your desired Optimum high-speed internet package, and have the time of your life. Let’s face it, going for standalone services may have perks of their own. But why should you when you can go down the ‘Double Play’ route and double up your daily dose of entertainment, and your savings too?

Optimum’s Feature-Rich TV: Your Mantra For Leisure

Not one or two, but three different TV channel lineups? Well, that sounds like an entertainment galore we wouldn’t want to miss being a part of! From popular TV series, to movies, news, sports events and more, with Optimum there’ll always be something good to watch on TV, for everyone in your family.

Channel lineups aren’t all that set Optimum cable TV apart from its competitors; we haven’t even started on its features yet! Let’s just not wait any further and delve right into all that you get with your Optimum TV connection.

Broad Range of Popular TV Channels

Whether you opt for Optimum Core TV or decide to take your televisual experience up a notch with Select or Premier TV, rest assured, you’ll be able to access nation’s favorite TV channels right at your fingertips. Even with the basic Optimum Core TV plan, you get 220 channels. With Optimum Select the count rises to 340 , whereas with Optimum Premier TV, you can enjoy more than 420 TV channels!

Optimum Internet For Worry-Free Streaming & More

Hate those days when there’s not much to watch on the TV? Don’t worry! You can use high-speed internet from Optimum to stream your favorite content online. Optimum Internet offers you plans in 4 different speed tiers: Internet 200, 300, 400 and Internet GIG. You can telecommute, video conference with your colleagues, catchup with friends on social media, game, browse and connect as many devices as you like without any bottlenecks. Moreover, you’ll always have the benefit of pairing any of the aforementioned speed tiers with Optimum TV package of your choice and have the time of your life.

And A Whole Lot of Other Perks!

With Optimum you ge TV channels in HD, recording of your favorite TV shows for later, access to streaming apps on TV, voice control, no shackles of contracts and the flexibility of adding $10 voice service to turn your Internet TV Double Play bundle into a Triple Play one. If Optimum TV was ever to go synonymous with a word in the dictionary, then that would be ‘Convenience’.

Live Your Life To The Fullest: Enjoy Premium Content From HBO & More, With Optimum TV

Everything you ever wanted your existing cable service to be, Optimum TV already is. With TV plans from Optimum, you can add a whole new life to your boring TV sets and forget about everything bad in your life because even the basic TV plan from Optimum, known as Core TV offers you more than 220 TV channels with 60 in HD. Well, we don’t know about you, but subscribing to this plan will surely keep us accompanied during an episode of unexpected boredom. However, if you’re big on TV and prefer watching premium content from HBO, Showtime, STARZ and more, then getting Optimum Premier TV would give you the ease of a lifetime!

Optimum TV stands as one of the most preferred cable TV services in New York Tri-State area. Without breaking your bank, you can enjoy top-notch services, which even the biggest competitors out there sometimes flinch at delivering. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your phone up right now, dial 1-844-520-8978 , get in touch with Optimum experts and place your order for your desired bundle, today. Make your life easy with Optimum and get a package

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How much is HBO on Optimum?

You can add HBO Max™ to your primary subscripbtion to Optimum TV for $14.99 a month. HBO Max™ includes all HBO TV shows and movies, HBO on demand, and Max originals along with the HBO Max™ app.


What channel is HBO on Optimum in Long Island?
You can find HBO on channel number 301 on Optimum TV in Long Island. Also, see channel numbers for other HBO® networks on Optimum TV in Long Island below:

HBO Family — 311

HBO Signature — 310

HBO2 — 302


What channel is HBO on Optimum in NJ?

You can find HBO on channel number 301 on Optimum TV in New Jersey. See channel numbers for all other HBO® networks (East and West) on Optimum TV in NJ below:

  • HBO On Demand — 300
  • HBO — 301
  • HBO2 — 302
  • HBO Comedy — 303
  • HBO Zone — 304
  • HBO Latino — 305
  • HBO (West) — 306
  • HBO2 (West) — 307
  • HBO Signature (West) — 308
  • HBO Family (West) — 309
  • HBO Signature — 310
  • HBO Family — 311 


How much does HBO cost on Optimum?
HBO Max™ costs $14.99 per month on Optimum TV. HBO Max™ includes all HBO programs, HBO on demand, new Max originals and the HBO Max app. If you don’t want to add HBO for a separate fee to your Optimum channel lineup, you can subscribe to the Optimum TV Premier package. The package includes HBO, HBO2, HBO Comedy, HBO Zone, HBO Latino, HBO Signature, HBO Family, and HBO On Demand in its channel lineup.