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Living in one of the most populous cities in New Jersey, and looking for high-speed internet and quality TV entertainment options?

Well, among the 6 big names in the ISP industry, serving the Silk City of yesteryear, you’ll find Optimum by Altice—the only cable service provider available to Paterson. Not only that, Optimum covers Paterson neighborhoods with its 100% fiber optic internet service—giving residents an option if they are inclined to subscribe to a fiber internet connection.

Ranked #4 among cable broadband providers in the U.S., and also one of the top 10 fiber optic providers, Optimum does not only deliver high-speed internet. Rather cable TV and a home phone service are also on the menu—and each service is fully equipped with modern day tech—meaning Optimum TV is not your traditional cable TV, and Optimum home phone is not just an outdated medium of communication. Instead, these services come integrated with innovative technology and the ability to empower your digital lifestyle—at remarkable price points!

Optimum Internet in Paterson, NJ

Paterson is covered by Optimum from Stoney Road to the East Side Park—its cable network spans 99.7% of the city while the fiber optic footprint is nearly as impressive at 95.6%.

The Optimum hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network utilizes an extended fiber backbone in combination with DOCSIS 3.1 networking protocol to deliver Gig high speeds. While the provider’s fiber optic network is able to carry data right to your door step over a fiber cable line all the way through. Meaning, if you need to rely on very high speeds and loads of bandwidth, you can opt for a fiber optic internet connection. And, if your needs are not as extensive, you can go with cable broadband powered by Fiber in the Loop.

Optimum Internet Speed & Data

Let’s face it. There is hardly a household in this time and age where internet is not like staple food. Whether you and your spouse work from home and your kids attend school online. Or the web and the apps is how you shop and bank now. A high-speed internet connection is a must—one that you can rely on. And, this is where Optimum Internet in Paterson makes for one of the most feasible options. Its fast, reliable and affordable—it gives you speed tiers that can take care of multi-device connectivity so that no one in the family has to make a compromise over their online activities.

As for data, Optimum stands among the few nationwide ISPs who give you unlimited plans across the board—whichever speed tier you pick, you’ll not be limited in terms of data usage. So, in addition to earning your living or studying online, you can indulge in leisure time online activities too, without having to stress about incurring an overage fee.

Optimum Internet Pricing

Optimum internet service is sure one of the most affordable ones available in the U.S. market. Whether you go for cable broadband or fiber optic internet, either way plans are priced so competitively, it’ll be difficult to let a subscription pass by. For instance, starting speed of 300 Mbps is priced under $50 which makes it a remarkable offer for Paterson residents. Plus, depending on which plan you pick, the price may come guaranteed for 1-year, 2-years or Life!

Optimum Internet Add-ons and Perks

One of the biggest advantages of subscribing to Optimum Internet in Paterson, NJ is FREE access to the nationwide Optimum Wi-Fi hotspot network. Whether you are visiting another Optimum service state for business or just taking a stroll around your hometown— in parks, restaurants, train stations, and other places Optimum high-speed internet remains at your disposal.

Want a robust in-home Wi-Fi network alongside your Optimum internet connection? Add the Altice One service to your plan, and experience up to 40% better wireless connectivity around the house—strong and far-reaching signal and fast speeds that let you work or stream in any part of the house.

So you want to switch to Optimum internet bundles in Paterson, NJ, but the anxiety of having to pay your current provider a big Early Termination Fee is holding you hostage? Well, not only does Optimum not force you to sign a contract, they grant you up to $500 in contract buyout when you go for their internet and cable TV service. If the internet is all you need, Optimum will give you up to $100 to help payoff your current provider.

Optimum Internet Packages in Paterson, NJ

Let’s take a quick look at Optimum internet plans available in Paterson, so you can assess which speed tier may be fit for your household depending on your lifestyle and budget.

Optimum Internet Plan Max. Download/Upload Speed What is it for?
Optimum Internet 300 300/20 Mbps The speed is perfect for multiple people working from home, studying online, streaming HD and multi-player gaming.
Optimum Internet 500 500/20 Mbps You can stream in 4K UHD on multiple devices while all your Smart home devices keep running.
Optimum Internet 1 Gig 940/35 Mbps The heaviest network usage, large households with multiple users who indulge in bandwidth extensive activities.
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Optimum Cable TV in Paterson, NJ

Optimum TV in Paterson, NJ, brings an affordable in-home entertainment option for residents—its cable TV with more than a touch of modern tech—once you are subscribed to the service, it won’t feel like traditional cable TV.

Optimum TV Service Features

Optimum TV brings Paterson 3 tiers of plans, that subscribers can pick from according to their entertainment level. Core, Select and Premier—each comes with a diverse channel lineup and includes local and popular networks in varying numbers. While the top tier Premier TV also includes premium networks such as SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and HBO Max™. The best part is you get access to HD programming free of extra cost, and also the chance to experience select movies, shows and sports in 4K UHD.

If you wish to take your TV watching regime a notch up, the Altice One gateway device is at your service. The first of its kind, it combines an internet modem and router with a built-in TV box for your Optimum internet and TV service. The Altice One integrated platform incorporates intelligent tech making it ever so convenient for you to search content across all avenues, including DVR and built-in apps, without having to switch inputs. And, everything becomes still easier with the Bluetooth enabled voice activated remote.

Optimum Cable TV Packages in Paterson, NJ

Have a look at Optimum internet & TV bundles in Paterson, NJ. You can add-on the home phone service for another $10 only. A 3-in-1 Optimum bundle means more value for less, and a single bill for all 3 services, making it effortless to pay your dues.

The best thing about Optimum bundles in Paterson, NJ is you can pick any channel lineup and pair it up with any internet speed tier—as per your needs and budget!

Optimum Packages Max. Download Speed Max. No. of Channels Sample Channels
Core TV/Internet 300 300 Mbps 220 Channels Disney Channel |Nick |CNN | Lifetime |TNT | ESPN | HGTV

Select TV/Internet 500

500 Mbps 340 Channels Hallmark Channel |NatGeo Wild | Nick Jr. | APE | TCM | NBA TV | MLB Network | STARZ®
Premier TV/Internet 1 Gig 940 Mbps 420 Channels SHOWTIME® |HBO MAX™ |beIN Sports |Lifetime Movies | MGM
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Optimum Home Phone Service in Paterson, NJ

Optimum offers a digital home phone service that utilizes VoIP tech and provides the finest call quality at a nominal cost when paired with other Optimum services. It lets you enjoy unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. All at one flat monthly rate.

The home phone service from Optimum takes care of your safety with E911, gets you free and unlimited 411, and over 20 useful calling features with your subscription. Streamline your everyday communication with features such as Busy Redial, Anonymous Call Blocker, Call Forwarding, Call Return, Caller ID, Private Outbound Calling, Three-Way Calling, and more.

Bottom Line

Optimum internet, cable TV, and home phone services are designed to bring the fruits of modern technology to subscribers. Optimum wants to empower and enrich your lifestyle. And, also ensures you do not have to break the bank to subscribe to services that are nowadays necessary utilities.

In Paterson, you certainly have other ISP options such as Verizon with its FiberOptic service as well as DSL. And, satellite internet from HughesNet and Viasat. But, relative to these Optimum by Altice stands out based on the fact it gets you wired connectivity at the most attractive prices. Especially when you go for an Optimum bundle in Paterson, NJ—because you get a hard to beat speed to cost ratio with Optimum Internet, and as good a channel to cost ratio with Optimum TV.

If you are inclined to find out more contact Optimum Customer Service Paterson, NJ, at the Optimum phone number i.e. 1-844-520-8978. Spanish speaking subscribers can call at 1-844-527-5633 for expert advice.


1- Is Optimum available in Paterson, NJ?

Optimum brings a complete service suite for residents of Paterson, NJ, which connects your home to high-speed internet, provides you access to cable TV, and includes a VoIP home phone service. Optimum also provides one of the nation’s most powerful Wi-Fi hotspot networks. From Stoney Road to Eastside Park, Optimum ensures Patterson is fully covered and connected.

2- Best Optimum bundles in Paterson, NJ?

Among all available Optimum bundles in Paterson, NJ, we would recommend you go for an Optimum 3-in-1 internet, TV, and phone bundle deal to enjoy the maximum value on your investment. Once the promotional period of your bundle deal ends, you may as well get a chance to negotiate another by asking for any ongoing discount available for existing subscribers.

3- Is Optimum a good internet provider?

Optimum by Altice offers high-speed cable broadband as well as fiber optic internet. The service allows you to experience fast and reliable speeds powered by a hybrid fiber-coaxial network. Plus, there are no data limits or contracts. Optimum Internet comes with one of the best speed to cost ratios in the market.

4- What is the cheapest Optimum internet package in Paterson, NJ?

The cheapest Optimum internet package in Paterson, NJ, is Optimum Internet 300 priced around $40 per month for one year. It offers download speeds as high as 300 Mbps, and upload speeds up to 35 Mbps.

5- Is the Optimum internet outage in Paterson, NJ, one of the most reported problems?

Of the most reported service outages in Paterson, NJ, it is the Optimum internet outage that makes up around 72% of complaints, followed by Optimum Wi-Fi outage at 9%, Optimum TV outage at 8%, and a total blackout at 6%.