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Residing in New York and the Tri-state area may have an abundance of rewards, but there’s one thing that tops everything else – Optimum Internet. To complement the fast-pacing life of New Yorkers and dwellers of the tri-state area, Optimum by Altice Communications delivers high-speed cable broadband internet. Besides acing the game with its cable internet service, Optimum also offers other services such as cable TV, voice, and Fiber Internet in selected locations.

Optimum’s high-speed cable broadband connection is available to more than 12 million people living in New York and the Tri-state area, which makes it the 4th largest internet service provider by coverage area. Optimum’s affordability and reliability are what makes it stand apart from competitors.

Optimum Internet – Delving into Altice’s Best

Optimum by Altice Communications intends to make high-speed internet accessible and affordable for everyone. Optimum offers internet in three-speed tiers ranging from 300 Mbps up to 1 Gig, for price tags that are way cheaper than what you'd get from other ISPs out there. You can go for standalone internet tiers if an internet connection is all you want. However, you could even go for Internet TV, or Internet TV $10 Voice if you prefer getting all your services from one service provider.

Optimum Internet Plans – An Abundance of Options Curated For Your Needs

The best thing about Optimum is that it offers you not one, but three different speed tiers for your different sets of needs. Whether you’re a solo internet buff in the house or there’s a big family with streamers, gamers, and video callers, with Optimum internet, there’ll be no grunts and whines about your data running out. Now, let’s not waste any more time and have a quick look at Optimum Internet plans that you can opt for:

Optimum Internet 300 for $39.99/mo.

With this tier, you get:

• Download speeds up to 300 Mbps

• Seamless connectivity for multiple users

• Effortlessly download and share large files

• HD video streaming, gaming, and so much more

Optimum Internet 400 for $64.99/mo.


• Download speeds up to 400 Mbps

• Free Whole-Home Wi-Fi

• Multi-user connectivity

• Connect smart-home devices without a glitch

• Watch TV on-the-go with Optimum TV App

Optimum Internet 1 GIG for $69.99/mo.

Now this is an affordable bet we wouldn’t want you to miss! Subscribe to this plan and enjoy:

• Blazing-fast downloads up to 1000 Mbps

• Seamless connectivity for home devices

• 4K streaming, heavy gaming, video conferencing, telecommuting and more!

• Whole-Home Wi-Fi

What Makes Optimum Internet Plans a Chance Worth Taking?

Market-competitive Prices

On average, various Internet Service Providers in the market charge you nearly an arm and a leg for speeds greater than 100 Mbps, which are further smudged with hefty hidden charges. When you choose Optimum internet, you get a basic standalone internet tier of 300 Mbps for $39.99 a month. You can enjoy blazing-fast internet connectivity, with no data caps, without constraining your wallet. What could possibly be better than that?

No Data caps

Data caps are barriers that most ISPs imply in order to restrict you whenever you draw close to breaching your monthly data limit. With Optimum Internet, you don’t need to worry about data caps at all.

Array of Fast-Speeds to Choose From

Starting from 200 Mbps, Optimum internet speeds go up to a whopping 1000 Mbps or 1 GIG. The 200 Mbps tier is only available in Optimum TV Internet bundle, and not as a standalone option. So if you want a standalone bandwidth powering up your devices, go for 300 Mbps, 400 Mbps or even GIG, which is available in selected areas only. You can use the Optimum speed test to compare the speeds offered by your current provider and the speeds offered by Optimum. 

Responsive Customer Support Team

Connectivity issues can arise unpredictably. This is why to help you overcome internet snafus, Optimum internet customer service is always there to help you. All you need to do is dial 1-844-520-8978 and an expert will guide you through what could possibly be wrong with your connection.

What’s More?

When life gives you the opportunity to get something better, you grab it right away! Optimum internet plans can be availed on their own, however, if you like TV and Voice added to your internet plans, then you have the full liberty to do that. Optimum brings you bundles with Internet, TV and Voice. With these at hand, you can live your ‘optimum’ life with internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps, more than 420 popular TV channels, premium content from HBO Max, Showtime and STARZ, and a voice service to keep you connected with your loved ones without counting minutes.

All Things Concluded

Optimum Internet by Altice is serviced in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania to more than 900 ZIP Codes. To find out if Optimum is available in your area, dial Optimum phone number and talk to the experts any time of the day you want. Thousands of customers prefer Optimum for the satisfaction it provides. Let’s see, if you happen to be the next satisfied customer!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does optimum Internet cost?

Optimum Internet offers standalone tiers: 300 Mbps for $39.99 a month, 400 Mbps for $64.99 a month, while 1 GIG is available at $69.99 a month.

2. Can you get optimum Internet only?

Yes, you can opt for Optimum standalone internet with download speeds 300 Mbps, 400 Mbps and 1 GIG (for selected areas only)

3. What is the cheapest Optimum package?

The cheapest Optimum package is Optimum Internet 300 that you can get for only $39.99 a month.