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Are you stuck with that dreary TV service that doesn’t let you watch the juicy TV entertainment you crave for? Well, maybe it’s time you bid farewell to your low-quality TV service provider and get Mediacom TV!

With Mediacom TV , there’s no looking back as it brings you stellar entertainment choices and allows you to have a contemporary televisual experience. Mediacom Cable has worked persistently over the years to make provision of lightning-fast internet, a modern cable TV, and digital home phone service an affordable reality for millions across 22 states.

Today, Mediacom subscribers get to relish value-packed services and an exhaustive Mediacom channel list at reasonable price-points. And to sweeten the deal the provider offers its TV service bundled with Mediacom internet – you can also add the digital home phone to enhance the value of your investment. Mediacom’s lucrative Double Play and Triple Play bundlesare value-packed and ensure you stay on track with your monthly budget while enjoying high-quality services.

Get the Taste of Future with Mediacom TV

Mediacom Cable TV channels are intuitively curated as part of user-friendly plans and packages to ensure subscribers across America get top-notch entertainment at pocket-friendly rates. Mediacom TV takes your home entertainment to a whole new level by offering an abundance of high-tech features and perks.

The Mediacom Channel Lineup comes brimming with diverse programming, thousands of On Demand titles, and Mediacom HD channel lineup— so, the entire family can have maximum fun around the TV screen. Plus, you can opt for premium networks – there are plenty of add-on options designed to jazz up your good ole TV set!

Whether it’s the cutting-edge DVR service and the smart search & guide powered by TiVo®. Or the voice-controlled Xtream Voice Remote and the handy Xtream TV app. Your idea of entertainment is going to take a 360 degrees flip with the charm of the futuristic Mediacom televisual experience!


The fun-filled Mediacom cable TV packages are furnished with the ingenious TiVo® DVR service that’s designed to fuel your binge-watching! If it’s ‘Outlander’ weekend and you’re out, don’t worry! The TiVo® DVR lets you record your favorite shows up to a whopping 1,000 SD and 150 HD hours!

Plus, with TiVo® DVR Multi-Room service you can record and watch anything binge-worthy – start watching the latest episode of your favorites series in one room and finish it off in another - right from where you left.

TiVo ® Smart Search & Guide

Digging into a plethora of Mediacom channels and as many programming options can be a daunting task. Luckily, Mediacom frees its cable TV subscribers from the hassle of tiresome channel search with TiVo’s state-of-the-art on-screen guide. Just enter a description or a title and TiVo® will swim through the enormous list of available programming, Xtream On-Demand, and every available web streaming app in your Mediacom package, in order to bring you exactly what you desire!

Xtream Voice Remote

If you’re too tired to even press the remote buttons, why not ‘tell’ it to hop through channels for you? With the innovative Xtream Voice Remote by Mediacom, it’s quite possible. Just activate the microphone on the remote to play your favorite show, skip ads, or switch to a different app.

Xtream TV App

Want to add some zest to your commute while running errands? With the Xtream TV app, you can get your entertainment fix anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to get Live TV updates, sieve through different programming options from your Mediacom channel lineup, or watch recorded content—just install the FREE Xtream TV app on your smart device, and let your eyes feast upon the content of your choice!

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Mediacom Channel Lineup — Offers Entertainment That’s Second-to-none

Whether you’re content with local programming, love staying updated with current affairs, a movie buff or a diehard sports fan – with well-crafted Mediacom TV packages you can relish whatever you feel watch-worthy, without stressing your wallet! The incredible Mediacom Channel Lineup revamps your entertainment box with an exhaustive list of programming for the entire family.

1- Local TV

If solo living is your thing or as a family you are not too big on entertainment, this basic Mediacom channel lineup plan is for you. The Local TV package offers 50 essential and popular local channels like FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, etc., and free HD programming too. Moreover, you get to tap your feet to digital music from Music Choice channels.

2- Essential TV

This plan takes a moderate approach for those who like watching TV without spending much. With the Essential TV, you get access to a blend of different entertainment genres with more than 125 channels, lots of local, music, and family TV options, and free HD. The Mediacom channels offered in this TV plan include popular networks such as the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, FOX News, FS1, Food Network, and other fun-filled channels.

3- Variety TV

If a TV-less life is the worst nightmare for your big family, this plan is everything you need! Mediacom’s Variety TV package offers you a channel lineup fit for a king with 170 , thrilling, and binge-worthy networks Americans love!

The Mediacom channel lineup offered in this plan is an exciting one! It comes loaded with free HD programming and channels like Big Ten Network, CBS Sports Network, BBC America, Bravo, ESPN and so many others.

Spice-up Your Mediacom Channel Lineup with Exciting Add-ons

Do you feel you need a little extra along with the oozing list of Mediacom channels and thousands of on-demand titles? If yes, get your hands on these awe-inspiring, tailored-to-taste, add-on options to amp-up your Mediacom TV package. Let’s look at which add-ons the Mediacom digital channel guide has in store for you.

Premium Networks

You can hone up your TV game by adding premium channels to your subscribed Mediacom Channel Lineup. And then, just select your favorite show from your most-desired network, HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, or STARZ®, via your Xtream TV app or TiVo® box.

Digital PAKs

The Digital PAKS are flooded with options so you can customize your Mediacom TV as per your needs.

Sports & Information PAK

This add-on is a sports lover’s dream-come-true. It offers an action-packed channel lineup with 20 popular networks covering all things sports in order to satisfy all your sports cravings. With your Sports & Information PAK subscription, you can also get access to the NFL RedZone® so you’re always on time when the Sunday afternoon game kicks off!

Kids & Variety PAK

If you love watching your TV favorites with your kids, the Kids & Variety PAK would be a great addition to your Mediacom Channel Lineup. The add-on comes packed with 20 channels and free HD programming to keep you and your kids entertained.

Movies & Music PAK

If you can't live without movies and music, this add-on packs a punch together with your subscribed Mediacom channel list – it comes with 15 epic options such as MTV, REELZ, and more to get you into the groove.

Digital Extras

Mediacom TV brings you comprehensive entertainment avenues with the best programming from all over the world—such as, Canales Latinos, digital premiums like the NFL RedZone® (requires a subscription to the Sports and Information Digital PAK), and international channels with flavorful entertainment, the latest news, and sports from Asia to Europe.

Mediacom On-Demand

Gone are the days when you had to drive to movie rentals to get the latest movie. Thankfully with Mediacom On-Demand you can watch shows, special programming, old classics as well as the latest blockbusters at your convenience—that too for just $3.99/title! We bet this sum is way less than video rentals. Also, unlike PPV, it gives you complete control over the title for 24 hours! Titles from networks that you are subscribed to in your Mediacom Channel Lineup, however, come free of cost.

The Mediacom On-Demand collection is refreshed regularly to ensure you get to watch the most recent hits. And for vintage movie lovers, the “Classics” section is also rotated frequently.

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How to Watch Mediacom On-Demand

You can watch your favorites onMediacom On-Demand in the following ways:

o Using the ON DEMAND button on your remote

o By tapping on the icon on the Quick Menu

o Via the Main Menu

o By clicking the On Demand button on the Flip Bar

o Through the On Demand channel in the TV Listings

So Have You Made up Your Mind?

If need to know more about the Mediacom Channel Lineup that’s offered in your area, you can contact Mediacom Customer Service . However, in case you have already made up your mind to get your hands on the juicy Mediacom cable TV channels, either call at 1-855-349-9328 or buy Mediacom online as per your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What channels are available on Mediacom?

Mediacom TV plans offer up to 170 channels that showcase movies, TV shows, music channels, news, sports programming and much more. Order online or call now at 1-855-349-9315.

How to Watch Mediacom On-Demand?

  • Using the ON DEMAND button on your remote
  • By tapping on the icon on the Quick Menu
  • Via the Main Menu
  • By clicking the On Demand button on the Flip Bar
  • Through the On Demand channel in the TV Listings