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Premium entertainment and smooth connectivity has become an undeniable aspect of every thriving household in this digital age. Internet shopping is often a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be when you know what you want from your internet service provider — availability, reliability, quality, and affordability top the list.

However, that only works when you have worthwhile options in your area. The residents of Gainesville are lucky when it comes to the variety of internet options. With more than 6 residential service providers operating in the city, Hogtown neighborhoods have access to at least 2 to 3 ISPs in their areas. The primary internet connection services in Gainesville i.e. DSL and cable, are widely available to more than 80% of the neighborhoods, making fast internet easily accessible. And when it comes to fast internet, AT&T is the first name that pops in our minds.

Take a look at the table below that highlights the availability and speed of AT&T internet in Gainesville compared to other ISPs.

Provider Broadband Type Top Download Speed Starting Price Per Month* Coverage Data Caps
Cox Cable 940 Mbps $19.99 for 12 mos. 0.897 1.25TB
AT&T Internet IPBB 100 Mbps $45 for 12 mos. 0.881 1TB —Unlimited data
AT&T Fiber Fiber 1000 Mbps $35 for 12 mos. 0.195 Unlimited data
HughesNet. Satellite 25 Mbps 59.99 1 Vary with internet plans
Xfinity Cable 1000 Mbps $19.99 for 12 mos. 0.004 1.2TB (May vary with location)
Viasat Satellite 100 Mbps $39.99 for 3 months 1 Unlimited data

*exclusive of taxes, activation, installation, and equipment fees.

The U.S.’s top-grade internet provider ensures that Gainesville ranks higher in the connectivity stakes. AT&T has become a national household name in the past 30 years. So, there’s no second-guessing involved when Gainesville residents prefer AT&T as their service provider.

Why Choose AT&T in Gainesville?

AT&T offers more than just internet service. With years of experience in delivering consistently superfast speeds, AT&T offers a wide range of broadband types – IPBB, DSL, Fiber-Optic, Fixed Wireless, and now 5G. Being one of the biggest names in the US ISP industry, AT&T commits to bringing fast and consistent internet speeds with zero restrictions to Gainesville households and businesses.

AT&T gains a competitive edge among the top internet providers in Gainesville with more than 80% availability in the city. AT&T Internet plans, based on its IPBB network, offer speeds up to 100 Mbps. The speeds can vary with location. Plus, there’s a 1TB data allowance for speeds up to 75 Mbps and unlimited data allowance with the AT&T Internet 100 plan.

On the other hand, AT&T Fiber plans to fall in different speed tiers – 100, 300, and 940 Mbps – at exceptionally reasonable prices with an unlimited data allowance. Both broadband connections don’t require any annual contracts that charge hefty termination fees if you choose to switch to another provider. This says a lot about AT&T’s confidence in its capability to deliver satisfaction via its services.

There are more perks you can enjoy if you get AT&T Internet in Gainesville:

  • Free Powerful Security Suite
  • Free Smart Home Manager App
  • Free Access to 30,000 Nationwide Wi-Fi Hotspots On-The-Go
  • Optimal Network Performance With Whole-Home Wi-Fi
  • 99% Reliability And Consistency
  • Free HBO Max™ (30-Day Trial)
  • Contract-Free Services
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  Popular AT&T Internet Plans
AT&T Internet Download speeds up to 100 Mbps with 1TB data allowance Best for standard family usage—connect up to 5 devices, work from home, study online, stream HD or play online games $45/mo. for 12 months plus taxes and equipment. Fee
AT&T Fiber Download and upload speeds up to 300 Mbps with an unlimited data allowance Best for all types of internet usage—connect 5 devices, download media files instantly, play competitive games, stream in 4K UHD, run a home-based business $45/mo. for 12 months plus taxes and equipment. fee

If top network performance, smooth online connectivity, consistent speeds, and affordable rates are your benchmark, you simply cannot help but choose AT&T internet in Gainesville as your ISP!

Bundle AT&T Internet For Value-Packed Deals!

AT&T Internet plans offer great value for money. However, that’s not all you get with AT&T internet in Gainesville. It is a top choice for millions when it comes to other residential services too, which all households need. So, when you bundle AT&T Internet with one or more AT&T services, you get access to complete in-house entertainment at discounted rates – with additional perks!

Read ahead to know about the other services you can bundle AT&T internet with:


AT&T brings premium entertainment in 2 varieties – IPTV and Satellite TV. While both services differ in terms of service features and channel lineup, they both deliver a unique TV watching experience. You can find all your entertainment options in one place with AT&T TV & DIRECTV.

DIRECTV offers a far more extensive channel lineup than most TV services, including a giant on-demand library, pay-tv networks, and premium networks like HBO MAX™, Cinemax®, and SHOWTIME – which you can enjoy for free for a limited time. DIRECTV is one of the rare TV services that offer live TV programming in 4k HDR, which is truly a treat for all TV fans and sports lovers out there!

AT&T TV on the other hand is the top IPTV service bringing you Live TV via internet protocol and thousands of on-demand TV shows and movies. There’s a huge 500 hours of cloud DVR storage and unlimited simultaneous recordings feature so you never miss out on your TV favorites. The flexibility of a voice remote powered by Google Assistant and access to 5000 network apps add more to your TV entertainment. Moreover, you get free access to premium networks like HBO Max™ for 12 months and Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ® & EPIX® for 3 months with most AT&T TV plans, and unlimited access to these networks with the premium plan.

Save up on your subscription when you bundle AT&T Internet in Gainesville with AT&T TV or DIRECTV – for a whole year! Plus, the installation fee is waived and you get unlimited data if you’re using the AT&T IPBB connection. Double the value of your in-house entertainment subscriptions at a discount with lots of added perks!

AT&T Home Phone Service

The Home Phone Service from AT&T connects you to your loved ones anytime and anywhere without breaking your bank. The service engages in both, traditional and digital phone services to keep you equipped with a reliable cell backup at home round the clock. AT&T home phone plans cover international, local, and nationwide calling by offering unlimited calling at a flat monthly rate.

Bundle AT&T internet with the incredibly reliable home phone service at a discounted rate to complete your residential service plan and enjoy fast internet and seamless connectivity at all times!

To Wrap It Up

Choosing the right internet subscription becomes a bit easier when you know your budget, preferences, and needs. If you’re a heavy streamer and an avid gamer, the AT&T Fiber plans with their symmetrical internet speeds will do the trick for you. However, if you use the internet for light streaming and work from home, the AT&T Internet 100 plan is the perfect pick for you.

It all comes down to your needs. Learn more about AT&T services available at your address by calling 1-855-349-925-2541. You’ll also get help in determining the best plan or bundle that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AT&T have fiber-optic internet in Gainesville?

Yes. AT&T Fiber in Gainesville is available to 19.5% of neighborhoods in the city. The fiber-optic broadband service delivers symmetrical internet speeds, ranging from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps, with no data caps, starting from $35/mo.

Is AT&T Fiber a fast internet option in Gainesville?

Gainesville has 2 residential service providers offering fiber-optic internet service: AT&T and CCG. AT&T Fiber delivers symmetrical internet speeds up to 940 Mbps for $60/mo. to more than 19% of Gainesville neighborhoods. CCG, on the other hand, has a coverage availability of almost 11% but delivers the same speed – although at a higher price.

Who has the best internet service in Gainesville?

If you’re looking for an available and reliable internet service provider in Gainesville that won’t break your bank, go for AT&T internet in Gainesville. AT&T is a trusted provider in over 21 states, because of its contract-free plans, quality service, unlimited data allowance, and perks.

How do I check for AT&T Internet availability in Gainesville?

Call AT&T Customer Support at 1-855-925-2541 to check about the availability of AT&T Internet plans, bundles, and offers at your location.

Which Gainesville internet option is available with AT&T service?

AT&T currently powers Gainesville households with IPBB and fiber optic connections, delivering a max speed of 940 Mbps, depending on the available speed tiers in your area. Contact AT&T customer service at 855-925-2541 to know about the fastest speed available at your address.

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