Top Xfinity Bundles: Promo Deals for New Customers

Xfinity customers are from every state that is covered by the provider’s network. But, some bundle deals are subscribed to more by new customers. Here are a few in-demand packages which bring you outstanding value.

The Most Affordable. Stay True to the Basics

Xfinity Internet + TV
Choice TV Select Double Play

for 12 months with 1-Year Agreement
Includes $10/mo. automatic payments and paperless billing discount for 12 months

  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Speed is good for up to 5 devices at a time
  • 10+ channels including ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS
  • 20 Hour DVR service included
  • Hit TV shows & movies on Streampix® included
  • Watch anywhere on any device with Xfinity Stream app
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Good Value for Money. Keep Your Family Happy

Xfinity Internet + TV
X1 Saver Pro+ Double Play

$79.99/mo. for 12 months with 1-Year Agreement
Includes $10/mo. automatic payments and paperless billing discount for 12 months

  • Download speeds up 200 Mbps
  • Streaming on multiple devices
  • Includes 1.2 TB data per month
  • 140+ channels―FX, TLC, HGTV, Bravo, ESPN, NBCSN, Nickelodeon & more!
  • 20 Hour DVR service included
  • Get the X1 TV box & Voice Remote for a seamless TV experience
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Fast Internet & Non-Stop TV for Your Home

Xfinity Internet + TV
X1 Preferred Pro+ Double Play

$104.99/mo.* for 12 months with 1-Year Agreement
Includes $10/mo. automatic payments and paperless billing discount for 12 months

  • Download speeds up 800 Mbps
  • Speed is good for 12+ devices at a time
  • Streaming in HD on multiple devices
  • 220+ channels― NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network, Nat Geo Wild, Disney Channel, TeenNick & more!
  • Download TV shows & movies with Xfinity Stream app & watch offline
  • Get the X1 TV box & Voice Remote for a seamless TV experience
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Why Xfinity is a Trusted Provider?

The history of the company stretches all the way back to 1936 with NBC’s first live radio broadcast of Berlin Olympics. The Comcast brand was founded in 1963 and became a publicly traded company in 1972. Ever since, the provider has been a household name nationwide, pioneering iconic programming and technologies in the TV industry.

Olympic games coverage, Meet the Press, TODAY, The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, Late Night, CNBC, Video On Demand, X1 cable TV, and much more came from the investments made by the company to improve the customer experience. This tradition carries on right until today; you can count on Xfinity from Comcast to keep bringing you the latest programming via the newest technologies.

What Makes Xfinity Bundles So Popular?

Epic Xfinity Technologies

Clever use of the latest tech is a key feature of Xfinity services. Among other offerings, which make Xfinity bundles so packed with value for money, Xfinity bundles stand out in terms of the high-tech equipment you get.

From the next-gen in-home WiFi experience over the largest Gig network and the multi-screen X1 experience to the digital VoIP home phone―Xfinity makes intelligent use of available technologies―to enhance your experience and empower your lifestyle!

Customer Experience
Xfinity Technologies

Get the xFi Experience with Xfinity Internet

Xfinity Internet delivers download speeds which fall within the fastest range countrywide. This is made possible by the latest technology incorporated into the hardware provided to customers.

The advanced xFi Gateway blankets your home in powerful Wi-Fi signals. For larger properties, the xFi pods can boost wireless internet signals.

Plus, your WiFi network is protected by xFi Advanced Security!

Enjoy Ultimate Entertainment with Xfinity X1 TV

For Xfinity TV customers, the X1 TV Box and X1 Voice Remote combine to change cable TV experience forever.

Xfinity X1 brings together live TV, sports, On Demand streaming and music all in one place. You get to search across all your entertainment options with the award-winning Xfinity Voice Remote.

Access your networks from anywhere, on any screen―Xfinity gives you the ultimate experience of flexibility and convenience!

Xfinity Engagement
Xfinity X1 Cable TV

Find Ways to Keep in Touch with Xfinity Voice

Xfinity Voice is based on VoIP technology which is has its own perks more suited to your digital lifestyle.

The technology packed service offers a crystal-clear connection by taking the phone service online―this also allows you to enjoy advanced phone features. Plus its innovative call blocking tech keeps you protected from spam calls.

The One-of-a-Kind Xfinity Customer Experience

But, innovative technology is not all that defines the Xfinity customer experience.

Your Xfinity relationship before and after will tell you interaction with the provider isn’t like the usual impersonal transactional exchange of services for money. The Xfinity team wants its services to improve your life; entertain you, and enable you to achieve all that you can when you’re working.

The Xfinity retail stores let you take your time and explore just what Xfinity can do for your home. The provider also enables you to quickly pay your bill or report any service related issues you want resolved. Online or Phone―Xfinity Customer Service is top-notch.

Xfinity Engagement

Which is the Right Xfinity Bundle for Your Home?

The key to picking the right bundle is to know what your family needs are like. There is no point in getting services which your home has little use of. Here is our take on some plans suitable for a range of consumer needs.


Are you a small family which likes to stick to essentials?

Go for Xfinity Choice TV Select & internet bundle:

  • Over 10 local broadcast TV networks. And FREE access to hit TV shows & movies on Xfinity Streampix®.
  • Up to 200 Mbps download speeds & 1.2 TB data every month―good for multiple devices.
  • That is a cheap internet and TV deal for under $60/month for one full year with 1-year agreement.


For a household where more than one adult work from home, and kids attend class online, you bank and shop via the internet, connect to family and friends via video chatting, and everyone has their own TV preferences―Xfinity has just the solution:

  • Up to 800 Mbps fast download speeds for up to 12 devices.
  • Preferred TV which gets you 220+ channels and much more!
  • Fast speeds via xFi WiFi and a modern cable TV service with X1―all for under $105 per month for one full year with 1-year agreement!


And, if it is a smart home that you must keep connected and secure, and you need a back up phone service which also runs your home-office, along with TV entertainment to keep the whole family happy―the Xfinity X1 Preferred Pro+ Triple Play is an ideal match.

  • Gig Internet from Xfinity
  • 220+ channels
  • Unlimited local calling
  • And, HBO Max™ + SHOWTIME® included.
  • A superior bundle with price locked at just under $140 per month for 24 months under a 2-year agreement.

Xfinity Stream App: Stream Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow

The Xfinity Stream App is a gem that you’ll come to love. You can turn any screen into a TV with this FREE app that you get with your Xfinity TV subscription.

  • You won’t miss out on your must-watch series, or that game you have been waiting for
  • Access live and On Demand content anytime, anywhere
  • With Cloud DVR you can schedule your recordings and download to watch offline
  • Cast from your smartphone on your TV or tablet
  • Star your favorite networks and make your own channel lineup
  • Find channels quick and easy

You Save Money with Xfinity Bundles!

  • Just like in the supermarket you get discounts on multi-packs, and while you buy more, you get to pay less―by bundling 2 or more Xfinity residential services you get the discounted bundle rate. Meaning you can save up to $20 when you bundle internet and TV. You can add on the home phone with unlimited local calling on top of that for less than half its standalone cost.
  • Xfinity includes Peacock Premium from NBC Universal with your Internet and TV subscription without an additional cost―the subscription service gives you an amazing opportunity to binge-watch full seasons and exclusive originals―and access a library with 15,000 hours of worthy content! That is $4.99/mo. value added to your plan!
  • Xfinity offers its Gig internet double and triple play packages with perks such as HBO Max™, SHOWTIME® or Netflix included. Which is over $10 in savings per month, depending on the Xfinity bundle you pick.

Xfinity Bundles: Additional Cost Breakdown

Xfinity is not alone in the industry when it comes to additional costs―besides the monthly service charge. Like other service providers, Xfinity charges you all standard taxes and fees e.g. the broadcast fee, the regional sports network fee etc., and also for installation and equipment. The pro install is a one-time upfront cost, while the equipment rental cost is per month. Here is a quick look at some common fees which you must be aware of―

Xfinity Internet Equipment Fees

When you lease the xFi Gateway―which is an internet modem + WiFi router, you enjoy enhanced coverage, and all the other benefits of xFi WiFi. The rental cost adds $14/mo. to your bill.

Xfinity offers an attractive option―with xFi Complete for $25―which not only gets you the xFi Gateway, but unlimited data too, and an xFi Pod included, if recommended.

You can bring your own equipment to the table. But that does have its setbacks―you don’t get no-cost equipment upgrade or tech support, and you also lose out on xFi Advanced Security, easy WiFi management and Parental Controls which are included with your xFi Gateway device.

Customer Experience
Xfinity Technologies

Xfinity TV Equipment Fees

The game changer X1 TV box from Xfinity is an intelligent device which makes your experience of cable TV totally 21st century. And, it comes at $5/mo. rental fee. If however you choose to get an additional one for another TV you’ll pay $9.95/month.

The X1 TV box comes with built-in DVR and 150 HD hours worth of storage on the hard drive. But, if you want to double that with Cloud DVR, you can add it on for $10/month for one X1 TV box.

Xfinity does have an additional charge if you wish to bring home High-Def picture with 4K UHD―for $9.95/month, you get to enjoy the industry’s best picture format.

Xfinity Installation Cost

Xfinity charges a one-time $89.99 upfront pro install fee for its cable broadband and TV service.

You can skip the cost, by setting up your internet and TV equipment yourself―Xfinity provides great resource materials online to help you with that if you find it worth saving the money.

Xfinity Engagement
Xfinity X1 Cable TV

Xfinity Early Termination Fee

If you plan to cancel your term agreement with Xfinity earlier for any reason, you must pay an Early Termination Fee.

The ETF amount varies with the length of your agreement. For a 1-year agreement the ETF can be as high a $110, while for a 2-year agreement it can be as high as $230.

Basically Xfinity charges you for each remaining month in your agreed upon term at the rate of $10/month.

Xfinity Packages Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

When you sign up for an Xfinity bundle you benefit from promo pricing with a term agreement and save on included services. Plus there is only one monthly bill to pay with all necessary services under one roof.
When you remove a service from your Xfinity bundle, the promo pricing is no longer valid, and you are charged the regular price from thereon.

Xfinity does not attempt to hide the additional fees. Order Online by entering your address. For each bundle, you can click the “View Details” button to check the fine details of the package. Make sure to read “Pricing & Other Information” section. Additional Taxes and Fees (based on your choices) are shown at checkout before you submit your order.

Xfinity charges a one-time $89.99 pro install fee for your internet and TV connection. This fee covers connecting your equipment to the Xfinity network, and also preparing your home for Xfinity services if you have not used the service provider in the past. However, the provider also offers you the choice to self install the service, and set up the equipment, at little to no cost to you. In that case however, you do not remain eligible for no-cost upgrades or tech support.
Xfinity charges $14/mo. for the xFi Gateway device which is a wireless modem + router and provides powerful WiFi coverage around your house. The X1 TV box fee is $5 per month.

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