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What WOW! Has in Store for You

High-speed Internet with a Lot of Data

WOW! Internet is one of the most popular choices for people in 9 states due to its top-grade service and superb network capabilities.

WOW! takes pride in delivering cable broadband powered by Fiber. The WOW! hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network allows data transfer to occur at blazing-fast speeds via fiber optic lines for the greater part of its journey. It is only in the “last mile” within your neighborhood that data is transferred via coaxial cable lines. This mix of technologies allows WOW! to bring you speeds comparable to fiber optic, but at with an affordable price tag.

And to complement such high speeds WOW! gives you truck loads of data every month. In some WOW! markets―such as service locations in the Chicago area there is a data cap. But the allowance you get with each speed tier is so generous you can do all that you need and want to do online without feeling restricted.

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Wholesome TV Entertainment

WOW! Cable offers carefully designed TV tiers to suit the variety of consumer needs.

If you are not big on TV, an assortment of channels like ABC, CW, NBC, PBS and FOX in the WOW! Small TV lineup will work great for you.

For households looking for popular entertainment, there is WOW! Medium TV. A collection of 130+ channels—which includes the most watched local channels like NBC, FOX and ABC, as well as popular channels like TNT, AMC, A&E, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, and NBC Sports Network.

While for TV buffs WOW! offers 160+ channels in its Large TV. Watch your HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, and STARZ® favorites everyday. Or tune into the NFL Network, NFL RedZone® or FOX Soccer Plus!

Aside from live cable TV channels, WOW! offers a valuable On Demand service which brings you the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows, blockbuster movies and more. Watch TV anywhere with WOW! Cable.

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Cheap and Reliable Home Phone

Connect reliably and talk crystal-clear with WOW! Home Phone. Let WOW! keep you connected with your loved ones far and near. Unlimited local calling and 100 FREE minutes of long distance across U.S. and Canada means you can talk and save at the same time. Plus, you won’t get better long distance rates other than with WOW! phone service.

So, if you thought home phone is outdated in this age and time, think again. With WOW! home phone, you can cut on use of your cellular service. Meaning, by paying a small monthly amount for your home phone from WOW! you can actually save on your pricey cell phone plan.

The best part is the service comes complete with a variety of digital features, and voicemail. And, you get the option to pick an unpublished or unlisted number.

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WOW! Bundles: A Complete Home Solution

Bundle deals are bundle deals. Just like you get them in the superstore. They save you money, and get your more value for less. That is why WOW! encourages you to bundle services. When you bundle WOW! Internet, Cable TV, and home phone you are billed at the bundle rate which is lower relative to stand-alone service costs. Plus you get to benefit from perks like FREE installation which is a $50 value.

Getting all three services taken care of under one roof makes life simpler. Your high-speed WOW! internet takes care of your online needs and wants. The WOW! Cable TV makes sure your family dinner time is not lacking entertainment. The WOW! home phone gives you reliable and cheap connection. You don’t need to put up with the hassle of paying multiple bills to more than one vendor every month. And, it’s the same customer service team you get to interact and deal with.

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WOW! Offers Affordable Quality

Grab these WOW! offers today and start using the services as early as tomorrow! Call 1-844-343-6312 to get a free installation and add $50 value to your pick.

Internet Internet + Medium TV Internet + Large TV + Phone
Max. Download Speed 200 Mbps 500 Mbps 200 Mbps
Max. Channels - 130+ 160+
Promo Price $39.99/mo.* $129.99/mo. $139.98/mo.

*In select markets. For 12 months with autopay and paperless billing. Equipment & speed availability may vary by area.

Remarkable Wide Open West (WOW!) Services

WOW! Customer Service

WOW! Customer Service is ever-ready to assist. Whether you are facing an issue or just looking for information you can always call the WOW! Sales/Service support number.

WOW! is super responsive to the community and any trouble you face will soon get due attention. Such prompt award-winning customer service is a great feature to have. Where other providers will leave you hanging, WOW! will work to ensure the matter is resolved at the earliest. The WOW! customer service philosophy is built on 4 pillars:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Spirit of Service
  • Accountability

So, you can count on full commitment from WOW! to make sure your customer experience is no less than excellent and stress free!

WOW! Technologies

WOW! has always adopted new technologies early to give their customers the best experience possible in the industry. In 2018, WOW! undertook the task of ensuring 95% of their customers get the option to subscribe to Gigabit internet via deep fiber infrastructure. Moving forward, you can be sure you’ll be among the first in the nation to get the latest internet, TV, and home phone technologies.

WOW! History

Over two decades ago Wide Open West (WOW!) was founded in Denver, Colorado. Over the years, through acquisitions of providers in other states, WOW! expanded its services to the Midwest. Now the original market of Denver is no longer served but WOW! is a major internet, cable TV, and home phone services provider in the Midwest and Southeast. Overall, WOW! cable services are accessible to more than 7 million people.

Reasons to Love WOW!

From the time you call to place your order to when the technician shows up at your door for installation, and beyond that when you become a long-time WOW! subscriber, you’ll feel the difference in how you’re taken care of. WOW! is a service provider close to the community.

There are many aspects of WOW! which customers love.

All That Data You Get

The WOW! internet package package you subscribe to gives you a generous data allowance in markets where the plan comes with a cap. While some WOW! service locations may get fast speeds with unlimited data, others receive super fast internet with virtually unlimited data. Meaning even if your plan is capped the data allowance will be so big you will not run out of it.

For instance a 100 Mbps plan will give you 1.5 TB while the Gig service will provide 3 TB―and for all practical purposes these are large offerings. Even with how rich the media is nowadays, you are unlikely to feel data-anxiety.

WOW! Whole Home Wi-Fi

Now you don’t have to suffer from poor Wi-Fi signal in parts of your home. With WOW! you can subscribe to Whole Home Wi-Fi which uses Amazon’s Eero device to blanket your home with a strong signal. Whether you’re in the backyard, attic, or basement, you can get a full-strength Wi-Fi signal everywhere by subscribing to this service feature. The Eero app lets you control the network from your smartphone.

Entertaining TV

The WOW! cable TV service has all your favorite networks so you never miss the series, shows, and games you love. And, the WOW! TV digital equipment gets you HD programming all included. The HD receiver from WOW! supports surround sound via digital audio output. You get access to an on-screen program guide. While the WOW! DVR—standard and Ultra—gives you the flexibility and convenience of recording your TV favorites and watching them on your own timeline.

Get WOW! cable TV to make family TV viewing time the most entertaining part of your day.

WOW! Ultra

With WOW! Ultra subscribers get a media gateway and compatible media player to connect to their TV. Ultra is your centralized home entertainment solution. WOW! broadband, WOW! TV, and WOW! DVR are the components of the system. Some of the features of WOW! Ultra are advanced search, closed captioning, pause live TV and resume on another TV, Video On Demand, Pay-per-View, and parental controls. The FREE to download WOW! Ultra app makes it still more convenient for you to manage your TV experience.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

WOW! understands that subscribing to an internet, TV, and home phone service is a major commitment. That’s why, your first 30 days as a user are a trial period. If you don’t find WOW! to be a top quality provider, you can cancel and get your money back.


WOWWAY is a portal where you can sign into your WOW! account, manage it, and watch TV as well. Besides that it can be your front page because it has news, video, finance, sports, games, and shopping sections. Your WOW! email and WOW! phone voicemail are also accessible through the portal.


What You Need to Know about WOW!

Looking for a reliable internet, and TV provider that gives you affordable quality? Well, for your home in the Midwest or Southeast, you can count on WOW! to deliver an efficient service over its high-performing network. With 19 markets spread around 9 states the WOW! network passes by millions of homes and businesses.

WOW! consistently strives to enhance its portfolio of advanced services—ensuring consumers are able to receive the best quality service at the most affordable rate. And, given its commitment to growth and innovation with an aim to empower people, WOW! has been recognized as the Multi-System-Operator (MSO) of the year in 2020. The award is a testimony to the continuous effort put in by WOW! to expand the footprint of its hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network, bringing more people in the fold of its Gig service.

Overall, WOW! is ranked #6 among the U.S. cable providers given the span of its coverage in over 850 ZIP codes.


  • Auburn
  • Dothan
  • Huntsville
  • Montgomery
  • Valley


  • Panama City
  • Pinellas


  • Augusta
  • Columbus
  • Fort Gordon
  • Newnan


  • Chicago
  • Chicagoland


  • Evansville


  • Detroit
  • Mid-Michigan


  • Cleveland
  • Columbus

South Carolina

  • Charleston


  • Knoxville

Top WOW! Markets

  • Columbus
  • Chicago
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Montgomery
  • Evansville
  • Huntsville

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