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Place your order for standalone Windstream phone service or get access to all the best from Windstream in a single package, the choice is yours. You can complement your home phone with Windstream Internet or DIRECTV, or go all the way Windstream by choosing all three services. In any case, rest assured you’ll get 100% satisfaction, and everything will fall within your budget.

Windstream Home Phone


  • Price: $20/mo.
    when bundled with internet
  • Features: Unlimited nationwide calling, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, SPAM Call Alert & more.

Windstream Home Phone + Internet

  • Price: $57.00/mo.
    for 3 months in select markets
    After 3 months: $77/mo.
    After 12 months: $95/mo.
  • Features: Windstream Internet with download speeds up to 500 Mbps, Unlimited nationwide calling and dozens of calling features, Free professional installation.

Windstream Phone with Internet & DIRECTV

  • Price: Call 1-855-349-9312
    to calculate the bundle price
  • Features: Reliable high-speed internet and a digital home phone service combined with the popular DIRECTV channel lineup—a comprehensive 3-in-1 bundle for all round coverage of your needs.


There are many practical features of the Windstream phone service. By using these attributes of your home phone, you can experience more streamlined personal and business communication than afforded by cell phones.

Call Waiting Caller ID

The name and number of the person calling you while you’re already on call.

3-Way Calling

Why should phone calls be limited to two people? You can even add a third participant on Windstream telephone.

Call Forwarding

Bounce your calls to a different number.

Preferred Call Forwarding

Send calls from certain callers to a different number.

Call Return

Call back the last person who called you.

Repeat Dial

Really want to speak to someone but their number is busy? Let your phone keep redialing until your call goes through.

Selective Call Acceptance

Want to talk to only certain people? Whitelist their numbers and automatically reject calls from all others.

Selective Call Acceptance

Want to talk to only certain people? Whitelist their numbers and automatically reject calls from all others.

Speed Calling 30

Select up to 30 numbers for speed dialing. Programming this function is easy, you just have to dial a code to set it up.

Selective Call Rejection

Block annoying callers from being able to reach you with automatic call rejection for specified numbers.

Anonymous Call Rejection

If an unknown number is calling you, automatically reject that call.

Anonymous Call Rejection

If an unknown number is calling you, automatically reject that call.

Call Selector

Set custom ringtones for specific callers. This feature lets you easily distinguish who the caller is before you even look at the caller ID. These callers also get a unique tone during call waiting.

Enhanced Call Waiting

While you’re talking on the phone and a second person tries to call you, you’ll be notified of the incoming call. Then it’s your choice to cancel the incoming call or take it immediately.


Windstream strives to provide the best home phone service to its customers. So if you’re still not convinced here are some more reasons why you must choose Windstream Phone.

windstream phone service

Non-Published Number

Don’t want your number to appear in the public directory? No problem. Windstream phone lets you stay off the directory assistance records. Information regarding your number will never be shared with anyone except you. The service comes cheap at only $5.00/mo.

Never Miss Anything with Windstream Voicemail

Are you too busy to take calls at certain times? Would you rather know what someone is calling about before talking to them on the phone? Get Windstream Voicemail service for only $5.00/mo. No matter where you are, you can let calls go to voicemail and play back the messages with complete clarity.

Best International Calling Rates

Windstream phone service offers you amazing rates for calling any country on earth. The competitive prices let you talk to a landline or mobile number in any country near or far. Now, you will always be in touch with loved ones through a crystal-clear phone connection. If you bundle residential services from Windstream Communications, you get even better international calling rates. Make calls to vast majority of countries without worrying about the bill.

To find out the current bundle-discount on international calling rates or get information about standard international calling rates, contact Windstream Customer Service.


How does Windstream phone work?

Windstream landline is a touch-tone phone service that employs the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) method. The same line that carries your internet data can be used for Windstream phone.

How do I forward a call on Windstream phone?

Check for dial tone on your handset. Press 72#. Now, dial the phone number to which you want your calls forwarded. If the call is answered, Call Forwarding is in effect. If the call is not answered, repeat steps one and two.

How do I cancel Windstream phone service?

Dial 1-855-349-9312 to speak to a Windstream customer service representative.

How do I report Windstream phone outage?

In case of phone outage, dial 1-855-349-9312 to speak to Windstream Customer Service . Besides this, you can also get help from the virtual assistant or by emailing your complaints.

How much is Windstream phone service for?

Windstream phone service is available for $44.99/mo. plus taxes and fees.

Where do I pay Windstream phone bill?

Click here to pay your bills online. You can enable AutoPay feature as well.

Does Windstream offer cell phone service?

Click here to pay your bills online. You can enable the AutoPay feature as well.