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Kinetic by Windstream Customer Service

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Kinetic by Windstream― Customer Service Number for Sales

Call this Windstream number for sales related questions that you may have. Windstream Customer Service is available around the clock to help you with whatever you may need to know.

The professionals can help you find the best Kinetic Internet plan or package for your needs. Browse what is available at your address, and let Kinetic by Windstream customer service agents assist you with your decision-making & subscription process.


Kinetic by Windstream―Internet Customer Service

Are you an existing customer with a Kinetic Internet connection, looking for tech support?

If you have a technical question or you need help setting up your home network, specialists are here to facilitate you in every possible way.

You can join the live chat here between 7:00 am and 12:00 am (ET). And you can also contact the 24/7 service support at the number listed here―any one of the technical experts will be more than happy to address the issues you may have.


Kinetic by Windstream― Business Customer Service

If you’re a business customer with general inquiries about your account, billing, payment arrangements or you want to update your account information, call the Windstream number listed here. You can also dial this number for technical support around the clock.

And if you would rather chat with a representative for quick answers about Kinetic Business Internet and more, initiate a conversation here.


Kinetic by Windstream Customer Service

More Ways to Contact & Find Support


Kinetic Online Support Center

If there’s an issue that needs to be looked into, you have a variety of tools to do so. Kinetic by Windstream offers resources like guides & videos to provide support regarding service concerns, technical issues, bill payment, and more!

Windstream Support Center for Residential Customers Windstream Support Center for Business

Kinetic New Customer Welcome Center

Windstream welcomes you with an effort to make your transition to our superior services as easy as can be. The Welcome Center provides you with online resources to smooth out any hiccups as you get started―from installation to setting up of Kinetic services, managing your account and billing, everything is discussed.


Email Kinetic by Windstream

Do you think the question or concern you have requires more detail? Would you rather discuss the particulars of the matter in writing?

You can email Windstream for support regarding service issues, billing, account information & more. The customer care representatives will endeavor to address the matter within 24 hours. All you have to do is fill in the contact-form.

Kinetic by Windstream Customer Service

Your Pre-Call Checklist

Here is the information you must make ready before you speak to a Windstream customer service representative for support―

Your Kinetic account number― it appears on the paper bill and you can also get it by logging into the Go Kinetic Customer Portal. The phone number associated with your account can also help you locate it.

Your Social Security Number― To help verify that you’re authorized to manage the account, the customer service representative may ask you for your social security number.

Your Billing or Service Address― If you’re looking to add new services or move your existing Kinetic service, your billing and service address will be required. For transfer of service you must also provide the new service address.

Kinetic by Windstream Bill

Here is How You Can Pay It

Kinetic by Windstream understands one method of payment may not work for everyone―this is why you’ll find multiple ways to pay your Windstream bill. Pick any that you prefer―whether you like old school or digital methods, there are options.

Go Kinetic App

The Go Kinetic App gives you ready access to your account anytime, anywhere. You can manage all your account & billing matters via this app with great ease.

Use it to make a one-time payment or set up autopay. All you have to do is download the Go Kinetic App for your device from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Go Kinetic Customer Portal

To pay your bill online, sign in to your Go Kinetic account. You can make a one-time payment via the Pay Now option or set up autopay.

In case you have not registered yourself with Kinetic by Windstream yet, you can do that here and proceed to make your online payment.

Over the Phone

To pay your Kinetic service(s) bill over the phone dial (800) 347-1991.

You can make the payment either through the automated phone system or seek help from a customer care representative. The second option comes with a small convenience fee.

Pay via Auto Draft

Use your checking account to make your Kinetic bill payment via auto draft. The bank will transfer the money you owe to Windstream Communications at the intervals you specify.

Pay via Mail

You can send you bill payment to Windstream via snail mail at the following address:

P.O. Box 9001908
Louisville, KY 40290-1908

Pay in-Person

Find the nearest Windstream retail store location and drop by to make the payment in-person, if that is how you prefer to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact the support staff at this Windstream phone number: 855-349-9312.

Windstream Communications strives to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, not only through the value and quality of its services, but with ready access to customer care following your purchase. Customer support from Windstream is available via phone, live chat, email, as well as social media. Its totally up to you which mode of communication you choose. As for tech support it is available around the clock over the phone and via live chat. And if you want to order services call at 855-349-9312 anytime.

Contact Windstream Communications at (800)347-1991 to start a live chat. Assistance over phone is available 24/7 whereas you can chat live 7-days a week between 7:00 am and 12:00 am ET.

Yes. The Go Kinetic app is available for both Android and iOS devices from Google Play and the Apple App Store. You can use this app to access your account and billing information, view and pay your bills, set up autopay and more.

The Go Kinetic Customer Portal is where you can access, manage and personalize your Windstream account anytime, from anywhere. Check your bill, pay it, sign up for autopay, manage notifications from your account and also get customer support via this self service portal.

Yes. Kinetic by Windstream provides around the clock service support so you can report an issue anytime it occurs. For around the clock sales support you can call at 855-349-9312 and ask questions about new service(s) or follow up on your order status, and more.