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Viasat Internet Speeds and Pricing

Viasat Unleashed offers speeds Up to 25 Mbps – Up to 150 Mbps1 depending on where you live. Not all speeds and prices are equally accessible to customers.

  • Viasat Unleashed
  • Up to 25 Mbps – Up to 150 Mbps1
  • $99.99 to $119.99
  • Call for Pricing

What Makes Viasat a Top Choice?

High-Speed Internet Access in Remote Areas

Get speeds up to 150 Mbps1 even in secluded regions and enjoy your favorite online activities.

Reliability and Consistency

The weather may occasionally impact service, but Viasat satellite internet technology maintains consistent connections for users.

Unlimited Data3

Browse, stream, and shop worry-free as Viasat Internet service will keep you online.

Easy Installation and Setup

A professional technician will install the satellite dish and set up the modem, ensuring optimal signal strength and connection quality.

Customer Support

Viasat customer support channels include phone, email, and online resources, making it easy for customers to get help.

Viasat Contracts, Data Caps, and Equipment

No contract2

Enjoy a month-to-month service term with Viasat Unleashed, which means there is no minimum service term commitment. You may cancel at any time without an early termination fee.

Unlimited Data3

Viasat offers Unlimited Data3 which that even after you've used your high-speed data allowance, you can still access the internet - at reduced speeds.

Equipment Lease or Purchase Options

Viasat's service requires a satellite dish and a modem. These are typically installed by a Viasat technician for a one-time fee.
Customers generally have the option to lease the 2-in-1 Wi-Fi modem/router from Viasat for a monthly fee or purchase it outright.

Viasat Internet FAQs

Is Viasat good for streaming?

Yes, Viasat is generally suitable for streaming. With various plans offering speeds up to 150 Mbps1, users can comfortably stream movies, TV shows, and videos. However, the streaming experience depends on the plan chosen and the current network traffic, as higher traffic can affect streaming quality.

Does weather impact Viasat internet service?

Viasat can be affected by severe weather conditions, just like any other satellite internet service. Extreme weather events might cause temporary disruptions or slow down the internet speed.

Is a phone line necessary for Viasat internet service?

No, a phone line isn’t necessary for your Viasat internet service. Viasat transmits through a satellite, which makes it ideal for users in rural or remote areas where other broadband services are not available.

Does Viasat offer TV service?

Viasat does not offer traditional TV services. However, customers can use Viasat Internet to stream content from services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and others.

Can I use Viasat internet for online gaming?

Viasat Internet can be used for online gaming, but it might not be ideal for real-time, fast-paced games due to possible latency issues. Games that require quick response times may experience delays. However, for turn-based games or ones that don't require real-time reactions, Viasat can be a suitable option.

What are the installation requirements for Viasat?

Viasat installation typically involves setting up a dish at your location and connecting it to a modem inside your home. The installation is usually done by a Viasat technician to ensure optimal signal strength.

Are there any data caps on Viasat plans?

Viasat Unleashed offers unlimited data3 for users to access the internet without worrying about caps.


1Speeds are "up to," are not guaranteed and will vary.
2Viasat Unleashed does not require an annual contract, which means there is no minimum service term commitment You will have a month-to-month service term, which you may cancel at any time without an early termination fee.
3If your data usage is trending to exceed the "typical usage" of a residential user on our network, you may have reduced priority during times of network congestion resulting in slower speeds. Typical usage currently means usage trending to not exceed 850 GBs in any 30-day period. The typical usage amount will vary based on network demands. Please visit for more details.