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Rise Broadband Customer Service Phone Numbers

Rise Broadband makes a focused effort to ensure existing and future subscribers find necessary support with ease. That is why Rise gives you dedicated lines to call. And, be heard.

Are you looking for information regarding new sales promotions at your address? Do you want to learn about availability and pricing? Or you are an existing customer and want to speak about a billing concern? Even if you are facing a rare issue with your fixed wireless internet service, Rise has a number for you to lodge a complaint at. You can dial in a Rise customer service number according to the nature of your question or concern, and let them take care of the matter for you.

Here is a little directory to help you reach the right department:


Rise Broadband Customer Service

For general sales support, subscription & installation related matters, or any other inquiry about Rise Broadband services.

This line will help you reach the right customer service personnel. And, if necessary, Rise Broadband representatives working on this line will connect you with the concerned department.

You can call this Rise Broadband customer service number anytime, any day.

Call Now 844-343-1169

Rise Broadband Technical Support

No matter how reliable an internet service is, there are times when things go wrong. So, if you are looking to resolve a connection issue or need assistance with troubleshooting a problem, you will find help with Rise Tech Support at the above number.

Tech experts on this line are trained professionals and can help address technical glitches & more.

Tech support team is available from 5am to 10pm (MT) on weekdays, and from 7am to 8pm (MT) on weekends.

Call Now 877-910-6207

More Ways to Reach Rise Broadband Customer Service

Connecting With Rise Is Convenient

Rise understands it may not be the preferred method for everyone to contact Rise Broadband customer support via phone. At times people prefer to go via online channels. Simply because chatting is the contemporary way of communicating. So, Rise Broadband comes forward with alternatives to phone support.

Rise Broadband Live Chat

Rise Broadband Live chat service allows you to get help by exchanging text messages online.

Have a general inquiry for Rise Customer Care? Is it your monthly bill that you would like to clarify? Do you want to upgrade your service plan? Are you interested in Rise Broadband services and would like sales & new service support? Or is that you need technical help with your Rise connection?

For all this and more you can start a Live chat session here. But, for matters like Wi-Fi and email passwords, adding new user accounts or process cancellation, you must contact via the Rise Broadband number.

Rise Broadband Live chat service is available from 8am to 8pm (MT) 7 days a week.

Rise Broadband Social Media Handles

Rise Broadband has a presence on all leading social media platforms.

You can post or tweet Rise Broadband reviews and, learn what other Rise subscribers have to say about their experience. Rise Broadband on social media keeps you updated with internet issues such as Rise Broadband outage, and other real-time news about the provider.

Follow @rise_broadband on Twitter for the latest updates, news and offers!

Follow Rise Broadband on Facebook and stay connected with the latest happenings at Rise.

Watch the Rise Broadband YouTube Channel. You’ll find short video tutorials about Rise services. The channel is still in the works. So, you can expect more in the future!

Are you an old soul and want to take the more traditional routes? Well in that case here is what you need to get the necessary support.

Rise Broadband Head Office

61 Inverness Dr. E #250,

Englewood, CO 80112

Rise Broadband Customer Service

Online Self-Help Resources

Rise Broadband Customer Service has set up various online channels for you to take care of your Rise Broadband service related matters on your own. This way you don’t have to call or chat to get every question answered. If you are a curious mind you will perhaps enjoy reaching a solution on your own. With help from Rise of course!

Rise Broadband: FAQ Library

Here, Rise Broadband lists the most frequently asked questions about different aspects of its service. Surf through a long list of questions about Plans & Pricing, Billing & Payments, Technical issues, Network or Subscriber related matters and more.

Rise Broadband: Self Service Portal

The online portal lets you manage your account. It gives you multiple options to pay your bill. You can make a one-time online payment, enroll in AutoPay, and set up future payments. The portal lets you view your full monthly statement. And, update your email address, statement preferences, and contact information. If you need help with accessing and setting up your Rise Broadband My Account Portal watch this tutorial.

Rise Broadband: Miscellaneous Self-Help Tools

Here are more links to useful information about your Rise Broadband service:

  • Access Rise Broadband Webmail here.
  • Manage your Rise ActivePhone™ settings here.
  • To check and manage data consumption click here.
  • And, if you feel your Rise Broadband speed is not at its best, run a Rise Broadband speed test. And, also access a plethora of useful information here.
  • For troubleshooting your internet connection, you will find useful tips from Rise Broadband here.

Rise Broadband Referral Program

Sharing good things in life brings you joy. We all experience that at one time or another. Well, Rise Broadband service is one such thing. If you are a happy Rise customer, refer a friend or family member to Rise Broadband services. If they sign up you can earn $50 for yourself and another $50 for your friend! All you have to make sure of is that you and your friend stay connected with Rise Broadband for 90 days in good standing. Click here to submit your referral and to claim your reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How do I make an AutoPayment?

Access your Rise Broadband account. On the dashboard, select the Pay Bill option. There you can opt for one-time payment or sign up for AutoPay.

2 How do I update the payment method?

If you’ve concerns with billing or changing your payment method, start Live Chat by clicking on the Billing option. For further assistance with billing related matters, you can call at 844-816-9149.

3 My Rise Broadband service is not working. How do I get help?

To report issues with your service, call Rise Broadband technical support team at 877-910-6207.

4 How do I find out my monthly payment?

To view your monthly payment, access your Rise Broadband Self Service Portal.

5 How can I check my data usage?

To get info on data usage, select My Account on At the bottom of the My Account page, there’s a check Data Usage button. Click on it and you’ll get all the info you need. Or else click here.

6 How do I change my Rise Broadband Wi-Fi password?

To change your Rise Broadband Wi-Fi password, contact the technical support team at 877-910-6207.

7 What is the cancellation policy for Rise Support Service?

If you have subscribed to Rise Broadband Support plan, you can cancel it whenever you want. There is nothing to bind you.

8 How do I confirm whether my payment has been received or not?

To inquire about your payment, please contact Rise Broadband Billing Customer Service at 844-816-9149.

9 How do I cancel my service?

To cancel your Rise Broadband service, please contact Rise Broadband Customer Care at 844-816-9149.

10 How do I fix the orange light and unresponsive internet?

If you’re experiencing difficulty in connecting to the internet, please contact Technical Support at 877-910-6207.

11 Can I stream content from Hulu or Netflix using Rise Broadband?

Of course, you can! Rise Broadband is perfect for streaming TV shows and movies from your favorite streaming platform.

12 How can I upgrade Rise Broadband service online?

To upgrade your Rise Broadband service, call 844-343-1169.

13 Does Rise Broadband impose an Early Termination Fee?

Yes. You will be charged $10 for each month remaining on your contract. To get exact details you can call Rise Broadband billing at 1-844-816-9149. But, Rise Broadband also gives you the option to pay on a Month-to-Month basis.

14 Does Rise offer unlimited data usage?

All speed tiers from Rise Broadband come with two options. You get 250GB data allowance or unlimited. It is up to you what you pick based on your needs.