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Spending hours for a game to finish downloading, only to know it ends up lagging, the ping spikes and you keep disconnecting. Some of you have been there and we sympathize with the dilemma. You don’t need sympathies. You don’t have to wish your internet dilemmas magically went away. One of the largest internet service providers in the U.S. has come to your rescue and it’s none other than Cox.

Cox isn’t renowned for its high-speed internet solely. You get to grasp on to seamless internet connectivity along with TV, phone with Cox bundles. Be it HD streaming, premium entertainment content, fast browsing or unlimited nationwide and international calling, Cox never falters to cater to every trivial or major concern of its customers.

Watch Premium Content - Cox Cable TV Packages in Arkansas

Have you ever gone through the dilemma of satiating your TV entertainment cravings? Did you find a solution yet? Well, now you have. Cox offers Cox TV packages, which are cherry-picked and customized to fit the entertainment necessities of every viewer. You don’t have to fret anymore as with Cox TV, there’s a befitting plan for everyone.

Cox Contour TV gives you direct access to on-screen TV apps like YouTube and Netflix. The corresponding TV plans also offer On Demand content so you will never feel deprived of notable movie titles, shows and the upcoming Super Bowl championship no sports enthusiast should ever miss out on. Every Cox TV plan is packed with your favorite channels, shows and a lot more all at the ease of Contour TV.

Premium channels are the center of attention in Cox TV packages. So, binge watchers should rejoice! You get to watch premium content from HBO, STARZ, Cinemax, Showtime and EPIX by upgrading your Cox TV plans accordingly.

The offerings don’t end here, rather they only get better. If you’ve subscribed to Cox TV, you get a DVR service that allows you to record your most wanted shows and movies in real-time. Cox Contour App amplifies the experience even further. So the next time you’re on your lunch break at your day job, you can watch quality content on your smartphone.

Cox Internet Plans, Packages, and Prices

Opting for high-speed internet yet maintaining affordability is rare but not with Cox internet. In the digital era, connectivity matters but with oodles of internet providers surrounding you, you can only rely on the best.

If you like your internet à la carte and not bundled up, standalone Cox internet plans start from $59.99/mo. for 12 months and up to 150 Mbps download speeds. You can even upgrade your plan to acquire blazing fast internet speeds that bring ease to your web browsing, entertainment and gaming needs. With Cox, you can download multiple AAA games so upgrade your Steam wish list right away.

Additional perks of Cox internet? You get your very own Cox Security Suite supported by McAfee®. Stop fretting over malware attacks. A safe and protected web surfing and download experience is what Cox internet bestows. With security concerns aside, super-fast internet isn’t the only perk Cox offers. Each package comes with its unique set of features, which you can fully customize!

No longer worry about traveling without data connection as Cox internet Wi-Fi hotspots are outspread nationwide. Another additional to Cox plans is the Panoramic Wi-Fi Modem, offering wall-to-wall coverage that reduces any potency of lag in internet connectivity. You now have a reliable usModel device and high-speed Cox internet to download TV shows, play games, live stream and leverage the digital world with Cox internet plans.

Offers Cox Bronze with Homelife Cox Silver Bundle with Gigablast & Voice Premier Cox Gold Duo
Price $99.99/mo. $129.99/mo. $129.99/mo.
Data Plan 1,024 GB/mo. 1,024 GB/mo. 1,024 GB/mo.
Download Speed Up to 150 Mbps Up to 940 Mbps Up to 300 Mbps
Upload Speed Up to 10 Mbps Up to 35 Mbps Up to 30 Mbps
TV Bundle 140+ Contour TV channels 170+ Contour TV channels 250+ Contour TV Ultimate channels
Phone Bundle
  • Unlimited Local Calling
  • HD Voice
  • Voicemail
Home Monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring
Homelife Features Equipped with Smart Home features for automatic door locks, lighting, thermostat control and live viewing
Contract Time

12 months

*2 year service agreement

12 months

*2 year service agreement

12 months

*2 year service agreement
Early Termination Fee (ETF) Up to $240 Up to $240 Up to $240
Standard Rate $182.47/mo. $273.47/mo. $267.48/mo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the ideal Cox service? There are many.

Cox cable internet is the prime selection of subscribers in both standalone and bundle prices. Cox TV and Contour App to enjoy both local and premium channels in HD, DVR recordings and numerous On Demand titles.

Cox Phone to make unlimited nationwide and long distance calls with your chosen Cox bundles. Homelife is for those who need Smart Home & Security at their ease in real-time.

The nationwide preferred internet plan by Cox starts from $59.99/mo. for up to 150 Mbps download speeds. The plan recedes up to 12 months and is perfect for gamers, streamers and regular internet users.

If both affordability and better internet access are the concern, you can choose to bundle Internet, TV, Phone and even Home Security services in a single Cox service bundle. *starting prices vary.

Cox internet deals and TV packages are aplenty but only three stand as the best. Cox Bronze with Homelife - $99.99/mo. for up to 150 Mbps download speeds and 140+ TV channels. Cox Silver Bundle with Gigablast & Voice Premier - $129.99/mo. for up to 940 Mbps download speeds, and 170+ TV channels. Cox Gold Duo - $129.99/mo. for up to 300 Mbps download speeds, and 240+ TV channels.