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CenturyLink Customer Service Numbers
A Comprehensive List

Need help with self-installation? Or do you want to clear your confusion about the billed amount? Maybe you’re not a part of the CenturyLink Family yet. And, only want professional advice before you make a decision to join in. There’s a CenturyLink customer service number for every concern or question you may have.

Call 1-855-349-9310. Have your concerns addressed and your questions answered. Here you will receive expert advice on all matters CenturyLink!

CenturyLink Tech Support

The CenturyLink service is all about quality. But, technology does act up at times. You may face a roadblock during self-installation. Maybe a piece of equipment malfunctioned. Or maybe a different issue occurred with your internet or home phone service. CenturyLink has a dedicated customer support channel to take care of tech-related issues.

Contact at 877-348-9005 or 877-348-9007 for concerns related to your internet or phone service respectively.

CenturyLink Spanish Customer Support

CenturyLink has a dedicated customer support window for Spanish speakers. The support team for CenturyLink’s Spanish-speaking customers is as well trained and responsive. CenturyLink Customer Service staff can guide effectively, whether you want to get a new internet connection or troubleshoot an installation glitch.

Dial-in 844-527-5629 and get yourself heard in your mother tongue. Speak about your concerns or make an inquiry. CenturyLink’s assistance in Español is here for you!

CenturyLink Account Support

Moving? Want your CenturyLink services to move with you? Well all you need to do is contact CenturyLink Customer Service and let them take care of it. Whether you need to relocate your internet and phone services. Or you simply have questions about the bill you received this month. In any case, dedicated CenturyLink support staff will be eager to take charge of the matter and sort it all out for you.

Call 800-244-1111 on weekdays between 8am and 6pm local time.

CenturyLink Business Customer Support

Have you subscribed to CenturyLink business plans? Are you concerned about a subscription related matter? Well, you can set your worries aside and contact the CenturyLink Business customer support team. You could be a small business or an enterprise. You could be in need of assistance related to billing or service issues. Prompt support will be provided by the CenturyLink support team.

Contact at 855-891-4083 on weekdays between 7:00am and 8:00pm MT for billing & payments. Call 800-350-1044 on weekdays between 7:00am and 5:00pm MT for Control Center related questions.

CenturyLink Business Tech Support

CenturyLink offers dedicated channels for business subscribers to report a repair issue for any CenturyLink service. Are you a business looking to register a repair issue? If you are located in AZ, CO, ID, IA, MN, MT, NE, NM, ND, OR, SD, UT, WA, or WY, call at 800-247-7285 for internet and 800-954-1211 for phone service related matters. And if your business is located in another state, you can call CenturyLink for support at 800-786-6272

Multiple Convenient Methods to Pay Your CenturyLink Bill

Paying your CenturyLink bill isn’t only done the conventional way. You don’t have to necessarily wait in a queue for your turn, unless old-school is what you prefer. CenturyLink makes a wide range of methods available for you to take your pick from according to what is convenient and works better from your viewpoint. You can pay the bill online, via mail or even in person. Above all, CenturyLink makes it totally hassle-free for you to pay your monthly dues via your smartphone by downloading the My CenturyLink app.

Here is more about the channels available to you. You can choose any that suits your preference and pay your internet and phone dues for the month.

Pay in-Person

Usually every concern can be addressed over the phone or online. But, if you’re still unsure about anything, you can visit the nearest CenturyLink store and pay your bill in person. Don’t forget to bring your CenturyLink paper bill along. We don’t want you to drive back home to get it!

You can make the payment in cash, via your checking account or a money order.

Pay via Mail

If you prefer traditional, you may just want to send your check or money order via snail mail. You must also enclose the remittance slip that you received with your paper bill. Use the pre-addressed envelope provided to you by CenturyLink for the purpose.

Pay by phone

If you choose to pay your bill over the phone, make sure you have your CenturyLink account number and the due amount information handy. You must also be sure how you want to pay because CenturyLink allows you a variety of payment methods. You can choose to pay via your checking, savings or Money Market account, or you can do so via Credit or Debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover). We suggest you have payment details readily available according to the method you select.

Call 800-244-1111 and follow the instructions to make the payment either through the automated system or have an agent process your payment. There is a small convenience that you’ll be charged if you want an agent to take your payment. Agents are available Monday to Friday during regular business hours.

If you don’t have your account number you can also use the phone number or the ZIP code associated with your CenturyLink account.

Pay Online

Paying online is quick and easy with CenturyLink. If you do not opt for online payments regularly, you can go for the fast track Quick Bill Pay option. No need for you to create an account, or even log in. If however paying online is your preferred method at all times, you can use My CenturyLink portal for the purpose. From this portal you also get to manage your account and billing information.

Whether you go for the Quick Bill Pay or use My CenturyLink, you don’t have to be on your PC or laptop, rather you can easily pay the bill via your smartphone.

Just note a small convenience fee will be charged if you use a Credit or Debit card when paying online. If that does not sit well with you, the option to make the online payment via your checking, savings or Money Market account is also available.

My CenturyLink app

All it takes is a few clicks and a few swipes to pay your CenturyLink bill via your smartphone*. Download My CenturyLink app for Android or Apple and ease up the trouble of paying bills manually, over the phone, or via the web portal. As handy as smartphones are, paying your CenturyLink bill becomes still more hassle free when you do it through the My CenturyLink app.

*Additional fees may apply for processing your order.

CenturyLink Internet Customer Service At Your Disposal

Chat with CenturyLink

CenturyLink has set its customer support mediums to deliver 100% satisfaction no matter what sort of an inquiry is put forward. If you’re looking for information regarding CenturyLink internet plans and current promotions, and you want to know about speeds available in your area, you can chat with a CenturyLink support specialist without going through the trouble of dialing in a call.

Technical & Hardware Problems

Technical issues with your CenturyLink equipment, self-install kit, or other hardware glitches are thoroughly addressed by CenturyLink’s tech support team. Even if you are skeptical about the predicament at hand, don’t hesitate to call in for tech support at 877-348-9005. It could be a basic troubleshooting protocol for your router or any other technical intricacy, CenturyLink has got all your hardware assistance needs covered.

Reporting CenturyLink Outages

While rare, outages are not inevitable. In case your CenturyLink service faces an outage, you shouldn’t fret. It may be inevitable but it is not unfixable. We recommend you contact a customer support representative at 877-348-9005, provide your address & account number, and be guided accordingly.

Before You Call CenturyLink Customer Service…

Before you dial in a call at any CenturyLink customer service number, don’t forget to make the following handy:

Account Number: Make sure you have your CenturyLink account number readily available. It is printed on the upper right-hand corner of the paper bill. You can easily get it off the most recent one.

Confirm Your Identity: CenturyLink is quite firm with security protocols. You will be asked for your social security number (SNN). Only after the SNN is given and your identity as the account owner is confirmed, the representative shall proceed further.

Billing Address: The representative can ask you for the billing address too, so do ensure you have full details ready to be furnished in case a confusion arises.

Note it Down: Take notes of any information the support representative provides and that may be of use later on. It could be a CenturyLink number or information that you have to provide the next time you call in. Flip open your notebook and keep a record of everything necessary, so the next time you are not sifting through scattered details.

Additional CenturyLink Customer Support Mediums

The thought of dialing in a call to a customer support number isn’t the only route you are bound to take. At times when that tends to feel like a hassle, you can employ any of the following channels to get heard by CenturyLink Customer Service.

Live Chat

A phone call can consume a lot of your time. If you are straightforward with your queries, you can access CenturyLink’s Live chat. Tech support with any of your subscribed services is available 24/7. You can also get payment assistance and have any general inquiries answered via Live Chat.

Social Media

Internet service providers actively run social media profiles. CenturyLink Social Media handles include Twitter and Facebook. Get in touch. You will find the community managers proactively engaged in lending a hand.

Retail Stores

CenturyLink is available in 50 states nationwide and in-person assistance can get a lot off your chest. For all those installation, equipment, and service related questions, simply head on to the nearest CenturyLink retail store. Click here to locate the one nearby via ZIP code search.

CenturyLink Customer Service Hours

CenturyLink has its customer support windows readily available to cater to your needs and concerns.

You could be looking to get a new connection or have simple inquiries to make before you buy a plan. In that case you can call the Ordering Service at 1-855-349-9310 anytime to speak to a CenturyLink customer representative.

If you are seeking to report a service related problem, CenturyLink Tech Support is also available around the clock.

In case you wish to access CenturyLink Account Support, you can do so on weekdays between 6:00am and 8:00pm Local.

Subscribe to CenturyLink Services

Got the help you needed? Take a look at the array of services on offer from CenturyLink. You might as well find a more lucrative plan to subscribe to, whether you are an existing subscriber or a potential one.

Frequently Asked Questions

CenturyLink is known for its DSL and fiber-optic internet service. The prime selling point of the internet service is high-speed DSL plans that come with a smart variety of speeds. Each of these plans comes with a Price For Life guarantee.

You can order online or call 1-855-349-9310 to subscribe to your chosen plan.

If you’re an existing customer looking for timely customer service from CenturyLink call 1-855-349-9310 and you shall be assisted as necessary.

CenturyLink Support is available 24/7 if you are looking to order by calling 1-855-349-9310. If you are looking for tech support that too is available 24/7.

You can contact CenturyLink on Facebook and Twitter if you have any non-urgent inquiries to make.

Head on to CenturyLink store locater and find a CenturyLink service location near you.