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Customer Service

Reach out to the customer service by calling the following numbers: 1-855-349-9310

The numbers provided above are for existing customers. Additional services can be added and critical information can be updated, such as billing address.

CenturyLink support representatives are your best guide when it comes to troubleshooting or adding on equipment. They can also look into troubles relating to internet, telephone and/or home security services. Once you call support, you will be connected with the best resources who can help you with the concern that you may have.

For assistance in Spanish please select option number 9 (Para Espanol should Press 9), whereas existing customers should press 2 for assistance.

Spanish Customer Support Service

Reach out to CenturyLink support staff in Spanish at 800-201-4099

It’s not a problem if you don’t speak English but are fluent in Spanish. Get support and assistance in Spanish by calling the numbers above.

CenturyLink Business TechSupport

For Business related technical support, please call the following numbers for assistance Telephone Support: 877-646-3282 Internet Support: 877-646-3282

Whenever you need technical support for your business account, you can reach out to CenturyLink on the given numbers. Call and get help with general technical support related inquiry or if you need to check the status of an existing ticket. Repair request can also be submitted using the given numbers.

To Pay Bills on CenturyLink

Reach out for billing and payment related inquiries, call on: 800-201-4099

The number provided above is for existing customers who need to pay their monthly bills.

Any questions you have regarding billing or payments can be addressed by the CenturyLink representative assigned to you. Get answers to your most complicated questions in a manner that is simple and easy to understand. Account specific information can be obtained in regards to the billing related queries pending verification and authorization of the account holder.

CenturyLink Customer Support for people with Disabilities

Exclusive support line for persons with disabilities. Please call1-800-223-3131

If you have a certain disability and need assistance with respect to that, you can contact CenturyLink on the provided number where you will be reached out to a trained technical support agent who will assist in every matter.

CenturyLink Business Control Customer Support

To reach out to the Business Control Support Staff please call 1-800-350-1044

CenturyLink offers a dynamic online center to assist its business customers. This center is called Business control center. To set up the control center or to get help troubleshooting any specific issue, CenturyLink can be easily contacted using the number above.

CenturyLink TechSupport

To reach out to Technical Support, call on the following numbers: Internet 877-646-3282 Phone Services 877-646-3282

These numbers are best for existing customers only and for those that need to check the status of their support ticket.

You can direct all your questions regarding technical support to the CenturyLink technician assigned to you by CenturyLink support. You can check your status online or by calling the above-mentioned numbers and check updates regarding the status of your repair ticket.

CenturyLink Business Customer Support

Reach out support for your business services, please call the following numbers: 1-855-891-4080

These numbers are for business customers only. Get help in regards to customer support and billing related inquiries.

Smart Home CenturyLink

Reach out on: 1-855-349-9310

Call the provided number for questions regarding home security or Smart home services. If you are an existing customer, please select option number 1

Things to keep in mind Before Calling

Here are some key details that can come in handy when you call

Account Number : You will find your account number on the upper right-hand corner printed on your most recent bill. CenturyLink’s Understand My Bill Resource Page can help you get the details from your CenturyLink bill.

CenturyLink Business Control Center is for Business customers : You will find your account number on the upper right-hand corner printed on your most recent bill. CenturyLink’s Understand My Bill Resource Page can help you get the details from your CenturyLink bill.

Know your social security number : You should keep your social security number next to you because it can be asked in order to confirm your identity while managing your account.

Addresses : If you happen to have multiple addresses that are serviceable by CenturyLink then it is a good idea to have those details on hand in order to avoid unnecessary complications.

Pen & Paper : There could be some information provided to you over the call which you may be asked to remember. Keep a notepad available along with a pen at all the times.

 centurylink customer support

Alternative channels and methods to contact CenturyLink for existing customers

There are multiple other ways you can contact CenturyLink. You don’t always need a number to get in touch with CenturyLink. You can reach out to the support staff online in the event your internet services remain uninterrupted. The following links will redirect you to the support that you need and deserve.

Support Center

The support center is a centralized database of any and all CenturyLink resources that you will ever need. You will find a library of videos and guides to assist customers who have concerns regarding payment of bills etc.

Guidance Center

This guidance center is your go-to place for guides on all matters related to troubleshooting, videos, and other technical concerns.

Service Troubleshooter and Ticket Status

Using the following resource, you can easily submit a ticket for any technical issue that may occur and a resolution will follow shortly thereafter. You can also check the status of your ticket by submitting the ticket which is then followed by the status and the resolution if one is available.

Payment of Bills

You don’t have to travel all the way to the physical location in this day and age to make the payments which can be done online using the following resource:

Retail Stores

If you have any issues regarding setting up your equipment and or adding residential services, you can easily walk into your local stores where a CenturyLink representative awaits you and will be available to lend assistance.

Business Control Center

In order to manage your business account, you can consult the business control center through the following link:

Online Chat

If you have an issue that needs urgent resolution, you always have the option of getting it done by chatting to one of CenturyLink’s support staff.

CenturyLink Emails

E-mail can also be sent for support and assistance through the following resource and will be addressed in an appropriately:

CenturyLink Social Media

Social media presence is available when trying to reach out to CenturyLink for any sort of assistance through the 3 social media channels mentioned below.

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