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Xfinity from Comcast is one of the most popular broadband internet services in the U.S. and with good reason. Not only do you get instant access to in-home and out-of-home connectivity with Xfinity Internet, you can also set yourself up for a 4K streaming experience― Xfinity Flex 4K streaming box is optional for an added charge. Also, Xfinity offers innovative WiFi equipment―the Xfinity xFi Gateway is one of the best in the industry. All in all, customers can enjoy excellent value for money with great discounts on various services―even more so when Xfinity puts out money-saving special offers.

In this article, we discuss one of the most exciting nationwide Xfinity Internet deals yet―get fast speeds with the 200 Mbps Xfinity Internet plan at a discounted price, and save even more when you add an Unlimited mobile line!

Limited Time!

Get 200 Mbps Internet w/ Wi-Fi Equipment on the Xfinity 10G Network

For only $25/mo. for 2 years w/ no term contract!

Limited Time!

Get 200 Mbps Internet w/ Wi-Fi Equipment on the Xfinity 10G Network, plus 1 Unlimited Mobile Line

For only $50/mo. for 2 years w/ no term contract!

Xfinity 10G Network

Following its launch, the Xfinity 10G network upgrade has about 10 million homes and businesses poised to experience faster and more reliable internet by the end of February. And as Comcast accelerates the nation’s fastest and largest multi-gig deployment, more and more American homes across Xfinity’s nationwide footprint will enjoy access to the game-changing network.

Xfinity aims to deliver a connection that powers multiple data-extensive applications across multiple devices all at once. And its 10G network upgrade is designed to make that a reality for all users. With faster speeds, greater reliability, and a connection that depicts ultra-low lag, you can now enjoy live sports streaming, 4K gaming, hybrid work, virtual reality, etc. all at the same time!

And, what better way to introduce the all-new connectivity experience than offering a hot deal with an amazing opportunity to save!

Enjoy 200 Mbps Xfinity Internet for only $25 a month!

New residential post-paid Xfinity Internet customers can now enjoy 200 Mbps for only $25 per month―with a 2-year price lock, no term contract, and WiFi equipment included in the price! Plus, depending on your location, you may also be eligible to get unlimited data with this offer!

Enrollment in autopay and paperless billing is however required―otherwise monthly service charges increase by $10 per month. Also, other costs such as installation, taxes, fees, etc. are additional.

This promo is the perfect way to get started with Xfinity Internet―especially with the 30-day money-back guarantee that makes it a no-risk investment. You get the best of Xfinity WiFi experience at a fraction of the cost for two whole years, that too without a term contract!

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Add an Xfinity Unlimited Mobile Line for even more savings!

It gets even better when new customers add an Xfinity Unlimited mobile line to their subscription―not only they can enjoy more in savings but a more complete Xfinity experience!

New subscribers, who add an Unlimited mobile line to the above offer, can also receive $20 discount on their Xfinity mobile bill. The Xfinity Internet and Mobile deal comes up to a total of $50 per month for 2 years, with WiFi equipment included in the price. All in all, you get connected with everything you love at an amazing discount that earns you a big saving!

Enrollment in autopay and paperless billing is required for you to receive the cited price―other costs such as installation, taxes, fees, etc. are additional. In order to qualify for the offer you must sign up for the Xfinity mobile and activate the service within 90 days of order. The mobile line must be maintained for the said duration for you to receive the mobile discount. If any service is canceled or downgraded during the promotional period, the multi-product discount would be removed.

This offer too is a great way for new customers to get acquainted with Xfinity services―and the 30-day money-back guarantee only makes it a sure bet!

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Why Choose Xfinity Internet & Mobile?

Xfinity Internet and Mobile plans get you great value for money, not to mention the added convenience. Xfinity services are available to millions of people in 36 states―popular for great perks and discounts. Some of the reasons contributing to the popularity of Xfinity Internet and Mobile services include:

  • Xfinity Internet speeds―ranging from 75 Mbps to 1200 Mbps―cover diverse consumer demands and needs. A big plus is that gig-speed internet from Xfinity is accessible to over 98% of the population on the Xfinity coverage map
  • Xfinity Flex 4K device, offered with Xfinity internet plans, gets you ready access to all your favorite streaming apps
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee makes your investment risk-free
  • Generous data allowance―you get 2 TB with all plans, and depending on your location even unlimited data
  • FREE and instant access to over 20 million Xfinity WiFi hotspots
  • Xfinity Mobile plans are customizable―suit your data needs with By the Gig or Unlimited options
  • Add up to 10 lines to your Xfinity mobile account―enjoy unlimited talk and text with no line access fee
  • Where available Xfinity Mobile gives you the opportunity to enjoy the unmatched 5G experience!


Stay in touch with the world and your loved ones, around the around-the-clock with Xfinity Internet and Mobile plans. These latest offers earn you exciting Xfinity promotional discounts while allowing you to discover the wholesome goodness of Xfinity services.

Be among the first to connect via the Xfinity 10G network at a bargain price―add more value and more volume to your savings by adding Xfinity Mobile. These are limited-time offers, so if you are planning to change your provider, consider this the sign you’ve been looking for!

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Xfinity available at my address?

Xfinity services are available in 36 states. Customers in over 98% of Xfinity’s national footprint can access gig speeds. To check the availability of Xfinity services in your area, call at 844-207-8721.

2. What is the Xfinity 10 G Network?

Xfinity now delivers an internet experience that is faster, more reliable, and ultra-low on lag, via its upgraded 10G network. You can connect multiple devices performing data-extensive activities simultaneously. To get onto this innovative network click here, and subscribe to amazing promo offers from Xfinity or call 844-207-8721.