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Wide Open West, better known as WOW!, was founded in November 1996, and has since endeavored to provide quality service to nearly 800,000 subscribers. WOW! operations have expanded over time. And, today the provider is the sixth-largest cable operator in the USA. Along with cable TV and cable broadband, they offer a phone service too - thus ensuring subscribers can get a complete suite of residential services with ease, under one roof.

WOW! cable plans are known for the value they bring – high-speed internet which now comes powered by Fiber in the Loop, a well-designed channel lineup that offers a bit of everything, and a phone service that costs you under $10 when bundled with internet and TV.

WOW! packages are perfect for individuals and families alike since they offer a good range of products and services to cater to varied consumer needs. Pricing is competitive, giving you room to add products and simple enough for you to predict your monthly bill. Download speeds are double or higher than most competitors in the market. On top of that, there are no service agreements any more and no early termination fees either. The best thing is that WOW! keeps its plans simply structured – Good, Better and Best; Small, Medium, and Large – making it easy for you to pick what fits your needs and pocket.

If you are based in an area they offer services in, you could not be luckier. So, let us take a look at the regions they serve and get into the nitty-gritty of their packages.

Which areas does WOW! Cable cover?

WOW! is operational in 10 states. Compared to other nationwide companies it covers very little area. However, that also allows WOW! to focus better on the provision of customized, affordable, and reliable services, which is a win-win situation for both subscribers and WOW!. In fact WOW! was one of the first internet providers to make a shift to large-scale deployment of DOCSIS 3.1 networking protocol. Courtesy of this innovation the provider is now able to furnish Gig-level speeds over a Fiber-Coaxial Hybrid network – comparable to fiber optic internet, yet at the affordable price of cable broadband. WOW! TV Bundles are value-rich in terms of the worth of the money you invest, as they come coupled with fiber-rich internet - making each bundle an all-around fix for individual and household needs. The best thing about these TV packages is that you can also add a smart landline, that costs you under $10 when bundled. All in all, you can save up to $360 over 2 years when you bundle WOW! TV.

Now, before you move towards choosing a WOW! the package that is a perfect fit for your digital needs and saves you BIG too, let us give you an idea of the areas covered by WOW!. The table below can help you with that. It mentions the cities where WOW! is available. There is however one exception. Kansas too benefits from WOW! services, but coverage in the region is relatively select.


Auburn, Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery, Valley


Panama City, Pinellas


Augusta, Columbus, Fort Gordon


Chicago, Chicagoland




Detroit, Mid-Michigan


Cleveland, Columbus

South Carolina




If you have further questions about the availability of WOW! TV service at your address, you can always give WOW! Customer Service a call. Rest assured you will receive ready assistance.

All about WOW! TV packages and prices

WOW! Cable offers simple yet comprehensive channel lineups, but subscribing to standalone cable TV can be pretty expensive. You must pay à la carte prices for the service. Bundling your WOW! cable TV is the way to go if you are looking to save. And, given the WOW! streaming service you are very likely to make use of, it is better to get WOW! Internet as well. Here are some double and triple-play TV deals for you consider.

Double Play (Cable TV Internet)


Number of Channels

Max. Download Speed


Internet 200 Mbps Medium Cable


200 Mbps


Internet 200 Mbps Large Cable


200 Mbps


Internet 500 Mbps Large Cable


500 Mbps


Internet 1 Gbps Medium Cable


1 Gbps


Internet 1 Gbps Large Cable


1 Gbps


Triple Play (Cable TV Internet Phone)


Number of Channels

Max. Download Speed



Internet 200 Mbps Medium Cable Phone


200 Mbps

Unlimited local calling with 15 handy calling features


Internet 500 Mbps Large Cable Phone


500 Mbps

Unlimited local calling with 15 handy calling features


Internet 1 Gbps Large Cable Phone


1 Gbps

Unlimited local calling with 15 handy calling features


These bundle plans are the answer to all your entertainment needs and budget constraints. However, do make a note of the fact that you must be enrolled in AutoPay & Paperless Billing to subscribe at the above-mentioned rates. Non-enrollment means you will have to pay an additional $5.  

Making your TV channel selection

Before we get to the channel lineup, one thing needs to be made clear: the number of channels offered in the Medium and Large cable plans may differ depending on the area. For example, in Evansville, the Medium cable plan offers 90 channels and a Large cable plan offers 130 channels. For this reason, you must ensure to ask the WOW! customer representative about WOW! channels offered in your area.

The WOW! Channel Lineup is diverse and brings you good all-round coverage of programming from all popular genres – local, entertainment, sports, kids, music – it is all included from the networks America loves to watch. And there is the premium WOW! TV channels too that you can subscribe to. Choose from HBO®, Cinemax®, STARZ®/ENCORE, and SHOWTIME®. Sports networks are also available as add-ons.

When you subscribe to HBO®, you get access to HBO, HBO2, HBO Comedy, HBO Family, HBO Signature, and HBO Zone depending on your area of residence.

Similarly, with Cinemax®, you get Cinemax, 5StarMAX, Action MAX, MAX Latino, MoreMAX, Movie Max, ThrillerMAX, OuterMAX, and CinemÁx. While with STARZ® you get STARZ, STARZ Comedy, STARZ Cinema, STARZ Edge, STARZ Kids & Family, STARZ ENCORE, STARZ ENCORE Family, STARZ ENCORE Black, STARZ ENCORE Action, STARZ ENCORE Classic, STARZ ENCORE Westerns, STARZ ENCORE Suspense, and STARZ InBlack.

With SHOWTIME®, you get Showtime, Showtime Showcase, Showtime FamilyZone, SHO 2, SHO Next, SHO Extreme, SHO Women, SHO Beyond, The Movie Channel, and The Movie Channel Xtra, Flix.

Sports fans can add the NFL Network, NFL RedZone®, BTN, or the SEC Network to their plans for an additional fee. Some of these premium sports networks, however, come covered in the Large Cable.

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WOW! TV features to look out for

There are a few features that set WOW! TV apart from the others. They make your TV experience memorable, offering maximum ease and comfort.

WOW! TV allows you to stream the channels in your plan to your mobile devices. You can also access the on-demand library carrying programming from networks in your subscribed WOW! Channel Lineup. So, go ahead and watch wherever and whenever you want with ease, and at your leisure.

Now, coming to the DVR options available. Youll be happy to learn that a standard or HD DVR recorder can be added at an additional cost of $7 and $14 a month respectively. If you want the advanced ULTRA DVR you can get two for the bargain price of $25 a month, and each additional one for $9 a month. Given that in some markets it costs $20 a month for one, you can grab a really good deal.

Understanding WOW! pricing

WOW! offers great prices, and does not like to complicate things. Still better, WOW! is quite upfront about it all.

As mentioned above being enrolled with AutoPay gives you a $5/mo. discount. What you must also bear in mind is the prices are not inclusive of additional taxes and fees. For that, you will have to call WOW! Customer Support as taxes and fees vary by area. You will also be required to pay an additional $10 a month if you rent a WOW! compatible modem for the internet connection. On the bright side, installation is currently free so that $50 saved!

The final word

Now that you have learned about what is on offer on the WOW! TV menu, we hope you feel more confident about judging which package you must subscribe to in order to cater to the needs of your entertainment regime. Go ahead, take your pick, and start saving today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WOW! offer NFL Network?

The NFL Network is offered by WOW! but as part of an add-on Sports Package. However, if you subscribe to the Large Cable you will find it included in your channel lineup.

How much is WOW! Cable TV cost a month?

WOW! TV when bundled, costs $$65 per month for the Medium Cable and $75 for the Large Cable. Small Cable, essentially the Basic plan, is available for $20.