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Wide Open West, also known as WOW! is the 6th largest residential cable service provider in the U.S. that has been innovatively fulfilling the rapidly growing connectivity needs of 700,000 tightly-banded lives in the Land of Opportunities since 1993.

With the most coverage being in Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio, WOW! offers highly competent telecom services via its fiber-powered coaxial cable network over a gigantic span of land hosting a population of approximately 13 million in over 10 states.

WOW! - Entertain Yourself with a World of Endless Possibilities

Whether you are a homebody who loves to stay indoors, an enthusiastic binge-watcher, news freak or a sports fanatic, the contemporary charm of WOW! TV makes it one of the best communication and entertainment mediums in your reach. With a channel lineup as wholesome as from WOW! you will stay updated with all the latest happenings in the physical and digital world right from your couch at home. On Demand from WOW! will keep you entertained even as you make a boring commute – all you need is a high-speed internet connection and your WOW! credentials in order to log onto the online portal and start streaming.

WOW! – What a Great Deal!

Before we dive into the extensive channel lineup from WOW! TV, let’s skim through the bounties that come with your subscription to the service.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Skeptical about switching your cable service? Don’t be. WOW! cares for its customers and aims to provide you 100% satisfaction by offering a 30-day trial period once you sign up. This way you know that you are only a call away from a refund – and you can relax - in case you are not genuinely satisfied, you won’t lose anything. However, be sure that you won't have to make that call just as millions of devoted WOW! Customers never had to.

One-Year Price-Lock

New WOW! subscribers get to savor value-added services and an exhaustive channel lineup at prices that stay intact for one whole year once the subscription starts. So you don’t have to worry about sudden budget constraints and unexpected big bills.

Zero Installation Charges

WOW! happily offers its TV lovers free-of-cost installation worth $50 when they subscribe to a WOW! TV Bundle. So after signing up you can be at ease because you know WOW! will pay for standard activation of one service outlet for TV, Internet, and/or phone.

WOW! Service Protection Plan

Tired of paying hefty amounts for service maintenance and repairs? Get rid of worries and an unexpected budget scrunch by subscribing to WOW! Service Protection Plan for only $5/ month. You won’t have to panic about paying extra amounts for repair or replacement of equipment if needed.

24/7 at Your Service

Whether its midnight or morning, proactive WOW! Customer service is available 24/7 everyday of the year to solve your problems and listen to your concerns.

Isn’t WOW! just too good to be true? Lo and behold, as it’s about to get even better!

Now that we have given you a handful of reasons to get WOW!-ed, let’s explore the juicy WOW! Channel Lineup that is sure to satiate your TV-pangs.

A Channel Lineup That’s Beyond Your Expectations!

If you are stuck with a boring channel lineup and tired of watching the same content over and over again don’t sweat, just pick up the phone and turn your lifeless TV set into WOW! TV. Expose yourself to the world of boundless digital entertainment that lightens up your evenings.

The On Demand service by WOW! Cable lets you watch brand-new episodes of your favorite TV shows, blockbuster movies, latest news, and sports programs, premium HD channels and much more on 100 networks. You can watch wherever you may be and stream on the screen of your choice. The DVR from WOW! is another way to watch TV on your own timeline. Record in HD or SD, and catch up on your favorites at your leisure.

With WOW!, TV aficionados have the freedom to choose from not one but three Channel Lineups to access a plethora of entertainment, news, education, culture, weather, sports, and even music channels - enough to keep them entertained to the brim 24/7, all 365 days in a year.

Apart from enjoying the extensive channel lineup, TV buffs can also subscribe to premium channels listed below – while with bundle deals a premium network of your choice is included totally free of cost.

Premium Channels for TV Buffs

A die-hard fan of popular TV shows and movies? Add the following premium networks by WOW! Cable to your TV package and binge-away for hours.


Subscribe to HBO® on WOW! Cable and enjoy the biggest box office blockbusters, HBO’s original TV series with real-life drama, epic documentaries, concerts and much more.


If you are someone who is a fan of theatrical movies and stand-up comedy shows, but also loves to watch boxing matches and mixed martial arts, SHOWTIME® is the best choice for you. The original TV series by the premium network comes as a bonus with its subscription.


Boring weekend? Get Cinemax® and watch countless first-run movies and enjoy the popular “See it Saturday” at 10 PM ET. Bonus: a new movie is added to the huge Cinemax® library every Friday to keep you entertained to the max.


This premium subscription brings you a perfect blend of modern and classic movies as well as anime movies, so that you never have a reason to feel bored again. Get STARZ® and enjoy all channels under the STARZ® umbrella with WOW!.

Playboy TV

WOW! Cable pay-per-view lets you subscribe to Playboy TV - watch adult programming, uncensored shows and much more to keep yourself entertained – especially on days when you need an extra dose of spice.

The WOW! Sports Package

Crazy about sports? Watch NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, MLS and many more to get the adrenaline rush you deserve. Apart from these channels, you can also grab the following from the WOW! Sports package. Quench your thirst for sports action with:


The WOW! Channel Lineup is in a class of its own. By breathing life into your TV sets with 100 channels, On Demand programming, premium content, HD picture quality and much more, WOW! takes your binge-a-thons to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? Dial 1-855-349-9313 and start entertaining yourself!