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There’s no denying we’re spending more and more time online. From attending office meetings and completing school work to watching movies and playing games, not to forget, connecting with friends and family over social media. A large chunk of our daily activities takes place in the cyber realm. It only makes sense then that we get a quality internet connection which is able to keep up with our needs. But, where to start? Well, if you’re looking for a provider that offers reliable and fast internet, you don’t need to look further than WOW!.

Here, we’ll be exploring the residential internet plans WOW! has to offer and talk about the features which make WOW! Internet one of the top-most choices in the market.   

WOW! Internet

Wide Open West, better known as WOW!, is a Colorado-based company that offers high-speed WOW! cable and fiber internet connections in 19 markets across the US. It is also an ISP that is praised by subscribers for backing its service with reliable customer support?as indicated by the PC Mag’s Reader's Choice Awards 2020 wherein WOW! scored 8.1 & 8.0 (on a scale of 10) in Tech Support and Customer Service categories.

WOW! also scored an impressive 8.1 in terms of reliability of service, and the speed of the internet connection, in the PC Mag’s Readers Choice Awards 2020?achievements which can be attributed to the hybrid fiber-coaxial infrastructure WOW! has consistently invested in.

While setting up a fiber-optic network that is able to deliver FTTH connections in all service locations is prohibitively expensive, WOW! has excelled at delivering ultra-fast speeds via a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network across its service territory. Having started the rollout of the DOCSIS 3.1 powered 1 Gig service in 2017, a year later WOW! had introduced the lightning-fast service across 95% of its footprint. Via an HFC network for the most part of its journey data travels over fiber lines, and switches to coaxial cables within neighborhoods?this way WOW! is able to offer super-fast internet at affordable rates.

With that said, WOW! Internet offers more than just reliability and consistently fast speeds. There is more in terms of features and perks.  

WOW! Internet Service: Features & Perks

WOW! goes above and beyond to ensure its customers have the best online experience possible. Check out the features and perks below to see for yourself.

The Variety of WOW! Internet Speed Tiers

The WOW! Internet service offers a range of speeds and there is a tier for every household?starting from 100 Mbps it goes all the way up to 1 Gig. So whatever you need it for, whether you are a small family or a big household, you’ll find a plan perfect for your needs?and you won’t be short on speed or paying for excess.

WOW! Whole-Home Wi-Fi Solution

WOW! introduced the Whole-home Wi-Fi Mesh network solution across its footprint back in 2018?the eero Whole-Home Wi-Fi makes use of multiple access points, strategically distributed throughout the house so as to kill dead and slow zones, thus providing seamless connectivity in every part of the house. WOW! technicians customize the Wi-Fi solution for every home according to its specific needs, and the system is scalable so you can expand as and when needed.

The best part is the eero hardware and software was built for WOW! customers by teams from both eero and WOW! in order to improve digital security for the customers?so you know that your network is private and your data & devices are safe.

Free Pro Installation

A major expenditure you’ll have to bear when changing internet providers is the installation cost and, while most ISPs offer self-installation kits, it’s safe to say that for many of us it’s not really an option. No matter how easy the process may be, there are some of us who’ll mess it up.

So, if you need the installation done, you’re pretty much left with calling in professionals for help which on average means anywhere up to $100 debited from your account. With WOW! you can avoid this cost if you are lucky. WOW! is known to offer Free installation with promotional offers quite often?so make sure to keep an eye out for such WOW! Internet deals. Or, you can try to negotiate with WOW! customer service at the time you place an order.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee  

Advertised internet speed is the maximum speed you can get with a plan, but as experience tells, the actual speed is likely to vary by location, and can sometimes be quite different in a given vicinity. What’s more, while the service may be exceptional in most areas, in yours it may not be as good or it may simply not suit your needs.

Taking into account factors that are likely to affect the consumer, WOW! offers you the perfect way to no regret. Meaning, in case you wish to cancel your subscription with WOW! and move on, you are free to do so during the first 30 days following the installation and activation of service. And, get your money back! Albeit, like 850,600 other subscribers once you use their service you’d be as unlikely to walk away.

Visa® Pre-Paid Reward Card

Like Free installation, quite often WOW! Internet bundles & deals, come with cashback offers?so if you are lucky to check at the right time, you can get up to $150 in cashback via Visa Prepaid Reward Card as part of a promotional offer on WOW! Internet.

WOW! Internet Deals & Prices

Quite understandably, one of the biggest considerations anyone has when getting an internet package is the price. Getting stuck with paying big bills for mediocre speeds can easily happen to you if you don’t do your research. With WOW! however you need not worry on either front?WOW! Internet plans are affordable to say the least, and you’re guaranteed to get the worth of your money.

WOW! offers a fair deal on the service it offers. Simply compare its pricing to that of competitors and see for yourself?these plans are one of the best in terms of speed to cost ratio. Here’s a list of the popular WOW! speed tiers on offer:  


Max Download Speed

Data Allowance

Whole-Home Wi-Fi (Optional)

Promo Price*


100 Mbps




Super Fast

200 Mbps





500 Mbps




Lightning Fast

1000 Mbps




*For 6 months with enrollment in AutoPay & paperless billing. Regular rates apply thereafter. Taxes and fees are extra. Equipment & speed availability vary by area.

For more details Visit WOW Internet Packages

WOW! Internet Service: The Pros & Cons

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of WOW! Internet service:



No data limit

Limited to Southeast and Midwest

No contract


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Highly rated reliable & ultra-fast speeds over an up-to-date HFC network


A variety of speed tiers & inexpensive add-ons


Award-Winning Customer Service & Tech Support


Check for WOW! Internet Service Availability

Operating in 9 states across the Midwest and Southeast, WOW! is the 5th largest cable broadband provider in the country by coverage area. Here is a list of cities where the service is available.

WOW! has the greatest coverage in Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois, so if you’re based in any of these service states you should have no trouble subscribing to their plans.

In addition to residential WOW! cable internet which reaches over 7 million, DSL broadband from the provider is accessible to 6000 people, while the fiber service is delivered to businesses in over 170 ZIP codes.

Final Words

There you go! Now you must have a good idea of what the WOW! internet service has to offer in terms of features, perks, and prices. And, we hope you are able to make an informed decision on what to get. All we can add here is, WOW! is one of the best internet service providers out there, albeit restricted in terms of network coverage?and not as big in terms of the size of the company as some others in the market. Yet, when you sign up for WOW! internet deals, you can rest assured you’re getting your money’s worth.

While you’re at it though, we suggest you explore WOW! internet and cable deals for bigger value. Bundling is a great way of getting both essential services for your home under one roof, and being charged for both on one bill every month. To check the availability of WOW! Internet bundles, call at 1-844-343-1373, and speak to WOW! representatives for pro advice.

With that said, best of luck finding the perfect plan for your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does WOW! Internet cost per month?

It can cost anywhere between$29.99/mo. and $64.99/mo. depending on what speed you want. Bear in mind though these are promotional prices valid for 6 months, and include the AutoPay and paperless billing discount. For details call us at 1-844-343-1373.

Does WOW! offer Wi-Fi service?

Yes, it does. You can get your own wireless router or rent one from WOW! for Whole-Home Wi-Fi. For best results, it is suggested you get the eero whole-home Wi-Fi system. It comes included in the 1 Gig service from WOW!.

What speed does WOW! Internet offer?

WOW! offers plans with internet speeds of 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps?perfect for small to large households.