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With a footprint that runs across 18 states within the U.S., Kinetic by Windstream is an internet provider that has garnered quite a following over the last decade. Not only does it serve high-speed internet powered by a fiber backbone, but it does so without the worries of data caps and contracts. Getting the Windstream Internet for your home is a great idea and brings value to the money spent. However, understanding the details that surround your account can be a little tricky at first.

In this blog, we discuss some of the most frequently asked questions regarding a Windstream account. This will help you understand the service and address any concerns that you may have.  So, let us get you the instant Windstream support you need!

Setting Up the Email in My Account

Here are some questions that often pop up when setting up an email with the Windstream account. We hope this FAQ guide can help you through this process.

Can I set up email on Android devices?

Yes, you can set up your email on multiple android devices. Here is what you need to do.

  • Go to the home screen > Applications Menu > and tap Email
  • Pick Add Account option. In the Email Address and Password field, enter your credentials i.e. email address and password > Next
  • On the email account type, choose IMAP
  • Enter the Incoming server settings > then enter the Outgoing server settings
    Incoming Server: (IMAP) Recommended Port is 993 (SSL) or Port 143
    Outgoing Server: (SMTP) Recommended Port is 465 (SSL), Port 587
  • Choose one and tick select the desired account options > Next > pick a name for your account
  • Tap Done and you are all set up!

How can I set up Windstream email on an Apple (iOS) device?

  • On the Home Screen go to Settings
  • Tap Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
  • Select Add Account in the Accounts section > Other > Add Mail Account
  • Enter your name, email address & password, as well as account description > Next
  • Type in as the Incoming Mail Server host name > then your full email address and password
  • Type as the Outgoing Mail Server host name > enter your full email address and password > Next
  • Allow the setup to verify your IMAP account information, then tap Yes under the verification message
  • The setup is complete and now you can use your Windstream email on your iPhone, iPad, etc.

How can I set up Windstream email in Windows 10?

  • Press the Windows key (flag) on the keyboard to enter the Start menu
  • Select Mail > Settings > Accounts
  • Click Add Account, then under the Choose an Account option, go to Other Account
  • Enter your name, full email address, and password
  • Click Sign-in and enter the system to complete the setup

Email Essentials

Here are some of the most common email questions for Kinetic by Windstream.

How to view, reply to, and delete emails on the Windstream email account?

  • Log in to your Windstream email > enter the Mail tab
  • If you have to check your e-mail messages, go to Inbox
  • To read, double-click a message to open
  • To reply to an email, click on Reply at the top of the message. To reply directly from the Inbox view, simply highlight an email and press R on the keyboard or right-click on the email and choose the Reply option
  • To delete emails, select them > right-click > choose Delete option after right-clicking or press Delete on the keyboard
  • Check sent messages in the Sent folder and unsent but crafted messages in the Drafts folder
  • Deleted messages go to the Trash folder and can be recovered if you need to do so

How can I change my email username and password?

  • Login to your GoKinetic Account
  • Select Email > Email Self-Care
  • Online Account Options > type in your email address & password > Login
  • Select the option to Change Usernames, Passwords, & Email accounts
  • Enter a new username or anything else that needs to be updated > tap on Change
  • All done with your email updates and it’s ready to use

How can I recover or reset my Windstream email password?

Here is what you need to do to reset your Windstream password.

  • Go to > click on My Account & Support
  • Select Manage My Account > Get to the log-in page > Choose “Having trouble signing in?”
  • Choose an option to reset your password from username or email > follow the instructions.
  • To recover your account, you would also need to complete the security questions on the portal.

Please note that accounts without any activity for 180 days will move to inactive status and would not be accessible to the user. Please reach out to Windstream customer service at 800-347-1991 to resolve the issue.

Windstream Billing and Payments

Quite a few frequently asked questions revolve around Windstream billing and payment structures. Here are some of those important questions answered below.

Can I pay my Windstream bill online?

You would need a Go Kinetic Account to be able to pay your Windstream bill online. If you don’t have a Go Kinetic Account, then create your account first at, then follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to Go Kinetic
  • After redirecting to Homepage > Select Pay Now
  • Make A Payment page > Input and confirm the amount to pay & your payment method
  • Click Pay Now and you are done

You can also set up auto-pay. All you have to do is:

  • Visit the Homepage > Auto Pay > Put in and confirm the information
  • Complete the options selection process and confirm
  • Click Once autopay is set up, it would take care of your monthly payments on its own.

How can I pay my Windstream bill?

There are plenty of options to pay your Windstream bill. You can pay through:

  • The Go Kinetic App (Available on App Store and Google Play)
  • Go Kinetic Online Portal at
  • Auto Draft sign up at
  • Mail at
    P.O. Box 9001908
    Louisville, KY 40290-1908
  • Pay via Windstream's automated phone system at (800) 347-1991
  • In-store transactions at a nearby Windstream retail store

Are there contracts and an early termination fee with Windstream?

Kinetic by Windstream does not come with any term contracts so there is no early termination fee to worry about.


Kinetic by Windstream is a great internet provider with not just high-speed internet but also impeccable voice services to offer. You can fully enjoy the Kinetic gig plans by getting a streaming service of your choice or for a more traditional approach, pairing with a TV provider such as DIRECTV or Dish. Kinetic plans are packed with value, getting you fiber-powered speeds at market-competitive prices.

If you want to make your Kinetic experience even better, consider getting an upgrade. You can do so by reaching out to Windstream Customer support or dialing the Windstream Phone number: 855-349-9312