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The city of Concord is home to some of the most popular tourist attractions in the state of North Carolina―and is also ranked as one of the best places to live in. From the NASCAR Charlotte Motor Speedway and Concord Mills to the many art galleries, cultural centers, and museums, there is plenty the city offers to tourists and residents alike. The cost of living too is 6% lower than the national average, which is a big plus for movers.

Yet another good thing about Concord is it gives you worthy options for high-speed internet―one of the most basic things you would need at your new home. And in this article, we discuss Windstream Kinetic in Concord, NC―a service popular for its ready availability, and great value for money.

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Windstream Kinetic Fiber Internet

starting at


For 12 months with AutoPay

  • Internet speeds ranging from 300 Mbps to 2 Gbps
  • Unlimited data
  • No annual contracts

*Price includes a $5.00/mo. discount with AutoPay, option to disable at the next step. Prices may change after the promotional period ends. Taxes & fees extra.

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Windstream Communications in Concord, NC Vs Competitors

Concord receives broadband services from around 7 national providers―4 deliver wired high-speed internet of varying types―fiber optic, high-speed DSL, and Cable. While others offer fixed wireless, satellite or 5G home internet services.

As for Windstream, its network covers an estimated 95.6% of the city’s population, making it rank just next to Spectrum, which is available to over 99%. AT&T and Google Fiber depict limited availability around town, making both options more specific to the neighborhood where coverage is available. Reason why in Concord, Windstream primarily competes with Spectrum.

However both providers deliver a different type of internet service―Spectrum’s is cable internet over a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network, whereas Windstream offers hybrid high-speed DSL and 100% Fiber. As for speed and data both have similar offerings, and neither requires you to sign an annual contract. So at the end of the day, when confronted with these two options, you’ll have to choose based on what your home needs and what your budget allows.

Read on to learn all about Windstream Internet in Concord, NC, so when you start comparing, you’re able to choose the better fit for your needs.

What Kind Is Windstream Internet in Concord, NC?

Windstream network in Concord varies in its capacity in different parts of the city. Where 100% fiber optic internet is not yet available, you get access to hybrid high-speed internet delivered over a Copper-based network. The good thing is this hybrid network is powered by Fiber, and therefore able to support reliable fast speeds up to 100 Mbps―even higher in some locations.

Due to variations in its network output around the city, you may not be able to pick the Windstream Internet type or choose from the full range of speeds Windstream offers across its nationwide footprint. But you’ll be offered the fastest options possible at your address―making the process less confusing.

How Fast Is Windstream Internet in Concord, NC?

Windstream Internet plans in Concord range from 100 Mbps to 2 Gbps, with the in-between 300 Mbps and 1 Gbps tiers. If you’re a small family where a few devices connect and usage is not bandwidth-extensive, 100 Mbps for downloads and unlimited data do the job. For larger, more connected households, the higher Fiber speed tiers work perfectly―depending on your consumption level. With Kinetic Fiber, upload speeds is a big plus too. You can enjoy speeds as high as for downloads―which makes it an ideal choice for people who work from home and need fast upload speeds for file sharing and cloud backup as well as passionate gamers.

As for data allowance, none of the Windstream Internet plans in Concord, NC are capped―there is unlimited data no matter what the speed tier―a great perk that is about $30/mo. in value by industry standards.  And this also means, there are no overage charges to worry about.

Windstream Internet Plans & Prices in Concord, NC

As we said earlier, Windstream Internet plans in Concord, NC are delivered in two different ways―depending on where you live, you can either connect via Kinetic Internet Basic plans that deliver speeds up to 100 Mbps, or Kinetic Fiber plans that range from 300 Mbps to 2 Gig. Kinetic Fiber Internet depicts more limited coverage in the city, but where available, you can count on reliable super-fast internet speeds.

Internet Plan Max. Download Speed Price
Kinetic High-Speed Internet 100 Mbps $50/mo.*
For 36 months with AutoPay
Kinetic Fiber 300 300 Mbps $39.99/mo.*
For 12 months with AutoPay
Kinetic Fiber 1 GIG 1 Gbps $39.99/mo.*
w/ $30 Credit for 3 months.
Kinetic Fiber 2 GIG 2 Gbps $99.99/mo.*
For 24 months with AutoPay

*Price includes a $5.00/mo. discount with AutoPay, option to disable at the next step. Prices may change after the promotional period ends. Taxes & fees extra.

*12-month Promotional rate requires Autopay.

Data effective as of publish date. For the latest plans and prices in your area, call 855-349-9312.

Windstream packages in Concord, NC

To check availability in your area call at 855-349-9312

Windstream Service in Concord, NC : More Reasons to Choose

Windstream deals are built such that the consumer gets a taste of quality high-speed internet without having to go over the monthly budget. In addition to reliable, fast speeds, unlimited data and great promo offers, Windstream in Concord, NC offers other exciting perks too.

  • An annual contract is not required―there is no early termination fee unless you opt for a promotional offer with a minimum service term. This means once the 12 month promo offer period ends, you’re at liberty to choose whether or not you wish to keep the service, and if you do, it’ll be a month-to-month payment arrangement.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee helps make your investment risk-free. If you are dissatisfied, you can cancel the service within 30 days of service installation and activation, and get a refund for all eligible costs associated with your plan.
  • Windstream Kinetic Secure is a premium security suite you have the option to add-on to your subscription. Advanced security ensures your home network is always protected against threats and so is your personal identity. Enjoy on-the-go protection, parental controls, 24/7 tech support etc. for $14.99 per month, when you add it alongside the Kinetic WiFi Gateway.
  • When you bundle with Windstream phone service in Concord, NC, there is unlimited nationwide calling to enjoy at a discounted, low flat monthly rate―plus the convenience of 2 services in one place and on one bill.

Are Windstream Bundles in Concord, NC Good Value?

To bundle home services with Windstream is a great idea if you prioritize convenience over all else. Windstream does not offer a namesake TV service with cable channels, but super-fast internet speeds, allow you to enjoy a quality cord-cutter’s experience―stream in HD on multiple devices with Kinetic Fiber Internet―pair Windstream Internet with DIRECTV or an OTT platform like Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+, etc.

And if you have friends and family across the U.S. or you work from home, the Windstream phone service in Concord, NC, gives you a reliable, unlimited connection that saves you on your cellular plan. The many calling features such as Caller ID, Three way calling, and Voicemail etc., make it easy to organize and track your everyday communication.

Wrapping Up…

Powered by Fiber, Windstream Internet in Concord, NC―with its fast speeds, unlimited data allowance, and no mandatory annual contracts, all at a great price―is a worthy choice for cord-cutters in particular. It’s affordable quality and good value for money during the promotional period as well as afterwards when you start paying at the standard rate. Plus Windstream packages in Concord, NC, with both internet and phone included, bring you still better value―especially feasible for those who prefer to cut down on their cellular service bill.

With all that said, we recommend you do a little exploring on your own, research and compare the best providers serving your address, and get real-life reviews from any one using the service in your neighborhood. If you need professional help to compare all your options in one place, call at 855-349-9328. And if you’re convinced about Windstream, to check offers in your area speak to Windstream Customer Service at 855-349-9312.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of Windstream Internet in Concord, NC?

Windstream Internet price in Concord, NC, ranges from $39.99 to $99.99 per month depending on the internet type and the speed tiers available at any given address. For more information, reach out to Windstream customer support for sales at 855-349-9312.

What benefits do I get with Windstream Internet?

Windstream Internet plans come with unlimited data allowance, no annual contracts, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get more value from your subscription with add-ons like  Kinetic Secure internet protection, and the unlimited Windstream phone. For more information, call Windstream customer service at 855-349-9312.

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