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We all look for ways to save our hard earned money. And the last 2 years ridden by the pandemic have especially prompted many Americans to leave expensive, densely-populated states in favor of the more sizable and less cramped, warmer and cheap to live in, western and southern states. North Carolina is one of the states which has witnessed a higher percentage of inbound moves during these times.  

With that said, the process of relocation comes with its unique set of challenges, and finding a reasonably priced internet plan is another story. Yet, it is hard to imagine going even a day without a reliable internet as it has a great impact on different aspects of your day-to-day life. And so the quest must begin as early as possible when you start settling down in a new neighborhood.

The city of Concord not only exhibits all the small city charms that appeal to most who prefer to escape the hubbub of big and thoroughly urbanized cities, but gives access to the essential big-city amenities. Which means Concord does not lack worthy high-speed internet service options.  

How does Windstream Kinetic service in Concord, NC compare?

While Concord is not one of the best-connected cities in the state of North Carolina, 100% of its population does get access to more than one wireline services, and 72% of the city also enjoys Fiber availability. Plus among the ISPs serving the city, you find big industry names such as Windstream Communications, Spectrum, AT&T and HughesNet. Among them, they provide residents of Concord with high-speed DSL, Fiber-backed Cable, pure Fiber, and Satellite connections. Fixed Wireless from T-Mobile is also available in the city.

As for the Windstream Kinetic service, it is accessible to over 93% population, but available speeds depend on where exactly in Concord you are located. The Windstream Kinetic network is able to deliver up to 1000 Mbps downloads, and competes closely with Spectrum in the majority of Concord neighborhoods where services from these providers overlap. This is where it becomes critical for you know what type of internet fits your kind of activities the best, and if you want just the internet or more for your home.

Both providers deliver Fiber-backed internet, using different technologies for data transfer in the “last mile”. The Windstream Kinetic service however offers a wider variety of speed tiers, and Windstream promotional offers can be more enticing in comparison. Plus if you run a comparison of standard service rates, you may find Windstream offers are more affordable in the long run as well.

For cord-cutter homes, super-fast Windstream Kinetic speeds at a low per Mbps cost, are a great choice. But, if you are a Cable TV home, you will not find that option with Windstream Communications. Albeit, the provider does partner with live streaming services such as DIRECTV STREAM and YouTube TV, which you can stream via one of the most reliable and fast services in the Concord market, i.e., Kinetic Internet.

All in all, for your home in Concord, NC, Windstream is certainly worth your shot. The company has been committed to empowering American communities via advanced technology, and is fast expanding its Fiber footprint in service locations nationwide. You may just find all the right reasons to rely on a high-speed internet connection fast enough to run your day to day needs, whether related to work or entertainment.

What do you get with Windstream Kinetic in Concord, NC?

When it comes to the type of internet, Windstream in Concord primarily delivers a hybrid of Fiber and Copper lines. The provider relies on a mix of new DSL technologies to enhance the output of its hybrid network. In select locations you can also enjoy internet over Fiber lines running to your doorstep, instead of stopping short at the Node in the vicinity. So we recommend you keep in mind the availability of Windstream speed tiers can vary from one location to another.

Besides super-fast speeds what makes Windstream a great choice in Concord is you get unlimited data, and also the freedom to choose the non-contractual plan option if you are not into commitments. You are never at risk when you subscribe because the 30-day money-back guarantee from Windstream allows you to cancel within 30 days of service activation, with a refund.

Another great feature of the service is the Windstream Kinetic Secure packs. Windstream gives you the chance to add-on internet protection software. This software ensures protection against a variety of cyber threats to your family and devices alike. From identity theft protection to defending against ransomware, malware and viruses, and helping you make the internet safe for young ones via content filtering, it delivers comprehensive internet security.

Here are 3 add-on Kinetic Secure plans that make your online experience safer:

    Windstream Kinetic plans & prices in Concord, NC

    As we said, Windstream makes its promo offers pretty enticing with a low price tag and perks such as FREE Internet and modem for a limited period of time. Plus the standard rates are not as steep as we see with competitors in the market. So whether you go with the promo offer, or a month-to-month plan at standard rate, you get great value for your money with Windstream Kinetic.  

    Take a look at the Windstream promo offers currently available to residents of Concord. See which one can be the best fit for the internet consumption in your household. And, to determine speed and offer availability in your area, speak to a Windstream Customer Service representative at  1-855-349-9312.

    Windstream Internet Plan

    Expected Download Speed Range

    Promo Price

    Windstream Kinetic 25


    21-33 Mbps

    First 3 months Internet & Modem Free

    After 3 months: $37/mo.

    After 12 months: $55/mo.

    Windstream Kinetic 200

      126-232 Mbps

    First 3 months Internet & Modem Free

    After 3 months: $37/mo.

    After 12 months: $55/mo.

    Windstream Kinetic 300

    233-375 Mbps

    First 3 months Internet & Modem Free

    After 3 months: $37/mo.

    After 12 months: $55/mo.

    Windstream Kinetic 400

    376- 450 Mbps

    First 3 months Internet & Modem Free

    After 3 months: $37/mo.

    After 12 months: $55/mo.

    Windstream Kinetic 500

     451- 799 Mbps

    First 3 months Internet & Modem Free

    After 3 months: $57/mo.

    After 12 months: $75/mo.

    Windstream Kinetic GIG

    800-1,000 Mbps

    First 3 months Internet & Modem Free

    After 3 months: $67/mo.

    After 12 months: $85/mo.


    Bundle Windstream Kinetic in Concord, NC

    Carrying on its legacy, Windstream also offers a home phone service in Concord. So, if you want to save on your cellular service bill, consider opting for a Windstream bundle with Kinetic Internet and Voice. Because this way, you will not only have a reliable backup to your cellular connection, but unlimited talk time in the U.S., and to Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Windstream home phone service includes essential and popular calling features as well.

    Windstream Internet bundles include Kinetic Voice at a low flat monthly rate of $20 per month. Here let us add besides Kinetic Voice bundles, you can also avail of other Windstream package offers which include the modem in the price as well as the Total Secure plan.

    Take-home message  

    We hope our walk through of Windstream packages in Concord, NC, helps you compare better with other available options in your area. Homes where in-home entertainment relies on live or on demand streaming, will find great value in Windstream Kinetic packages. Whether you keep it as a standalone service or bundle with home phone, either way you’re likely to reap the benefits of attractive promo deals from Windstream in Concord, NC.

    So take the time to run your evaluation. And if you require pro advice or help with determining offer availability at your address, you can speak to a Windstream Customer Service representative at 1-855-349-9312.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do Windstream Internet plans come with a data limit?

    No, Windstream Internet plans do not come with a data limit. There are no data caps or overage fees.

    Is Windstream available in my area?

    Windstream offers its services in 18 states. To determine availability of Windstream packages in your area, call  Windstream Customer Service at 1-855-349-9312.