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Needless to say subscription on demand streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu have become a regular feature of in-home entertainment in American homes. While some homes cut the cord and subscribe to one or more, others complement their pay-tv service with SVOD subscription(s). Either way, the popularity of on demand streaming platforms shows no sign of decline.

For committed cord cutters it is not only a matter of affordability, but freedom from annual contracts, installation fees, equipment rental, and hidden fees. That is why even though live streaming TV is not as cheap, as a subscription VOD service, for cord cutter homes it cuts the deal. All you need to run it is a reliable high-speed internet connection, and a good streaming device like Roku, TiVo, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. With these couple of ingredients in place, you can enjoy a complete set up for streaming live TV and on demand content on your home screen, or another internet enabled device.

Our article today takes a look at a value-packed combination brought to you by Windstream Communications. If you have been musing over cutting the cord, read on to explore the offer. You never know this just maybe the cheaper replacement for pay-tv you that have been looking for.

Windstream Kinetic And YouTube TV Partnership

Aware of consumer trends and preferences, Windstream Communications commenced its partnership with YouTube TV back in February 2020. The ISP aimed to bring an innovative and affordable streaming solution to its customers, who may not be inclined to keep a pay-tv subscription any longer. It was Windstream’s way of helping its subscribers cut the cord without having to compromise on local and live TV, along with access to on demand content. While the move was also anticipated to boost the continuous growth of Windstream Kinetic Internet subscriber base.  

Let’s now walk you through the 2 services which make up this practical combo for cord-cutter homes.  

About Windstream Communications

Windstream Communications, a Fortune 500 company, was founded in Little Rock Arkansas back in 1943 as a landline telephone provider. With multiple mergers and acquisitions along the way, it was introduced to the market as Windstream Corporation in 2006. The company continued to expand its operations, and in 2016 its Fiber transport network was extended to the western U.S., while the metro Fiber network reached out to Charlotte, Richmond, Nashville, Chicago and Minneapolis. Two years later Windstream also started to deploy its Fixed Wireless network in order to expand availability of broadband in rural America.

Currently, Windstream provides high-speed DSL and pure Fiber connections to residential customers under its network coverage in 18 states which include:

·        Alabama

·        Arkansas

·        Florida

·        Georgia

·        Iowa

·        Kentucky

·        Minnesota

·        Mississippi

·        Missouri


·        Nebraska

·        New Mexico

·        New York

·        North Carolina

·        Ohio

·        Oklahoma

·        Pennsylvania

·        South Carolina

·        Texas



Enjoy Seamless Video Streaming with Windstream Kinetic

As we said, Windstream is fast expanding its Fiber network to cover more communities. But, where the cutting-edge ultra-fast 100% fiber internet is not yet available, you can enjoy fast downloads via high-speed DSL that comes powered by “Fiber to the Loop”. Meaning, either way you get covered for your streaming TV needs.

Depending on where you are located, you can get Windstream Kinetic speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Albeit the full benefit of newer hybrid networking technology remains limited to urban and suburban communities, even in rural America the service delivers cheaper and faster internet, relative to competing Fixed Wireless and Satellite. The good thing is according to an FCC estimate 64% customers in the Windstream footprint are able to access 100 Mbps or faster downloads. Which means families can easily fulfill their in-home entertainment needs.

Besides an advanced network able to deliver fast speeds, Windstream internet plans include unlimited data which is a huge perk. After all, if your are to run your TV stream(s), a capped plan will only add to the anxiety. With unlimited data from Windstream you can relax about running out of the monthly allowance or incurring an overage charge. 

The Most Popular Windstream Kinetic Plans

Windstream offers change pretty much from one region to another, albeit available speed tiers are in the 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps range. Here, take a look at the most current promo Windstream plans in Concord, North Carolina. These current Windstream promo offers get you FREE internet and modem for the first 3 months!

Windstream Plan


Download Speed Range

Promo Price

Kinetic 400

376-450 Mbps


after 3 months
after 12 months

Kinetic 500

451-799 Mbps


after 3 months
after 12 months

Kinetic Gig

800-1000 Mbps

after 3 months
after 12 months


More often than not, Windstream Kinetic plans come with great promotional discounts. You can grab a great deal with loads of savings for the first 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the promotional offer running in your area. So, you may want to call in at 1-855-349-9312 and check with Windstream Customer Service as to which offers are currently available in your neighborhood.

Live And On Demand Entertainment with YouTube TV  

What is YouTube TV?

Most people tend to confuse YouTube TV with YouTube. But the two services are different from each other. YouTube is an online video sharing and social media platform. And YouTube TV is a live and on demand subscription streaming service which offers a value replacement for traditional pay-tv.

YouTube TV Channel Lineup And More

With YouTube TV you can tap into 85+ live channels, inclusive of local broadcast TV and popular cable networks. Entertainment, news, live sports, and so much more comes included with the assortment of networks on offer. To top it all, there is a growing on demand library of popular TV shows and movies, and you can also tap into YouTube Originals at no extra cost.

While the YouTube TV channel lineup gets you flavors of programming from all genres, if you wish for more, like with Cable you can pick channel add-ons and a sports package. The add-on channel variety includes HBO MAX, SHOWTIME, EPIX, STARZ, NBA TV, MLB Network and more. While the Sports Plus add-on includes networks like BeIN Sports, Fox Soccer Plus, and NFL RedZone.

All-in-all YouTube TV subscription at $64.99/mo., and no hidden fees, gets you everything America loves to watch. From ABC and NBC, Hallmark and Disney channels, MTV channels and CMT, ESPN and Fox Sports, and above all the NFL Network! So, enjoy the unlimited Cloud DVR included in the price, and make good use of the 6 accounts and 3 concurrent streams you are allowed with the plan.

Perks You Get with YouTube TV

Coming to the aspects of the service which appeal the most to cord-cutters:

    Device Compatibility

    Stream YouTube TV on mobile devices, Android or iOS. Watch directly on your PC with Chrome or Firefox. Smart TVs will stream it, and so would a number of popular streaming devices and game consoles. With that said, if you use Chromecast with Google TV to stream, you can enjoy an exceptionally enhanced experience with many cool features.    

    Concluding Words

    With a Windstream Internet package, and subscription to YouTube TV, any potential cord-cutter home is likely to not miss out on the Cable experience. Any change takes a while to sink in. If you are able to watch live and on demand TV on multiple devices and also stream on your home screen over fast and reliable high-speed internet, it won’t be long before you fall in love with this new arrangement.

    So, if you are not already a Windstream Kinetic subscriber, call at 1-855-349-9312 and check with Windstream Customer Service as to which offers are currently available in your area.

    Once you are subscribed to a Windstream Internet package, check your streaming device for compatibility with YouTube TV, browse through the entire YouTube channel lineup to see if it offers what you want in your ZIP, then download the app, and start the free trial! While you can cancel anytime before the end of trial period without being charged, chances are the Windstream Kinetic and YouTube TV combo will be too gratifying to let you opt out!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Windstream internet available in my area?

    The Windstream Kinetic  service is available in 18 states. Call at 1-855-349-9312 to determine availability in your area.

    Will I get any discount if I add YouTube TV with my Kinetic internet from Windstream?

    No. YouTube TV service will cost you $64.99 per month, when you subscribe to it with your Windstream Kinetic plan.