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Located in the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass region, Lexington is the second largest city in the state of Kentucky and because of its land area, it is ranked as the 28th-largest in the U.S. The city is home to horse farms and thoroughbred racetracks like Keeneland, the International Museum of the Horse, the Hall of Champions and some of the best equine destinations in the world. Widely known as the Horse Capital of the World, it features notable locations like the Kentucky Horse Park, The Thoroughbred Center, and the Red Mile. But perhaps what movers love more about the city is its low cost of living relative to the national average, the dense suburban feel, local food and art at Lexington’s Farmer’s Markets, and the Good Foods Market & Café!

So, if you work from home and are looking to escape from a densely populated expensive city, Lexington is a great place to move to. Whether or not you share its passion for horses, you will definitely be able to enjoy a high quality of life at a lower cost with easy access to big city amenities. For instance, great broadband options that support all your work from home needs and more.

Lexington is one of the few U.S. cities where 100% population is served by multiple wired providers, and Fiber availability is also accessible to all! And playing a key role in this very healthy looking broadband scene is the Kinetic service from Windstream Communications.

Our article today takes a look at Windstream Internet packages in Lexington, KY. Read on, and prepare yourself to better assess the value of what you can get with the Windstream Kinetic service, relative to other available options.

How does Windstream Internet in Lexington, KY compare?

The residents of Lexington are served by 9 residential internet service providers, and most neighborhoods get 2 wireline services to choose from. Besides Windstream the other nationwide ISP in the city is Spectrum. MetroNet, while more regional in its coverage overall, is available to about 99.7% population in Lexington. And competes closely with both Windstream and Spectrum, which boast 98.6% and 99.2% city coverage respectively. These top wired ISPs deliver all 3 prevalent types of residential broadband i.e. high-speed DSL, Cable and Fiber.


As for wireless forms of internet, these include Fixed Wireless and Satellite from the likes of T-Mobile and HughesNet respectively. However if you are within the reach of a wired network, you would not really need to resort to wireless broadband.

With how the Lexington broadband market shares are setup, you are pretty likely to find Windstream Internet pitched against either Spectrum or MetroNet at your address. While each service has its unique positives, what you must consider foremost is which type of the internet service is best suited to your needs. Whether its Spectrum’s cable internet, MetroNet Fiber or Windstream Kinetic that is either pure Fiber or high-speed DSL powered by Fiber to the Loop.

With that said, one thing is sure. No other provider in Lexington gets you such enticing promotional offers as Windstream Kinetic. You get the best speed to cost ratio, as well as the most reasonable standard pricing following the end of the promotional term. The one thing that you do not however get with Windstream in Lexington is a TV bundle. Albeit for cord-cutter homes Windstream Kinetic is a top choice.  

Windstream Internet plans & pricing in Lexington, KY

As we said Windstream Internet in Lexington is of 2 types. Depending on your neighborhood you will either get to access high-speed DSL or pure Fiber. It is all linked with the capabilities of the Windstream network in your vicinity. Residents of some neighborhoods can thus enjoy a wide variety of Windstream speeds at their address, while others have fewer options. Which is why it is recommended you determine offer availability with a representative of Windstream Customer Service at 1-855-349-9312.

Here take a look at the variety of speed tiers and the attractive promo pricing Windstream Kinetic offers in Lexington:

Windstream Internet Package

Expected Download Speed Range

Promo Pricing

Kinetic Internet 25


21-33 Mbps

First 3 months Internet & Modem FREE
After 3 months: $25/mo.  
After 24 months  $55/mo.

Kinetic Internet 50


34-72 Mbps

First 3 months Internet & Modem FREE
After 3 months: $25/mo.  
After 24 months  $55/mo.

Kinetic Internet 100


73-125 Mbps

First 3 months Internet & Modem FREE
After 3 months: $25/mo.  
After 24 months  $55/mo.

Kinetic Internet 200

126-250 Mbps

First 3 months Internet & Modem FREE
After 3 months: $25/mo.  
After 24 months  $55/mo.

Kinetic Internet 400

376-450 Mbps

First 3 months Internet for FREE
After 3 months: $35/mo.  
After 24 months: $65/mo.

Kinetic Internet 500

 451-799 Mbps

First 3 months Internet for FREE
After 3 months: $45/mo.  
After 24 months: $75/mo.

Kinetic GIG Internet

800-1,000 Mbps

First 3 months Internet for FREE
After 3 months: $55/mo.  
After 24 months: $85/mo.


What do you get with Windstream Internet in Lexington, KY?

Here is a list of perks you can enjoy when you subscribe to the Windstream Internet service in Lexington, KY:

Fiber-powered super-fast speeds

Windstream Internet is delivered with the power of Fiber, whether or not you are on a Fiber-to-the-Home connection. Because even high-speed DSL is delivered to your home over a hybrid network, that feeds on a strong Fiber backbone.

Lexington sees Windstream speeds starting at 25 Mbps, and going as high as gigabit. As you can see in the table above, there are a number of in-between tiers which can work for small to large sized families depending on the level of their internet consumption, and the number of connected users/devices. While a single person or a couple can do well with a 25 Mbps plan, for small families with about 4 people the 100 Mbps plan is ideal. If however you have many more users and devices, engaged in bandwidth extensive activities, you may be better off with Kinetic Gig Internet. Especially if you use smart home security and other appliances.  

All in all Windstream Internet is your most affordable and safe bet in Lexington for needs ranging from surfing, video chatting, conference calls, virtual learning, remote work, audio/video streaming and more. Especially so if you stream TV and do so on multiple devices.

No data cap

No matter which Windstream Internet plan you sign up for, each comes with unlimited data. And while not everyone needs unlimited data for everyday usage, it certainly is a great perk to rid you of the anxiety of running out of data, putting up with throttled speeds or paying an overage fee. For cord-cutter homes however unlimited data is a true blessing which comes at no added cost. Here it must be noted this a $30-$50 value when we look at prevalent industry norms.

No annual contract

Windstream does not bind you in a mandatory annual contract. Rather the provider gives you the option to subscribe to a month-to-month plan at standard rate. Which means you can avoid an early termination fee in case you must cancel the service for any reason. Like so, if you don’t want a long time commitment you still get to take advantage of Windstream Internet at affordable standard rates.

30-day money-back guarantee

Another great perk that reflects the company’s confidence in its services is the 30-day money-back guarantee you get with all Windstream Internet packages.

If you are not fully satisfied with the Windstream service, you can choose to cancel it within 30 days following its activation. Windstream will refund you the monthly service charge, as well as any equipment and standard install charges you might have incurred. However, you do need to ensure  you return Windstream equipment on time.

Get more value from your Windstream Package in Lexington, KY

While Windstream has been delivering Kinetic TV (IPTV) to Kinetic Internet customers, and also Kinetic Cable in select regions, these services are gradually phasing out, and no longer available to new customers. Keeping consumer preferences in perspective, Windstream is more so focused on enhancing its broadband service to support the streaming needs of its customers. For this reason, the provider offers you to add-on DIRECTV via Internet or YouTube TV to your Windstream Internet plan.

And, if you want a home phone line to backup your cellular service, you can include Windstream Kinetic Voice to your package. This way you get to enjoy some healthy savings. Because not only does the service cost you just $20/mo. on top of your internet plan, but gives unlimited nationwide calling with many essential calling features.  

All in All

As we said earlier on, it primarily depends on what type of internet you require for your home needs. So assess your end of things well, and then put Windstream offers against whatever else maybe available at your address. And, when you run a comparison don’t forget to also make a note of the standard prices at which other ISPs sell their services. You’ll be pretty hard pressed to find something as appealing as Windstream Internet in Lexington whether you opt for an enticing promo offer or go with an affordable month-to-month plan.

We hope our discussion of Windstream Kinetic services helps you through your decision making process. For pro help and to determine offer availability at your address you can always call Windstream Customer Service at 1-855-349-9312.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Windstream Internet?

Windstream Internet speeds and prices vary from one region to another. To inquire about the availability of Windstream plans in your area, speak to a Windstream Customer Service representative at 1-855-349-9312.

What is the download speed with Windstream Kinetic?

Windstream Kinetic Internet speeds range from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps. 50, 100, 200, 400, and 500 Mbps plans are available in between. However speed availability varies with location. If you wish to determine offer availability in your area, contact Windstream Customer Service representatives at 1-855-349-9312.