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Windstream is one of the larger internet providers in the U.S., with service spanning 18 states. It is known for its super-fast fiber-backed internet plans with unlimited data and no hassling contracts. All of those are big perks, but just like any other internet provider, Windstream Internet is sometimes plagued by outages. In this article, we talk about why these outages occur and how you can deal with them. So, read on.

What Causes a Windstream Internet Outage?

Most internet outages are caused by poor weather conditions or widespread power failures, which could be due to a variety of reasons. Weather conditions usually involve heavy rains or storms that can damage infrastructure, but snowstorms may also be a reason if they get bad enough. When these outages occur, they usually affect a whole chunk of the population, such as neighborhoods or less often, entire cities.

If your home is the only one with no internet service in your area, it may be due to an isolated issue rather than a full-blown outage. In such instances, it is best to check all the wiring around your home to ensure everything is in order, scrutinize for loose cables, or take a look at your internet equipment before contacting Windstream customer service.

An internet outage for Windstream Internet can manifest in quite a few ways, including:

  • Slow browsing
  • Spotty or unstable internet connection
  • Streaming and gaming not going as planned
  • No internet connection

How to Report a Windstream Outage in My Area?

Windstream has made it super easy for you to report an outage if you have one in your area. Their service support is available 24/7 and you can reach out to them at 800-347-1991. This, of course, is the fastest way. If you have a less pressing problem, you can also reach out to Windstream via email or a live chat option during business hours.

Windstream takes service interruptions and outages very seriously and as long as you make a complaint, it is usually resolved within 24 hours. However, in case the outage is due to severe weather or natural disaster, service will be restored as soon as the issue can be resolved. For service problems that are not outage related, you may expect a response by the next business day.

If a service interruption lasts longer than 24 hours, Windstream has the policy to issue a credit upon request. Just remember to call in with the issue in a timely manner when the problem arises. However, if Windstream is not notified about the service outage at a reasonable time when it occurs, or if the service failure is beyond Windstream’s control, there will not be a credit reimbursement.

Windstream Internet: Latest Outage Map

Windstream outages vary in terms of duration and frequency differ by location, network type, and source of the outage. Some outages impact only one service, while others simultaneously take down multiple services. The outage duration could be anywhere from a couple of minutes to hours or even days.

We’ll take a sneak peek at some of the cities and states that have recently experienced Windstream outages more frequently than the rest of the country.

Houston, TX

Richmond, VA

Miami, FL

Sugarland, TX

Corpus Christi, TX

Denver, CO

Austin, TX

Atlanta, GA

Louisville, KY

Not an Outage? Troubleshoot Your Windstream Equipment!

If no one in your area has a Windstream outage except you, you are likely suffering from an isolated cause. This can happen due to loose cables that run from your router or perhaps faulty equipment. Some of the things that you can do in this situation are:

  • Check your internet cables to ensure that everything is tight and snug. Loose cables can lead to continual internet disconnection, which may seem like an outage
  • Check your internet equipment: modem and router. Reset your internet equipment and notice their lights. Do they seem to be working as they usually do? If a light does not blink like it normally does, there may be an equipment failure that is affecting the internet provision
  • Notice if there are any interferences in the areas of your router. Wireless signals can sometimes disrupt due to Bluetooth devices, microwaves, and smart home appliances. In addition, walls and physical obstructions are something to consider too. Make sure your router is out in open areas without walls for the best internet signals

Wrapping Up…

Windstream does sometimes suffer from outages but the problems aren’t more severe than any other provider. In fact, with such large service areas and infrastructure to manage, there can sometimes be issues that lead to a breakdown in one part or another. It is part and parcel of an internet service – one that you will get with all service providers. The trick is to sit patiently, check everything on your end, and alert the provider as soon as possible.

We hope this guide helps you get through your next Windstream internet outage. To learn more about the service or to make changes to your internet plan, please reach out to Windstream customer service at 855-349-9312.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is there a Windstream internet outage in my area?

A Windstream outage can occur due to many reasons, including maintenance, infrastructure breakdown, and even severe weather or natural disasters. If you cannot find any natural causes, it is best to alert Windstream support about the problem so they can help you get the service back as soon as possible.