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Internet outages are more frustrating than literally anything. But if you are a Windstream subscriber, rest assured, when an unanticipated outage occurs, the provider makes every effort to restore the service as soon as possible. Plus, Windstream tech support is available 24/7 to help you through the trouble.

Experiencing a Windstream outage in your area? Here are the answers you may be seeking!

Windstream Internet Outage: What Causes it and How Does Windstream Deal With it?

At times due to unavoidable circumstances, your neighborhood may experience a disruption in the Windstream service causing a Windstream internet outage. Such an outage can happen due to multiple reasons such as a road accident, construction activity on the road, natural disasters, severe weather, etc., factors beyond Windstream’s control. But, the provider does everything possible to ensure smooth and quick restoration of service as quickly as possible.

While Windstream works to ensure hassle-free reception, equipment failures do occur occasionally. Largely speaking, it is company policy to issue a credit for service interruptions exceeding 24 hours, if requested. When you notice a problem, call Windstream in a timely manner. Keep in mind, Windstream will not issue any credit for service interruptions in situations beyond its control or if not notified right away. For subscribers, service support is available 24 hours a day via the Windstream phone number i.e. 1-800-347-1991.

Generally, Windstream responds to service outages and other service problems at the earliest, within 24 hours from the time it is notified of service disruption. Especially so if the service outage is out of the provider’s control. For matters other than a service outage, Windstream usually responds by the next business day.  

Need to Troubleshoot Your Windstream Internet?

In case, you do not find any reported outage in your neighborhood when you search for #WindstreamDown on Twitter or check the official Windstream page on Twitter , yet continue to experience a Windstream service outage at your end, it is likely the issue is specific to your connection. We have compiled a checklist along with some easy-to-follow troubleshooting steps you can take to get connected again.

First and foremost, make sure your Windstream account status is current and services are not being blocked for any reason. For example, if you have forgotten to clear your bill payment, it can also cause service interruption. Besides that, don’t let the obvious slip your attention, such as:

  • Are you using the correct Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password?
  • Are all pieces of equipment powered on?
  • Are all cables properly plugged in?
  • Are all outlets and circuit breakers fully functional?
  • Is your internet modem displaying any error messages?
  • Is your device’s software up to date?
  • Is the Wi-Fi functioning properly?
  • Is there anything such as electronic equipment or concrete walls obstructing internet signals?

If nothing is out of order, the best approach is to reboot your internet equipment and restart all your internet enabled devices.

  • Power off your router and modem
  • Wait for about 20 to 30 seconds and then plug them back in
  • Provide enough time to your internet equipment to reboot properly
  • Now, restart your internet-enabled device(s), and reconnect
  • And finally, open a new web browser to check if the issue has been resolved

How to Report a Windstream Outage in My Area?

If something like an area-wide Windstream internet outage is affecting a large number of customers, there’s a high probability the provider’s telephone lines will be flooded with calls. In such a case, you may have to face a long hold time, but be assured Windstream will act to resolve your problem at the earliest.

To call prompt attention to your Windstream internet outage issue, here is how you can report the outage at your address:

Call Windstream Service Support

Windstream service support is available to subscribers 24/7. Call the Windstream phone number i.e. 1-800-347-1991 and report the problem to tech.

Windstream Live Chat

Live Chat is available for tech support and service repairs related to Windstream Internet, TV and phone services. Click here, and initiate a chat to tell about the Windstream service outage you are facing. Keep in mind Live Chat is available Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 12 am (ET).

Windstream Social Connect

To get helpful information when you need it the most, share your outage concern at:

Windstream Email Support

You can also voice your concern and get a thorough response from Windstream via email within 24 hours. Email is a better option in situations which involve a more detailed exchange of information. Use the contact form to let Windstream know about the issue you are experiencing.

In most cases, Windstream efficiently and promptly resolves any problem that you may be facing. And makes sure its service technicians and other employees put in reasonable effort to fix any issues concerning the technical quality of service. For any reason, if service technicians fail to resolve the complaint, you can call/visit your nearest Windstream office. The provider will review your complaint and take the necessary corrective action. Or inform you about the estimated time it may take to resolve your issue.

Windstream Outage Map

When it comes to Windstream outages, some service locations are reported more than others. If you are located in any of these areas, it is highly likely you may be facing more frequent outage occurrences than normal. Take a look at the list of the top 15 towns and cities which have experienced the most outage episodes in the past 15 days:


Atlanta GA
Indianapolis, IN
Houston, TX
Chicago, IL
Detroit, MI
Pittsburgh, PA
Minneapolis, MN
Cedar Rapids, IA
Omaha, NE
Charlotte, NC
Dallas, TX
Lexington, KY
Nashville, TN
Orlando, FL
Birmingham, AL
Cincinnati, OH

The Most Reported Windstream Service Outages

Just like certain locations, some Windstream services also report a higher number of outages than others. Here is a list of Windstream services along with the outage percentage in recent times:

Total Blackout

Of the Windstream outages most reported, it is the Windstream internet outage that makes for around 78% of complaints. But, what you should notice is these outages are quite episodic given the span of Windstream footprint.

There You Are!

We sincerely hope this Windstream outage guide helps you understand the necessary details regarding service interruptions in your area, and how to best deal with them. However, if you are unable to get through to concerned support staff via any of the channels listed earlier, you can call Windstream anytime, any day at 1-855-349-9312. Windstream representatives will direct you as necessary.