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In this fast-paced world, 24/7 connectivity has become crucial for people from all walks of life, and age groups—and internet is inseparable from both household and commercial sectors. But, while overall access to internet has increased dramatically in past 2 decades, there are still geo-pockets where wired internet options are limited to say the least. Essentially because of how large a swath of land the U.S. encompasses—making it less than profitable for ISPs to extend wired networks into communities farther off from the populated urban and suburban centers. But then, this is exactly where wireless internet technologies come into play.

Wireless technologies have helped service providers deliver data services in areas which would’ve otherwise remained deprived of this modern day commodity. Satellite Internet, Fixed Wireless, and Mobile broadband—all employ variants of wireless infrastructures to make sure subscribers far and wide stay connected.

So if you live an area where wired internet options like fiber or cable aren’t available, and you are forced to opt for a crawling DSL connection, satellite internet becomes a valuable option—and saves the day for you.

Hughesnet: America’s #1 Choice for Satellite Internet  

Hughesnet has reigned the satellite internet industry in the U.S. for over 2 decades—and in 2017 it became the first satellite-based ISP to meet the broadband speed benchmark set by the FCC. Today, the provider stands at the top. Having earned a massive popularity vote for keeping its promise to deliver the advertised speed and presenting value-added offerings to customers, Hughesnet Internet makes for a no-brainer choice if you have chosen to make your home away from the hubbub of urban centers.   

Covering the U.S. from coast to coast, the Hughesnet satellite internet service is a top choice among remote rural communities—if not their only viable option. Availability is one of the most salient features that sets the service apart—because anywhere you can view the clear southern sky, you’ll have access to Hughesnet internet connectivity—meaning you can make home anywhere in the U.S. without having to worry whether or not you’ll be able to access broadband.

High-Speed Internet Guaranteed

As we said, one of the primary advantages of Hughesnet Gen5 Internet is it delivers fast internet in parts of the U.S. where you Regardless of which plan you are on and which part of the US you live in, you can enjoy download speeds of up to 50 or 100 Gbps with Hughesnet.

Both downstream and upstream speeds are sufficient for all standard household usage—you can work from home, attend school online, bank, shop, and also indulge in leisure time activities such as streaming HD video and light-weight online gaming.

The Soft Data Limit

Hughesnet satellite internet plans offer the same downstream and upstream speed which are allocated a different amount—100 GB or 200 GB.

Now, you must be thinking that is off-putting! And we understand you. But let us add Hughesnet goes about capped data in quite a unique way.

For one, the allocated data allowance does suffice standard family usage—staring from a small to a medium sized or even largish family. Also, the Hughesnet Internet service gives you 50 GB additional data all FREE of charge every month. So, you can always schedule heavy downloads and system updates during your Bonus Zone i.e. off peak hours between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. Plus, when you exceed your monthly allowance, there is no overage fee or suspension of connection—instead Hughesnet lets you stay connected at reduced speeds. Standard speed returns with the next billing cycle.  

Save Your Data with Gen5 Data Saver

Hughesnet powers its offerings with expertise both in satellite communications and provision of services based on SmartTechnologies™. With Hughesnet Gen5, data consumption gets managed the smart way—you save data while loading web pages faster, and also as you stream but quite without compromising the picture quality. The data saving feature can be disabled when you want to watch in HD. But to be fair, it does save you a lot of data when you watch in DVD video quality—saving you data to watch more!

If you want to keep track of your data consumption, the Hughesnet mobile app allows you to monitor remaining data in your monthly allowance as well as the Bonus Zone with ease and flexibility.

Built-in Wi-Fi to Keep You Connected

Hughesnet internet service comes with a satellite modem that has a built-in wireless router too. Meaning with this integrated wireless gateway device, you can do away with the clutter of equipment pieces and wires while you get to enjoy a stable and fast wireless connection. The dual band 802.11ac device utilizes advanced tech and is able to connect multiple devices seamlessly.

Moreover it lets you create a separate Guest network for visitors, so you can keep you in-home network secure.

Make Your Home Smart with Hughesnet Internet

You don’t have to live the old school way if you’ve chosen to live far from the hustle and bustle of urbanized regions. Let Hughesnet Gen5 can take charge, and make your home smart.

Hughesnet satellite internet plans can facilitate you at controlling various smart home devices—such as smart speakers, lights, locks, thermostats and even smart security gadgets such as video doorbell, security cameras and motion sensors.

Complete more tasks at home with a set of smart speakers such as Echo Dot (3rd Gen with Alexa). Make your entryways secure and manage remotely via smart locks. Check on what is going around the house in your absence via the video doorbell camera feed. Connect smart cameras or motion sensors via the internet, and access live stream wherever you are. Save energy and money by managing your thermostat and lights remotely.

End Note

We hope our discussion of Hughesnet 5G has helped you gain insight into service features and what Hughesnet satellite internet can accomplish for you. Make an estimate of your data consumption, and weigh it out against available Hughesnet plans—this way you can better evaluate which one will do the job right for your household.

We understand satellite internet is on the expensive end of the spectrum, but to be fair, there’ll always be a cost attached to a service which you can avail yourself of even if you’ve chosen to make home in America’s wilderness. For pricing details contact Hughesnet Customer Service at 1-855-349-9309.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many internet plans does Hughesnet offer?

Hughesnet offers internet speeds up to 50 or 100 Mbps in its plans.
Stated speeds are not guaranteed.

Will I be required to sign a contract when I opt for Hughesnet Internet?

Yes. You will be required to sign a 24-month service agreement. In case, you wish to cancel your internet plan before the end of the contract, you’ll incur an Early Termination Fee.