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From African themed Busch Gardens to strong Cuban and Latin American vibes of the Ybor City – Tampa, FL, located on Florida’s Gulf Coast is home to 392,890 high-spirited Tampanians who are fortunate to inhabit an ethnically diverse city that boasts rich cultural flavors.

Apart from being a vacation-worthy city because of its state-of-the-art museums, scrumptious Cuban and Spanish cuisines and an epic nightlife scene, The Big Guava is considered one of the top 10 places to live in the US and is the 12th most connected city in Florida in terms of internet usage.

Over the years, Tampa has witnessed a rapid increase in the number of internet service providers that is closely linked to the sharp increase in adoption of innovative technologies and also in the demand of digital gadgets such as mobile phones, multimedia capable electronic devices etc. With the growing popularity of online games and social media becoming a modern-day necessity, currently about 98% of Tampanian residents have access to wired internet service .

Since the internet has become extremely necessary for our survival, most of us are usually willing to pay handsomely to get an internet connection that is seamless, fast and reliable. Who wants to lag behind in any way while living in this fast-paced high-tech world. But the question is: is it necessary to pay hefty amounts to get the internet connection of your dreams?

Well, not really!

Spectrum Internet in Tampa, FL not only brings you high-speed internet but comes with attractive features at unbelievably affordable prices that will completely change your “good things don’t come cheap and cheap things are not good” perspective.

Spectrum Internet – Your Best Decision!

Charter Spectrum™ is termed as America’s fastest growing company engaged in provision of high-speed internet, phone and TV services. Ranked as the 2nd largest residential cable service provider in the U.S., Spectrum Services are currently accessible to over 100 million customers in 40 states. Spectrum is known to provide blazing fast starting speeds of the order of 100 Mbps through a Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial cable network that is equipped to deliver a high quality mechanical performance and also resist environmental factors so as to make your internet experience a completely seamless one.

Perhaps the most worthwhile reason to invest in Spectrum internet in Tampa, FL is getting fiber-fast download speeds at prices as affordable as that of cable internet – speeds that are sure to get you through everything internet, without a lag or jitter, at prices that stay locked for one whole year so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of scrunching your budget again and again!

One of the prominent features of Spectrum Internet that makes the provider outshine competitors is the no data cap policy, which allows users to stream, download and surf online content without monthly restrictions or overage charges. Want to download or share humungous files? Go ahead. Want to stream long movies? Yes, please. Want to play PUBG the whole day? No problem at all. Now, Tampanians don’t have to count their Mbps while exploring boundless galaxies of the digital universe with unlimited Spectrum Internet.

Worried about viruses, hackers and spyware? Don’t be! Spectrum cares about your safety as much as you do and that’s why the provider pairs a superfast internet connection with a free highly effective security suite that efficiently saves all your internet-enabled devices and personal data from benefitting cybercriminals.

But this doesn’t end here! Other tempting freebies, features and perks that accompany Spectrum Internet add still more value to your subscription – with each internet plan from Spectrum comes a free internet modem, access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide, and the option to connect your entire home via Spectrum’s in-home Wi-Fi that provides wall-to-wall coverage at highly economical monthly rate.

Internet also comes in a variety of super saver Spectrum Bundles that include TV and/or phone services on top, introducing you to a plethora of features that are hard to ignore yet available on discounted price.

Why Should I Get Internet Bundles?

Want to Save Money? Invest in Spectrum Internet Bundles in Tampa, FL

Spectrum values its customers and is always keen to understand their needs so as to fulfill them while ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Spectrum Bundles are exclusively designed to cater to the needs of a wide range of people with varying income levels and a broad spectrum of unique household requirements. With the singular aim that everyone must be able to access high-speed online connectivity, Spectrum facilitates subscription to an all-round TV and reliable home phone service despite budget constraints.

Here are some incredibly priced internet bundles which you can invest in to give yourself and your family a great online experience paired with other superb services from Charter Spectrum™ and a myriad of value-added options available to you.

Spectrum Double Plays

Fast download speeds, non-stop TV entertainment, and a reliable and crystal-clear phone service – these are the three services you can choose from and settle upon a supersaver Spectrum Double Play – don’t second guess any more, and go for one because Spectrum in Tampa, FL gives you so much for so little.

Spectrum Double Play offers for Tampanians present a perfect blend of any service of their choosing alongside internet. Combine high-speed connectivity with Spectrum TV and wash away all boredom from your life. With this fun-packed bundle, you can binge-watch all your favorite shows on Netflix without the streaming spree coming to a halt. If you are a chatterbox, go ahead and couple the internet service with a reliable home phone connection from Spectrum to stay connected through the unlimited nationwide calling offer at your disposal.

The cherry on top? Well, the internet-TV pair brings you a discount on your internet service, while the phone connection comes at an unbeatable price of $9.99 when you bundle it with high-speed internet.

Spectrum Internet, TV and Phone

The combo of Internet, TV and phone from Spectrum offers a complete service suite for your home. If you are one who loves to endlessly skim through social media, make a lot of chitchat, and it is a love-at-first-sight kind of thing for you when it comes to tempting TV content, this is the package for you – no compromise on the quality, that too for under $130 every month while the price remains fixed for one entire year.

According to stats, 65% of adults in the US play video games regularly. The huge number of gaming enthusiasts, and entertainment centers in Tampa, are quite a testimony to Tampanians’ love for gaming.

Spectrum Internet’s ultrafast download speeds starting at 100 Mbps and upload speeds starting at 10 Mbps are plentiful for playing all kinds of electrifying video games online without issues that could otherwise interfere with your adrenaline rush. What’s even better is that you have no data caps to worry about so you can stream and download games to fully satisfy the gamer inside you.

Love getting hooked to the TV? With this super bundle, you can watch 200 TV channels, enjoy free HD programming, and get introduced to countless ways of accessing video content whenever and however you may wish. Spectrum TV plans come with many features and perks included as well as reasonably priced optional add-ons that you can take your pick from.

Cellphones are handy and convenient but can bail on you in times of power outage and severe weather conditions which makes it important to have a landline service even in the 21st century. Spectrum Voice offers Tampanians to talk their heart out by offering unlimited local & nationwide calling and an economical global calling option too i.e. Spectrum Voice International.

Already have a TV and phone service? Get Standalone Spectrum Internet Service in Tampa, FL.

Starting at $49.99/mo. (for 12 months) you can enjoy all the outstanding features of the supersonic internet connection from Charter Spectrum™.


Spectrum in Tampa, FL is a highly reliable internet, phone and TV service provider that offers some really attractive deals and bundles at super affordable prices. The high quality internet connection from the provider comes with everything to facilitate a seamless experience of online connectivity without ever binding you.

The supersaver internet-bundles offered by Spectrum give you the freedom to explore the digital world to the fullest without anything holding you back. And in case, you are stuck with an annoying ISP that charges an unreasonable Early Termination Fee for walking out on it, you can switch to Spectrum and avail yourself of the provider’s offer to buyout your contract up to $500.

As an end note, let us add Spectrum’s highly proactive Sales Support is available around the clock to answer all your questions and resolve all your concerns. So what are you waiting for? Grab the best internet bundles in Tampa to save your money while enjoying the perks of quality services from a renowned provider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Spectrum Internet, TV and phone packages available in Tampa, FL?

Spectrum combines fast internet, power-packed TV entertainment and unlimited calls at the best price for you! Contact Spectrum to know more!

How much is Spectrum internet in Tampa, FL?

The standalone service provides up to 35 Mbps of upload speed and 940 Mbps of download speed starting at $49.99/mo.