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In this age and time it’s common for a vast majority of families to spend most of their time outside the house, primarily for work. Which means it becomes crucial to protect your family and property from intruders, and accidents, while you are away. Even if you are part of the growing “work from home” community, ensuring all that matters to you the most is well protected, in these rather unsettling times, is of prime importance.

Why is it a good idea to install a home security system?

Research studies have revealed only around 12% of criminals break-in with a plan in place, while their vast majority tends to commit burglary on impulse. The reason why a home security system with outdoor cameras, yard signs and window decals etc., acts as an effective deterrent for 60% burglars. Also, the FBI crime data indicates a significant chunk of burglaries occurs during day time when the occupants of a property are away. So whether you are away from home for a short excursion or a long business trip, a home security system can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Plus having a home security system has an attractive monetary benefit for homeowners and that is a lower premium on home insurance. When your home is made secure by an active and well-monitored system, and you also have sensor-based smart home equipment integrated into it, you can save up to 5% on the insurance premium. Equipping your home with CO, flooding, and smoke alerts etc. also ensures timely assistance reaches your loved ones when a life endangering situation is encountered.  

With quite a few names in the home security industry, it can however become quite taxing to determine if services available in your area are actually worth investing in. But fortunately for Cox Communications subscribers, the task becomes easier with Cox Homelife services at their disposal.

Why choose Cox Homelife?

Cox Homelife offers comprehensive home security and smart home automation plans and packages, and makes for an ideal choice for any existing Cox subscriber. Sure installing a home security system will cost you extra bucks, but not getting it may cost you even more. So why not take advantage of what is available right under the Cox umbrella?

With Cox Homelife you can customize your plan just like you do with Cox bundles comprising of high-speed internet, cable TV and home phone. And when you add Cox home security to your current Cox subscription, you also get to pay for all services via one convenient bill in one go!

Here, we must add Cox Homelife plans are available to Cox subscribers in select Cox service locations. So if you wish to consider the option, do speak to Cox Customer Service representatives at 1-855-349-9316 to check for service availability in your area.

What does Cox Homelife offer?

Cox Homelife features smart technologies, and allows you to take advantage of a highly automated security system which creates an easily controllable connected home, with the added benefit of 24/7 professional monitoring.

Monitor and control your home from anywhere?check on kids or pets, or find out who is at the front door. You can also pull up the camera feed right on your TV with a simple voice command, if you are subscribed to the Cox Contour TV service!

You can personalize the setup with your own rules, whether it is done via the Homelife Hub or the Touchscreen Panel. While the Cox Homelife app allows you to control devices such as smart lights, locks, and thermostats right from your phone. The Homelife app can be used by anyone at home who has your Homelife username and password, and there is no limit to the number of mobile devices or tablets you can use to monitor and control your Cox home security.

Each Homelife Security system comes equipped with a unique security router that creates a private and secure local area network (LAN) using your home WiFi and advanced ZigBee technology. Your Homelife equipment connects to this network, allowing you to control and monitor each service and every device. This way it is made sure there is an additional layer of security to keep your Cox security system from intrusion or interference.

Cox Homelife plans & prices

Cox Homelife plans can be a little tricky to get at first. There are 2 on offer?Cox Homelife Automation and Cox Homelife Security. Let’s take a look at key features of each.

Cox Homelife Automation Plan

    Cox Homelife Automation is priced at $20/month, inclusive of the starter equipment i.e. 1 HD camera, 1 door/window sensor, and 1 smart LED light bulb. Available add-ons include more smart equipment such as smart thermostat, smart door locks, motion sensors etc., as well as and additional services.

    The Cox Homelife Security Plan

      Cox Homelife Security is priced at $40/month, inclusive of the base equipment i.e. 1 touchscreen control panel, 1 HD camera, 2 door/window sensors, and 1 motion sensor. Available add-ons include more smart devices such as smart thermostats, smart locks, smart LED light bulbs etc., as well as services such as the Equipment Service Plan.

      Cox Homelife Automation Vs Cox Homelife Security



      Cox Homelife Automation

      Cox Homelife Security


      Everyday low price




      Included base equipment

      ·        1 HD camera

      ·        1 door/window sensor

      ·        1 smart LED Light Bulb

      ·        Smart device control



      ·        1 HD Camera

      ·        2 door/window sensors

      ·        1 indoor motion sensor

      ·        Smart device control

      ·        1 Yard sign

      ·        24/7 pro monitoring


      Installation cost

      ·        $25 for Standard Install, for non-standard the cost may vary (DIY  option is available)

      ·        $100 for Standard Install, for non-standard the cost may vary
      (Requires professional installation)


      Available add-ons

      ·        Smart equipment such as: thermostat, plugs, smart LED bulbs, door locks, door/window sensors, motion sensors, HD camera, etc.

      ·        Continuous Video Recording

      ·        24/7 pro monitoring

      ·        Smart equipment such as: thermostat, plugs, smart LED bulbs, door locks, door/window sensors, motion sensors, HD camera, etc.

      ·        Yard signs & Wireless keypad

      ·        Smoke/heat detector, water/flood sensor, glass-break sensor

      ·        Continuous Video Recording

      ·        24/7 pro monitoring

      ·        Equipment service plan



      Which Cox Homelife plan should you choose?

      The one key aspect which most distinguishes the Homelife Security plan from the Homelife Automation plan is 24/7 professional monitoring.

      If budget is an issue, you can go with the cheaper Automation plan, and make sure to regularly monitor the security of your home yourself with the help of all the smart devices in your clan. But for a complete smart security package with minimum responsibility resting on you, we recommend the Cox Homelife Security plan. Let pro eyes protect what matters to you around the clock, and extend near-instant help when needed the most!  

      The Bottom Line

      Cox Homelife plans promise to simplify your life, and if you want also provide you with added security via around the clock pro monitoring. Meaning you can not only introduce convenience to your everyday life but enjoy the added peace of mind that your family and home are protected while you are away. Call at 1-855-349-9316 and speak to a Cox Customer Service representative to determine Cox Homelife service availability in your area, and include the right plan to your existing Cox Internet, TV and/or home phone subscription.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is Cox Homelife available in my area?

      Cox Communications serves 19 states, and is one of the largest cable service providers in the United States. Cox Homelife services are however available to eligible Cox customers in select service locations.  

      How can I control Cox Homelife system?

      If you are subscribed to the Cox Homelife Automation plan you can manage your smart home system via the Homelife Hub and the mobile app. And if you are signed up for Cox Homelife Security you will get to control the smart security system via a touchscreen panel as well as the mobile app.

      How many types of camera does Cox Homelife offer?

      Cox Homelife offers a smart HD camera which you can set up inside or outside the house. It is equipped with night vision, is Wi-Fi enabled, and comes with the pixel-based motion detection feature. You can power it via a wall outlet or an Ethernet connection.