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With little else to do, binge-watching has become the norm. Its no longer limited to weekends spent indoors. No matter what day of the week it is, youre sure to find people indulging in this activity and with everything going on thats the only solace one can find so who can blame them.

Some prefer to watch comedy to brighten up their day, while others spend hours on the romance genre, hoping for a love like the one portrayed. These films and shows offer hope for a better future and an escape from the current nightmare. The apocalyptic genre too isnt far behind, so you can bet some are facing this turn of events head on and gearing up for whatever the future has in store for us. Whichever the case, theres no doubt that this is all what is keeping people sane.

Coping without these movies and shows is hard to imagine. If youre here then were sure youre on this boat with the rest of us and now the only trouble you face is figuring out what to watch next.

Finding out what the US is watching during the pandemic is a good starting point. It gives your insight into what popular films and series are and since they arent limited to shows currently on air, youre sure to discover some hidden gems. This is the perfect time to broaden your taste palette and experiment with dramas and movies you havent seen before. With all the free time on your hands, this is the way to fight boredom.

Changing Trends

Recently Comcast published its findings on changing viewing trends during the quarantine. It reported an increase in TV time by 8 hours per week per household and increased consumption of content via streaming.  Moreover, as work from home continues, the line between weekdays and weekends has blurred. Monday has turned into an even more popular day than Saturday to watch shows. Surprising isnt it? But it is true. Bringing to you great services, Xfinity cable sure knows what theyre talking about. Noting a change in habits, its data also tells us that people are watching TV late into the night now and sleeping in longer.

You would expect people to watch more light-hearted content in such dire times, but theyre watching news more often than before. In fact, Comcast recorded a 64% increase. When we compare genres, it is interesting to note that reality TV viewership has hardly increased while the biggest change has been observed in drama, followed by comedy and action and adventure. The study also found out that many have exhausted their watch list and are up to try new suggestions. So, what is it that people are increasingly watching? Let us find out.

All Time Favorites People Cant Get Enough Off

There are some shows that you can watch time and time again and not get bored. Call it comfort-food if you will; they help you relax and get you to reminiscence about the good times. They hold a special meaning for you and connect with you like none other. They help you cope with the rough patches in life and give you joy when joy is hard to find. For most people, they are TV shows, Rick and Morty and of course Friends.

Rick and Morty are being watched and re-watched in the following states:

Friends, on the other hand, is proving a favorite among these:

If you too are in a mood for light-hearted comedy, you can take a trip down the memory lane. With the phenomenal Spectrum channel lineup, it shouldnt be a problem.

These sitcoms are entertaining people and making them laugh in these dire times. While the two mentioned above are being binged-on by millions, they are not the only ones. On Hulu, 11 million hours of The Golden Girls was streamed. That 90s show is back in back in business to bringing joy to people showing friendships that are to die for.

Many Loved Comedies Making the Rounds

Good humor is so hard to find these days. Luckily with access to the internet, you can find some great series aired in the past. For Spectrum subscribers, all they need to do is bundle up with Spectrum internet to get watching. Who doesnt love The Office? With most of us hardly going to our workplace anymore, the show is playing a huge role in restoring some normalcy in our lives. At least the states of Nebraska and North Dakota definitely think so!

Parks and Recreation have also attracted big audiences these past few months. Featuring some of the best comedians in the industry, this show never gets old and has managed to take over many TV sets in Hawaii.

States like Michigan and Wisconsin, on the other hand, are bingeing on Shameless. Drunk comedy is some of the best comedy and this show gives that to you in buckets. With all that is happening, especially with the economy taking a turn for the worst, thats all that people can do. Laughing and finding humor in these sad situations helps people cope.

Another great comedy show is Seinfeld. Adored by millions of fans when it was first launched, it has now become a cult classic and one that Vermont enjoys excessively. During the pandemic that's, the show the state watched the most. What can we say though, people of Vermont do have a great taste. Its a must watch for sure. You too can tune in and with Spectrum TV Signature; you wont have to look hard for it.

The Upsurge in Crime Drama Consumption

With little else to stimulate the mind, people are looking for mysteries and suspense to keep their curious minds from going insane. Crime Drama viewership thus is at an all-time high. And, given how many great shows are available, itll be long before people will quit this obsession.

Here is what some states are indulging in.

Mississippi and Alabama are watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. District of Columbia is bingeing on Breaking Bad and Pennsylvania and Illinois cant get enough of Chicago P.D. Netflix has also shown a surge in Breaking Bad viewership, as well as that of Money Heist and Tiger King. All the while, Tennessee is having a hard time letting go of Criminal Minds. If youd like to watch the same, consider looking into Spectrum Channel List where youre sure to find all that you need.

Indulgence in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Series

There is of course some viewers that prefer the more exotic genre of sci-fi and fantasy. And, with so many great shows out there, you can bet they have much to watch. Supernatural not only happens to be a great show but also boasts hours of screen time. With so many seasons to binge on, itll take quite some time till people tire of it. It has taken over the state of Kansas with its charm and your state could be next.

Speaking of fantasy, Game of Thrones is making a return, especially in the state of Delaware where a sizable population is tuning in. You too might want to check it out again with a fresh set of eyes. With WOW! TV, you will have a fun time watching this popular series.

On the other hand, young adult content like The Vampire Diaries has Montana hooked while Kentucky and South Carolina are revisiting the Walking Dead. Netflix shows that along with Walking Dead, Stranger Things has garnered large audiences.

The most unsurprising on the list however is Star Trek. This classic needs no reason to be re-watched, but the interesting thing however is that people in numbers like never before are getting in on the action. Oregon and Washington, particularly are having a blast with this sci-fi hit.

Some Quality Family Time

With the entire family spending more time in close quarters as they practice social distancing, they are coming closer and bonding like never before. Since almost all outdoor activities have been suspended, finding things to do together has become difficult. On the bright side, there is a huge selection of family shows to keep you entertained and some states are loading up on it.

Gilmore Girls is proving a favorite among people from Arkansas and Oklahoma, while Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey are bingeing on This Is Us. Youll be easily able to find them on your Cox TV channel list, but a word of caution: these shows are sure to get you emotional and get tears rolling, which is why this may not be the best series to watch for some. So, tune in at your own risk.

Other Great Shows

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more amazing shows that people are watching to keep up their spirits in these hard times. The popular ones include The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Greys Anatomy Ozark, How I Met Your Mother, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. You should be able to watch them with ease if you have Cox cable.

Final Words

There are so many great shows to watch that theres no way you will be bored anytime soon. Whichever genre it is that you wish to delve into your sure to find tons of content in an on-demand library that Spectrum Cable TV boasts of.

So, what are you watching these days and what more would you like to watch? Have you exhausted your watch list or you still have a long way to go? Drop us a message and let us know. Wed love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Provider Offers the Best On-Demand Library?

All cable providers offer On Demand library to their users, but by far Spectrum offers one of the most comprehensive selections that you are sure to like.

The Best On-Demand Streaming Service?

The top most trending streaming services in the pandemic have proven to be Netflix and Hulu.