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What is the most popular technique to de-stress after a long tiring day? You guessed it right, a fair dose of amusing entertainment. However, a boring channel lineup with mediocre picture quality can only leave your plans dead in the water.

Among all satellite TV service providers in the U.S. that aim to provide customers high-quality entertainment options at any place with a southern sky view, DIRECTV excels in the competition with an extraordinary subscriber base of 13 million. All DIRECTV packages are tailored to quench your entertainment thirst without exceeding your monthly budget.

That is why every plan brings at your disposal hundreds of incredible options that all American TV fanatics desire to watch such as TNT, CBS, FOX, CNBC, CW, MTV, TBS, and more. Keep abreast with business news and real-time coverage of financial markets with CNBC. Relax with a great show with CW. And, if all you want is to binge-watch blockbuster TV programs and sporting events, tune in to TBS on DIRECTV. 

TBS: A Quick Overview

Turner Broadcasting System or TBS is an American cable channel that was previously launched in 1967 as a terrestrial television station in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1976, the channel was re-launched as an American pay-tv network.

Owned by AT&Ts WarnerMedia, TBS is one of the most in demand channels on DIRECTV as it offers unmatchable programming content and quality. From TBS essentials like Conan talk show to its comedy series like The Original O.G., the channel takes its laughter therapy sessions pretty seriously.

However, TBS is not all about laughter; the channel provides brilliant sports coverage and is a go-to-channel for sports aficionados. If you are an NCAA or major league baseball fan, TBS on DIRECTV got your back.


DIRECTV PACKAGES brings you an extensive channel lineup for your entire family. Whether you are a sports enthusiast, movie buff, music lover, or news freak, AT&T DIRECTV offers you the best TV choices at the most affordable prices with hard-to-beat perks and features, so you don’t have to look for entertainment anywhere else.

The best part is that TBS is included in all DIRECTV packages!

With a DIRECTV subscription, your TV watching becomes so modern and advanced. Sorting your TV favorites is not hard at all as the DIRECTV on-screen guide helps you to organizing them effectively. However, learning a new interface requires some time and you may find yourself lost for a while.

So, for your convenience, here is the channel number you need to tune into in order to watch TBS on DIRECTV, along with a glimpse of some key features of each DIRECTV package, so you choose the one that best satiates your TV needs.

DIRECTV Packages Promo Price
(for 12 months)
Maximum Channels & On-Demand Titles Count TBS Channel#
  • 160 channels with 60 HD
  • 40,000 On-Demand titles
CHOICE™ $69.99/mo.
  • 185 channels with 85 HD
  • 45,000 On Demand titles
ULTIMATE $84.99/mo.
  • 250 channels with 115 HD
  • 55,000 On Demand titles
PREMIER™ $134.99/mo.
  • 330 channels with 185 HD
  • 65,000 On Demand titles

A Sneak-Peak into TBS Programming

TBS on DIRECTV brings an amazing programming selection for its viewers to explore and enjoy. You get to watch both channel’s original first-run shows and reruns of its hit classics.

Here are some of the must-watch shows on TBS that you should not miss!

Current Programming
Category Title
  • The Last O.G.
  • Miracle Workers
  • The Dress Up Gang
  • American Dad
  • Final Space
  • The Misery Index
  • Tournament of Laughs
  • Celebrity Show-Off
  • Lost Resort
  • The Sims Spark'd
  • Go-Big Show
  • Chasing The Cure
  • Conan
  • Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
  • Major League Baseball on TBS
  • NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament
  • ELeague
  • NBA All-Star Game (TNT simulcast)

Bottom Line

DIRECTV subscription with TBS included is the best value-packed bundle. While TBS offers you a plethora of popular TV shows and sports action, DIRECTV service perks let you indulge in an awe-inspiring televisual experience.

For more details about DIRECTV plans and pricing, go ahead and speak to an expert at DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-925-2541.



1- Does DirecTV have TBS channel?

DIRECTV provides an extensive channel lineup with all its packages. All its tiers include TBS channel.

2- How much is TBS on DirecTV?

If you are subscribed to any of the DIRECTV packages – ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, PREMIER™– TBS comes in your channel lineup at no extra cost.

3- How do I watch TBS channel?

Most satellite, cable TV, and IPTV service providers include TBS in their channel lineups. DIRECTV and AT&T TV both carry the network. You can also watch it on Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV.

4- How long is TBS free on DirecTV?

If you are subscribed to any of the DIRECTV packages, TBS comes in your channel lineup at no extra charge.

5- Is TBS free on DirecTV?

When you subscribe to ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE, or PREMIER™ package, TBS comes included in your DIRECTV channel lineup.

6- How do you add a channel on DirecTV?

You can use your internet-enabled device to add a channel to your DIRECTV lineup.

You can also use your phone number connected to your DIRECTV account to send a text message to 223322. You can enter the following codes in the body of the message you send.