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Sometimes, it is nice to escape the everyday reality and dive into the futuristic world of science fiction. Finding a channel that captures your imagination with iconic science fiction and fantasy shows is a perfect mood booster for any sci-fi fan.

SYFY is known as just one such cable network. It offers a mix of futuristic tones as from the space, imaginative elements, the concept of time travel, advanced technology, and life on other planets in its sci-fi programming—along side general interest entertainment for the more mainstream audience. Tuning into Syfy means, you can enjoy a plethora of popular original TV movies, series, miniseries, and everything from the sci-fi genre.

A Little about SYFY Channel

Formerly known as the Sci-Fi Channel, Syfy is an American cable channel launched in 1992. The channel comes under the ownership of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming division of NBCUniversal—a subsidiary of Comcast.

In its initial days, Syfy was focused on broadcasting classic science fiction. But with NBCUniversal taking over the operation, it shifted its programming to focus on a larger audience, and came to include general entertainment content as well. Fast forward to 2019, about a decade after the first rebranding, the network underwent yet another. And was repositioned to target fans who love the diversity of sci-fi sub-genres.

Over the years, the channel has gained immense popularity around the world, resulting in its many international versions in the UK and Europe as well as Australia and Asia. In the U.S. the network is distributed to approximately 92.4 million pay-tv households—and widespread carriage of the network is a testimony to its popularity among audiences.

Watch Syfy on Suddenlink!

Not that Syfy is not carried by other TV service providers, but if you are fortunate to be housed in any of the Suddenlink service states, there is a perfect opportunity for you to grab the most value-packed bargain deal, which also guarantees you will be able to tune into Syfy content.

Suddenlink cable TV packages prove a perfect fit for any American household’s daily entertainment regime. TV plans from Suddenlink are available in a range of tiers—Core, Value, Select, and Premier. And, each offers a variety of local and popular channels from diverse genres, while other service features get you everything to make your experience futuristic, convenient and flexible. From the Cloud DVR to the Altice One app, On Demand titles to Pay-per-View Live events, voice-activated remote to 4K UHD picture quality—what you get to enjoy is intelligent induction of advanced technology that revolutionizes your TV watching.

The best part about Suddenlink TV packages is that each gets you high-speed cable broadband too—you can pair a speed level with a TV tier according to what matches your household internet and TV needs. And, get both services at bundle rate. This way you get the best of both worlds from Suddenlink at prices that are hard to beat.

And, as for Syfy channel—the must-have for sci-fi lovers—it is offered by Suddenlink in all its packages.

Suddenlink Packages Max no. of Channels Availability of Syfy

Core TV

220 Channels with 50 HD


Value TV

225 Channels with 70 HD


Select TV

290 Channels with 90 HD


Premier TV

340 Channels with 105 HD


What Channel Number is Syfy on Suddenlink?

When you have your new Suddenlink TV service up and running, the one thing you may find problematic in the beginning is sorting out your preferred networks along with their channel numbers. Although the on-screen Suddenlink TV guide is great help, a new interface may require some time getting used to. And, with cable TV channel numbers varying from one region to another, as well as from one provider to the next, finding the Syfy channel on Suddenlink may get a bit perplexing.

Let’s have a look at Syfy channel number in some key Suddenlink service areas. If you don’t see your hometown in the list below, click here and put your ZIP code to work.

City/State Syfy Channel#

Bullhead City, AZ


Mohave Valley, AZ


Austin, AR


Jonesboro, AR


Eureka, CA


Mammoth Lakes, CA


Kellogg, ID


Saint Maries, ID


Paola, KS


Fort Scott, KS


Belfry, KY


Pikeville, KY


Cottonport, LA


Lake Charles, LA


Indianola, MS


Lexington, MO


Reeds Spring, MO


Laughlin, NV


Clovis, NM


Greenville, NC


Nashville, NC


Chagrin Falls, OH


Marietta, OH


Enid, OK


Wagoner, OK


Vernon, TX


Lubbock, TX


Pearisburg, VA


Narrows, VA


Beaver, WV


Williamson, WV


What to Watch on Syfy Channel?

Syfy brings you a range of choices—including classic sci-fi, horror, fantasy, paranormal, drama, action, reality TV and supernatural to fulfill all your spooky TV cravings—featuring some of the best TV shows and mini-series such as Battlestar Galactica. The network has also won an Emmy for its mini-series Taken. Here is a sneak-peak into some captivating and interesting shows that you would not want to miss from Syfy on Suddenlink TV:

Popular Shows Must-Watch Movies

12 Monkeys

Alien News Desk

Blood Drive

Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block

Channel Zero: Candle Cove

Channel Zero: No-End-House

Channel Zero: The Dream Door

The Expanse

Deadly Class

Don’t Feed the Humans

Gary and his demons

Paranormal Witness

Resident Alien

Z Nation


Shut In

Aladdin and the Death Lamp

Amityville: The Awakening

Arctic Predator

Basilisk: The Serpent King


Camera Obscura

Caved in Prehistoric Terror

Crimson Force

The Crooked Man

Dark Relic

Day of Reckoning

Deep in the Darkness

Bottom Line

Well, now that you have the channel number you need to tune into for the Syfy network on Suddenlink, and an idea of what to watch, go ahead and enjoy the best in sci-fi with your new TV service. As you learn the ropes, and get to know all Suddenlink TV channels available, you’ll sure be able to take full advantage of the Suddenlink TV service features, and personalize your in-home entertainment to your preferences.

At any point if you like to get a reliable and cheap backup to your cellular service, you can add Suddenlink digital home phone service to your Suddenlink cable TV and internet bundle at the discounted rate of $10 per month. All you have to do is contact Suddenlink TV customer service at 1-844-520-8978. Spanish speaking customers can call Servicio al Cliente Suddenlink at Telefono de Suddenlink i.e. 1-844-527-5633.


1- Does Suddenlink have Syfy?

Yes, Suddenlink includes Syfy with Suddenlink Value, Select and Premier TV packages.

2- What TV shows are currently being aired on Syfy?

Some of the shows currently airing on Syfy include Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, Paranormal Witness, Don’t Feed the Humans, Dr. Havoc’s Diary, and Gary and His Demons.

3- What channels other than Syfy are being offered by Suddenlink?

Some popular channels included in the Suddenlink channel lineup are BBC America, Discovery Channel, Destination America, CNN, CNBC, ESPN, Fox News Channel, IFC, NFL Network, STARZ, and more.

4- What channel is Syfy on Suddenlink?

The channel number for Syfy varies with location. For example in Tyler, TX Syfy airs on 82. But in Vernon, TX you get to watch it on 52—252 HD. That is why you’ll have to determine the channel number for Syfy on Suddenlink TV in your town by using your ZIP code.