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After a hard grueling day, you need some quality entertainment to lighten your load and brighten your day. So, what do you do? You switch on your TV and tune in to your favorite channel. One that offers you all that you need and more. The channel that understands what kind of programming you like and ensures you get excellent content each time. A channel like Lifetime!

Lifetime is like a staple food in American households. When subscribing to a TV plan, people often check their inclusion in the channel list. For many, it can be the deciding factor, and rightly so. With shows so entertaining, it is indeed a must-have.

The only trouble people usually face when they first subscribe to a TV service is accessing a channel on their new lineup. Browsing the entirety of a channel lineup to find one is no doubt a painstaking task. It is not only time-consuming and annoying, but sometimes you might just miss the channel you are looking for, and find yourself having to go over the process one more time.

Well, there has to be a better way and if thats what you seek, you have come to the right place!

We have done our research so you dont have to. If you are already subscribed to Charter Spectrum TV™ but cant find your favorite Lifetime channel number, read on. With a listing of various U.S. cities and the corresponding Lifetime channel number in each, you may just be fortunate to find what channel is Lifetime on Spectrum in your home city. But, before we get to that, let us look at exactly what it is that makes Lifetime so popular.

Why Is Lifetime so Popular?

Founded in 1984, the channel has had a long journey in the realm of TV entertainment, one that has not been smooth all the way. From its onset, Lifetime intended to showcase programming that was geared towards women or presented women in leading roles. But, it was not until the mid-1990s the channel came to earn praise for having “gone a long way toward shedding its low-rent image”.

In the 1990s Lifetime programming came to target spouses of the channels women audience instead of showing women protagonists powerful solo roles. The channel began airing limited coverage of womens sports. And, also strengthened its relationship with various womens organizations leading to public service announcements about issues pertaining to women, such as breast cancer awareness, etc.

With its new tagline “Lifetime—Television for Women”, the channel became a symbol of woman-power. so much so that when TCI no longer wanted to carry the network and announced the same in 1996, womens groups and politicians rallied behind Lifetime. As a result, the number of households that lost Lifetime subscription was cut down to 300,000.

Its effort to legitimize itself as “committed to offering the highest quality entertainment and information programming, and advocating a wide range of issues affecting women and their families”, progressively gained much success. Largely due to two strategies: employing women to write, develop, direct and produce content that features the modern woman carrying the weight of her postmodern self-awareness, as she questions her tropes and pushes to do better. In a relatively short time, Lifetime has created a whole new genre of “womens entertainment” and given a space for discussing, reflecting, and commenting on womens issues. It has distinguished itself from others so well, while others are now only beginning to catch up. Youll find originality here and that is what has caught the eye of the public and made it so widely loved by women in particular.

The fact the channel has symbolically speaking stood up to the misogynic traditions in Hollywood that remained hidden for long has also played a key role in Lifetimes massive popularity among the female demographic.

Which Spectrum Plans Offer Lifetime?

Cable TV experience for a vast cross-section of American women remains incomplete without Lifetime in the lineup, which is why Spectrum TV ensures no matter which plans you are subscribed to you get access to Lifetime content. So, whether you are subscribed to Spectrum Gold, Spectrum Silver, or Spectrum Select, youll be able to watch Lifetime with the ease that Spectrum brings to your TV watching regime.

If you want to watch the programming on Lifetime Real Women though, youll have to upgrade to their Silver plan at the very least. The same is the case with Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). However, given how rich in value Spectrum TV plans are, rest assured you would not regret an upgrade.


Spectrum TV Select

Spectrum TV Silver

Spectrum TV Gold





Lifetime Real Women




Lifetime Movie Network




What Channel is Lifetime on Spectrum

Subscribing to a new cable plan is always exciting. There are sure to be some new channels that you can explore, and of course, your all-time favorite ones to indulge in. It can get really frustrating however, finding just which channel number they are on especially if channel numbers tend to vary from location to location. In the table below, you may be able to find your city, and thus determine what channel is Lifetime on the Spectrum Channel Lineup.



Lifetime Real Women

Lifetime Movie Network

Albertville, Alabama




Los Angeles, California




Grand Junction, Colorado




Avon, Indiana




Allendale, Michigan




Saint Louis, Missouri




Great Falls, Montana




Lincoln, Nebraska




Alexandria, Kentucky




Dayton, Ohio




Knoxville, Tennessee




El Paso, Texas




Orlando, Florida




Carson City, Nevada




Wapato, Washington




Athens, Georgia




Jacksonville, North Carolina




Greenville, South Carolina




Bristol, Virginia




Staten Island, New York




Ridgefield Park, New Jersey




Sheboygan, Wisconsin




Belleville, Illinois





You will notice that for some areas, there is no channel number listed for Lifetime Real Women and that is because the availability of channels varies with the area as well. If that is the one channel you cannot live without, wed suggest you give Spectrum Customer Service a call to find out if it is available in your locality. With their 24/7 support, you will have your questions answered in no time. Also, in case you do not find your home city on this list, you can check here by putting in your address and ZIP code.

What Does Lifetime Real Women Have to Offer?

Lifetime covers give you a bit of everything which is why most people wonder what it is that Lifetime Real Women covers. Well, it is a complementary channel that was originally created to compete with counterparts such as Oxygen TV and WE TV. The programming on the channel includes game shows, how-to content, drama, and comedy, and of course reality shows that will have you hooked. Unfortunately, the fact the channel airs in SD only has given some cable carriers an excuse to not include it in their channel lineup—plus the channel is essentially a spinoff of Lifetime with no original programming, which is also made to count against its carriage by some cable TV providers.

Look into Lifetime Movie Network

LMN was first launched in 1998 and has since managed to build quite an audience for itself. Its popularity is a reflection of the quality content the network produces. Like the other two channels, the content featured on this platform too is geared towards women which allows it to tap into the female demographic. That is not to say that others wont enjoy the movies, but the major viewership does comprise of women.

It offers tons of made-for-television movies that you can enjoy in your downtime. Some of their best recent work includes Tempting Fate and Family Pictures – TV movies that have helped solidify a place for LMN in peoples hearts. These are LMN originals and its unlikely youll be able to find them on any other channel.

Shows to Watch

With so many people watching Lifetimes shows, you are bound to be curious about what is so interesting. Well, while each show is worth watching there are some you just cant do without so if you wondering what to watch first, this should help.

Bring It!

This reality television series is all about dancing. Set in Jackson, Mississippi, this show follows Coach Dianna Williams and her dance troupe the Dancing Dolls as they compete with rivals groups to be the best. You see some great dance routines and get a glimpse into competitive dancing.

Designing Spaces

Interior decoration is a passion for many. Sure, the most well decorate is our own rooms and that too using the IKEA catalog, but you cant deny it is a fun experience. Whats more, beautiful design is soothing to the eyes. Its no wonder then as to why Lifetime has a reality show dedicated just for this. This series shows you master decorators and artisans in action—they inspire you and give you creative ideas that you can adapt to fit your own home.

Child Genius

College can get expensive. The student debt on young shoulders is sure to be a burden, one that you want to reduce as much as you can. Getting a $100,000 college fund can seem like a dream come true, which is why many compete to get on to Child Genius. Only 20 kids, however, aged 8 to 12 make it from across the US. The struggles and the competitive challenges are worth watching, even if it is not you whos in the run for the money. 

Final Words

Youll hardly ever find a channel with reality shows with such a variety of subjects. The best thing though is while others play on drama to attract audiences, these shows are educational, inspirational, and motivational. So go ahead, and start watching. With so much there, you wont find yourself getting bored anytime soon. And if you have your Spectrum TV paired with Spectrum Internet, you may feel the world is at your fingertips! Because, a TV and internet bundle with Spectrum sure brings great value to your investment, not only in terms of the discounted rate but the perks that you get to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of Spectrums plans offer access to Lifetime?

Whether you subscribed to Spectrum Select, Silver, or Gold, youll always have access to Lifetime. To watch Lifetime Real Women, however, you must be subscribed to Spectrum Silver or Gold plan.

What channel is Lifetime on Spectrum New York?

The lifetime channel number is 62 on Spectrum New York.

What channel is Lifetime on Spectrum Los Angeles?

The lifetime channel number is 53 on Spectrum Los Angeles.