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Which Channel Number is Freeform on Spectrum TV?

Which Channel İs Freeform On Charter Spectrum Tv

If you are one of the lucky lots with a Spectrum TV subscription, you must know with Spectrum you have dozens of entertainment options on the menu. From the kids in your family to the adults, everyone will find programming options catering to their age group and liking. So if you are a teenager or a young adult, Spectrum has much in store for you as well.

Freeform is one of the top channels in the United States, targeting the younger cross-section of the population, referred to as ‘becomers’ by the channel – essentially because the channel’s target audience is known to frequently question themselves as to who are they going to become – right from their teenage years straight into their thirties. This phase of their life is therefore termed as ‘becoming’ and the individuals are spoken of as ‘becomers’.

Entertaining a whopping 92 million homes in the United States, the Freeform TV encompasses off-network syndicated programs, original series, original television movies, and featured films, all of which are broadcasted on the channel to cater to an audience in the age group 14-34.

The Evolution of Freeform

Since launch in 1977, the network has evolved drastically as the ownership changed from CBN to Fox, ABC and then Disney.

In the initial stage, the channel was referred to as the CBN Satellite Network and focused on religious programming under the aegis of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). By 1981 however, the network was named CBN Cable Network and began to adopt more secular programming, focusing on family-oriented content, albeit retaining some of its religious flavors.

In 1981, the term “family” was incorporated into the channel’s name to better highlight its family-oriented entertainment programming. And although there are not many things in the world, the profiting status of which would hurt the entity, the rebranded CBN Family Channel proved to be one such anomaly. The network became so incredibly popular, its profits began to jeopardize CBN’s non-profit status.

The result? The CBN Family Channel was spun into a new for-profit network in 1990 i.e. International Family Entertainment (IFE), an independent entity that popularized the channel under a shorter and simpler name tag The Family Channel.

One interesting tidbit of Freeform is that its original owner, Pat Robertson, required all future owners to air The 700 Club twice daily, and an annual Telethon - a fundraising event - on the last Sunday of every January.

The network again changed hands in 1997 and was rebranded as the Fox Family Channel by the Fox Network which aimed to concentrate on the dual audience — young viewers in daytime and families at night. The original stipulation pertaining to The 700 Club and the annual telethon was however maintained. The rebranding endeavor and the youth-focused programming by Fox didn’t prove to be fruitful as primetime viewership fell by 35% owing to the diminished core audience of older viewers.

Between 2001 and 2006, the channel was known under the new brand name ABC Family while The Walt Disney Company worked on a strategy to transform the channel into a "broad-appeal programming network with its own identity".

Still, the new owners were perhaps not too happy and in 2006 another rebranding effort came to target teens and young adults; new original drama series contributed to the build-up of the massive popularity of the channel among audiences aged between 12 and 34. The teen drama Pretty Little Liars turned into a flagship program boosting the primetime viewership to record high levels.

In 2016, the Disney-ABC group breathed new life into the channel under the brand name Freeform. Freeform was planned to retain most of the previous programming, which used to be aired under its ABC name. But it has begun to double down on original programming, which tends to align with culturally progressive views, unlike its previous socially conservative content, thus living up to the network’s 2018 slogan, “A Little Forward”.

Watching Freeform on Spectrum

If you have acquired Spectrum TV service, you must be one spoiled for choice in terms of entertainment, news, and sports programming.

Too many choices can be appealing yet confusing at the same time - flipping through hundreds of channels and finding the one just right for the mood of the evening can be annoying and time-consuming. With Spectrum TV offering hundreds of choices, you are sure to end up spending the entire evening sifting through channels.

Freeform is one such popular network available on Spectrum TV, which is a well-favored option for many young viewers. If you are up for some fun and light-hearted time with your family, there couldn’t be a choice better than the Freeform network.

But where exactly can you find Freeform on your Spectrum TV? Alas, it is a bit complicated, so read on to resolve the dilemma.

The Problem with Channel Numbers on Cable TV

In the early days of cable TV, we did not have giant providers of the likes of Charter Spectrum™. Previously, relatively small-scale cable operators were outspread in every locality delivering TV services to their local audience throughout the United States. Therefore, these local cable TV providers did have a say in determining the channel lineup for their customers.

Eventually, these local operators got swallowed up by the evolution of gigantic cable TV corporates that began to offer their TV services to a nationwide audience.

But, their reign was accompanied by a teeny-tiny problem - they couldn’t change the channel numbers for their geographically scattered customers. If they did, the shifting of their customers from a local cable TV provider to a huge cable TV company would not be as smooth. Customers in every town and city would wonder where their favorite channels such as Freeform had gone when they switched their services to Charter Spectrum™.

So, they decided to retain the old way of numbering channels, which would mean the channel number for Freeform would be different for Spectrum’s customers in Bowling Green, KY, from those residing in Louisville, KY. However, you would find the freshly created TV channels, SD & HD, cable or satellite, with generally the same numbers across the United States.

Yet, rest assured, it’s not that difficult to find the Freeform channel number in the Spectrum lineup for your town or city.

What Channel is Freeform on Spectrum TV?

Which number you have your favorite channel on varies across states in case of cable TV. It’s a simple matter of Googling along with your ZIP code. If that proves to be fruitless, go to the Freeform website, input your ZIP code and find out the channel number for Freeform with every provider including Charter Spectrum™.

This table lists the Freeform channel number for Spectrum TV subscribers in some regions in the United States.

Freeform Channel Numbers

City/Town Freeform Channel Number
St. Louis, MO 50 — HD 723
Clarksburg, WV 31 — HD 774
31 — HD 774 56 – HD 816
Austin, TX 37 - HD 122
37 - HD 122 41 or 122
Bowling Green, KY 49
Lexington Metro Area, KY 34 — HD 1004
Louisville, KY 40
Jeffersonville, KY 40
Tampa, FL 52 — HD 1121
Orlando, FL 79 or 137 — HD 1121
Columbia, SC 20
Florence, SC 40
Lake City, SC 40
Greenville, SC 55 — HD 760
Montgomery, AL 46 — HD 723
Birmingham Area, AL 19
Dothan, AL 52
City of Erie, PA 55
Wilmington, DE 42
Charlotte, NC 29
Picayune, MS 53 — HD 722

Programming Schedule

If you have placed the Freeform channel on your Spectrum TV lineup, you better sit down and enjoy the diverse entertainment the network has to offer. Here is a bit you should know about the channel’s scheduling so you don’t miss out on your favorite shows. And not to worry, the channel number may vary across cities, but the programming schedule remains the same only gets translated into the prevalent time zone.

Freeform usually airs the original series on Monday and Tuesday nights, with comedy series set to broadcast on Wednesdays.

Between January and August, the network telecasts its first-run original series’ episodes, while, films are usually aired in the months between September and December on the same nights, provided an original series is not scheduled. Movies are definitely aired on primetime on Thursday and Friday nights, and if an original series is not scheduled to be aired, you can catch a movie on all weeknights i.e. on Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday too.

On Freeform, you traditionally get to watch the marathon rerun of network’s original series before a season finale or premiere, mid-season or on a special occasion such as Halloween or Christmas.

One reason why the Freeform network is so popular is that it aims to fill your weekend and/or other special occasions with fun-fuelled entertainment via its strategic program scheduling.

Here are some you should look out for:

Funday Weekend — Between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. on a Funday weekend once every month, you will get to see many Disney/Pixar movies as well as other movies that your entire family would love.

30 Days of Disney — Enjoy 30 days in the magically fantastic Disney World with every week themed differently. Such as, in the Villains Week, you get to see some of your all-time favorite Disney villains. Singalong Week is full of action-packed fun by female leads. The Pirates Week features the spectacular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Moreover, in these fun-fueled 30 days, you also get to see highlights from some of the iconic Disney Parks attractions and network premieres.

31 Nights of Halloween — Freeform knows how to make your Halloween eerily scary with some of its adventurous and funnily scary series and movies aired a full 31 nights before Halloween. Apart from Harry Potter, you get to see a number of popular programs including Hocus Pocus, The Haunted Mansion, the Scooby-Doo series, Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University, The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, and many more.

25 Days of Christmas — What would make your Christmas holidays even more magical than getting the time to relax with the family in the coziness of your own living room with humongous bowls of popcorns, watching Christmas themed series and movies every night? And Freeform had just that lovely picture in perspective when it rolled out the 25 Days of Christmas programming block, aiming to make your holidays even more perfect!

What to Watch on Freeform?

Freeform presents its young teenage and adult audience with an entertaining variety of its own original content along with other popular movies and TV shows.

On the Freeform network, you will come across a mix of live-action and animated movies created by the 20th Century Studios and of course, some video content from its owner i.e.

Walt Disney Pictures. Yet, that’s not the end. The network also shows already broadcasted films by many renowned film studios such as Warner Bros., DreamWorks Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Sony Pictures. All that truly makes up for a legion of variety in the entertainment stakes.

Here’s a list of some of the popular TV series and movies aired on Freeform:

Freeform Original Made-for-TV Movies

Original Disney Movies Aired on Freeform

Popular Film Series Aired on Freeform

The All-Time Favorite Freeform Series

Bringing It All Together

Having gone over this comprehensive guide, you can now relax and enjoy the fruits of your search on Freeform Network. No more precious time-wasting on finding the channel number or broadcast time of your favorite show.

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