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FOX is perhaps the most-watched over-the-air American TV network in the US. Much of the credit goes to its top-notch content such as The Simpsons, Prison Break, and Family Guy, that grabbed global attention as well. The channel has been around us broadcasting news, TV shows, talk shows and movies for decades now. Even in 2020, Fox is one of the most viewed networks—especially Fox News that gained 43% viewership this year.  

Fox on Suddenlink Cable TV

When you get a new cable TV subscription, the first thing you try to sort out is your TV favorites—networks that you most watch. Contemporary cable TV services like Suddenlink TV, come with all the tools to help you get organized. But, as it is it can take time to work your way around things. So, if you’ve recently subscribed to a Suddenlink TV package chances are you’d want to locate the numbers for the networks on your watch list.

Finding the Fox channel on Suddenlink can get a little tricky. This is because the number changes from one region to another. Rest assured though, FOX is included with all Suddenlink TV plans and packages—Core, Value, Select and Premier—they all carry Fox content. Be it the local over-the-air Fox TV, Fox Sports 1, Fox News, Fox Business Network, Fox Sports Plus, or Fox on demand. So whichever Suddenlink channel lineup you are subscribed to, you sure have FOX.

Suddenlink TV Packages

FOX on Suddenlink

Key Features & Pricing

Suddenlink Value TV and Internet 100


Fox TV, Fox News, Fox Business Network, Fox Sports Plus


  1. $54.99/mo. for 12 months
  2. 225 channels with over 70 in HD, and 100 Mbps fast download speed with 250GB data allowance 

Suddenlink Select TV and Internet 300


Fox TV, Fox News, Fox Business Network, Fox Sports Plus


  1. $79.99/mo. for 12 months
  2. 290 channels with 90 HD, and 300 Mbps fast download speed with 350GB data allowance

Suddenlink Premier TV and Internet 1 Gig


Fox TV, Fox News, Fox Business Network, Fox Sports Plus, Fox Sports 2, Fox College Sports  


  1. $129.99/mo. Price for Life
  2. 340 channels with 105 HD, and 1 Gbps fast internet with unlimited data allowance

What Channel is Fox on Suddenlink?

As we said earlier, the way it is with carriage of local networks on cable TV, channel numbers are area specific. And, that is the case with Suddenlink cable TV as well. The number you must tune into in order to watch Fox TV in a Texan city would be different from that in a Californian city—or for that matter any other Suddenlink service state.


FOX Channel#

Abilene, TX


Bryan, TX


Lubbock, TX


San Angelo, TX


Amarillo, TX


Kingwood, TX


College Station, TX


Victoria, TX


Flagstaff, AZ


Eureka, CA


Lake Charles, LA


The on-screen Suddenlink TV guide is sure there to help you out. But, if you find yourself taking time to navigate it, and getting frustrated, because you want to catch the next episode of your favorite TV show, here is what you can do. Call Suddenlink TV customer service at the Suddenlink phone number i.e. 844-520-8978, and speak to a customer care professional for quick assistance. For Spanish speaking Suddenlink customers, you can call at Telefono de Suddenlink for help via Servicio al Cliente de Suddenlink.

Wholesome Entertainment with Fox On Suddenlink

America knows well the variety of content from all genres like sports, news, lifestyle, entertainment, comedy and more, that FOX showcases. For millions of households the Fox network is like staple food. Whether it is the animated series you get with Fox on Suddenlink or suspenseful drama, there is just so much that gives you reason to have fun family time around TV.  

The Best in Drama: 9-1-1

9-1-1 first aired in 2018, and has been a favorite ever since. The show is a dramatic presentation of the struggles and experiences of people like fire fighters, police and paramedics—bringing us insight into what life is like for first responders.  

The Best in Animated Series: The Simpsons

You are living in dark ages if you have not watched The Simpsons. The animated sitcom carries a very satirical tone while depicting the realities of an average, middle-income American household. Perhaps the most successful parody of American culture and society, as well as that of the essential human condition—and for sure an all-time legend among TV series.

The Best in Sports: FOX NFL Sundays

With the love of sports widespread in America, Fox is the go-to-network for millions. Suddenlink TV channels also include the sought after FS1 and Fox Sports Plus. But, for NFL fans there is perhaps nothing better than lazing around on a Sunday, watching the pre-game segment of the Fox NFL telecast. 

Unleash the power of entertainment with Suddenlink TV!

Wrapping it All up

Having found the channel number for FOX on Suddenlink Cable TV, its time that you set yourself up for some fun time with family. Enjoy access to top-rate shows with Fox TV. Stay updated with the Fox News channel. Or go for the adrenaline rush with Fox Sports. The best part is you can even stream Suddenlink TV online, via the ultra-fast Suddenlink internet included in your Suddenlink bundle.

And, if down the road you feel you would like a Suddenlink TV package upgrade for more variety in your Suddenlink channel lineup, remember that Premier TV brings you the most number of channels inclusive of premium networks, including FS2 and Fox College Sports. Suddenlink TV customer service is available 24/7 at 844-520-8978. They can help you upgrade to the most suitable Suddenlink TV package given your entertainment regime. 


1- Does Suddenlink have Fox?

Yes, FOX is included in all Suddenlink TV packages but the channel number for FOX TV can vary from one region to another.

2- What TV shows are currently being aired on Fox?

Some of the most popular shows currently airing on Fox include The Simpsons, Duncanville, Prodigal Son, Lego Masters and Bob’s Burgers.

3- What channels other than the Fox Network are offered by Suddenlink?

Some popular channels included in the Suddenlink channel lineup are TNT, NBC, BBC America, Bravo, Animal Planet, ESPNEWS, Food Network and HBO.

4- What channel is Fox Sports 2 on Suddenlink?

The channel number for Fox Sports 2 varies with location. For example in Mount Pleasant, Texas FS2 airs on 410. To find out the channel number in your area, Suddenlink TV customer service at 844-520-8978.