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Looking for ABC on AT&T TV?

AT&T no longer offers the AT&T TV service. If you’re looking to stream ABC check out the latest DIRECTV via Internet offers and bundle with fast Internet from AT&T to enjoy seamless streaming of your favorite local network.

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ABC: The Third of the Big Three

The unpreparedness that unfurls with an unexpected turn of events is what makes us dread such events in the first place. But, do you know what? Making things work in ‘surprising’ situations and then finding success in it is the greatest of all achievements. A similar situation was faced by an American commercial broadcast television network, which started its journey one way and ended up in a completely different situation. That channel is now part of millions of households across the US. And, we all know it as ABC – American Broadcasting Company.

In 1927, ABC started as a radio network operated under NBC, known as the NBC Blue Network. Later in 1943, ABC became an independent network and by 1948, the network had stretched its operations to TV mimicking the footsteps of NBC and CBS. Now, ABC is the third largest commercial network in the US reaching 97% of the US households. And making that happen are many top TV service providers, including AT&T TV.

ABC Channel Number on AT&T TV

AT&T TV offers an array of popular TV channels, all from the genres that you prefer watching. Whether your family has Comedy Central fans or those who live for the content that ABC produces, there’s a channel for everyone on AT&T TV. Speaking of which, ABC is common to all 5 AT&T TV packages – don’t worry, we’ll take you through all the packages in a bit. You can also speak to a professional at AT&T customer service and have them find the best package for you. 

For those of you, who have recently joined the AT&T Family and are looking to watch ABC on AT&T TV, you must be wondering about its channel number. Here’s what you should remember about that. ABC availability varies from region to region. You may not come across ABC channel number while looking at our channel lineup over here. However, you can confirm availability of ABC on AT&T TV in your area by putting in your ZIP code here. The search you conduct will also tell you about other local and regional sports channels available on your AT&T channel lineup. Don’t worry if you can’t find ABC’s channel number though. A little bit of channel surfing won’t hurt. Plus, if it’s backed with AT&T TV’s Voice Remote powered with Google Assistant. Then, of course, who wouldn’t want to spend their time channel surfing?


Redefining Home Entertainment

AT&T TV is all about making television all the more budget-friendly and entertaining. AT&T TV is a feature-rich IPTV service that brings together technology and traditional TV. AT&T TV offers an array of packages, each crafted to fit your televisual needs. The nationwide TV service brings Live TV and a plethora of other features all in one place. Let’s have a quick walkthrough of all the features that you get:

Voice Remote with Google Assistant

Control your TV with your voice and let Google Assistant handle it. The AT&T TV Voice Remote lets you search for content across Live TV, On Demand options, DVR recordings, and even apps. Moreover, it also lets you control your TV’s volume, sets the temperature of your room so it's all nice and cozy, and makes searches on Google right from your TV, at the command of your voice.

Thousands of On Demand Titles

Of course, Live TV is the best source of entertainment. But, what would you do if there’s nothing to watch on Live TV when you are in the mood of something special. As rare an instance as that may be with the AT&T TV Channel Lineup, for all such times and other times when you are too stuck to catch on your favorite show, there is AT&T TV’s On Demand lineup – what else? The On Demand library from AT&T TV is packed with more than 75,000 TV shows, movies, documentaries and so much more. So whenever TV isn't looking too entertaining, or you are in the mood to catch up on an episode of your current favorite TV series, you know what to do!

Apps from Google Play

Access more than 5,000 apps from Google Play Store, all from your TV. From sports to music, download your favorite apps, and customize your daily entertainment routine to fit your preferences.

Sports Networks

For all the sports buffs out there, AT&T TV offers a number of top sports networks including Live, national, regional, and local—ESPN, ESPN2, NBC Sports Network, FS1 and more.

Cloud DVR

Missing your favorite TV show is nothing to be upset about. AT&T TV offers a Cloud DVR service that lets you record your favorite TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. Store up to 500 hours of content on the cloud and access it on the go. Plus, the DVR also lets you record unlimited content, simultaneously. Your favorite network ABC will broadcast the upcoming Academy Awards—perfect opportunity to make the most of AT&T TV's DVR service!

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65 popular TV channels

Live TV and 40,000 On Demand choices

90 popular TV channels

Live TV and 45,000 On Demand choices

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120 popular TV channels

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Live TV and 50,000 On Demand titles

130 popular TV channels

Free HBO Max™ for 12 months

Live TV and 50,000 On Demand titles

140 popular TV channels

Free HBO Max™ for 12 months

Live TV and 65,000 On Demand titles

Cloud DVR with up to 500 hours of storage
& unlimited simultaneous recordings

Access to 5000 Apps from Google Play Store

Free SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX® for 3 months

Voice Remote complete with Google Assistant

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The End Note

Enjoying budget-friendly entertainment is now possible with AT&T TV. Pick your favorite package from the ones listed above or go for an AT&T TV Hispanic lineup instead, the choice is yours. AT&T TV is packed with local channels such as ABC and regional sports networks. Of course, ABC’s channel number may differ by location, but one thing’s guaranteed, and that is the satisfaction of powering up your TV sets with the best provider in the country.

If you still need conviction dial 1-855-925-2541 for pro advice on an AT&T TV subscription.