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With its footprint engraved across 29 states in the US, Frontier Communications aims to innovatively fulfill the fast-growing connectivity needs of 30 million since 1935.

Apart from offering customizable fun-packed TV bundles, varying internet speeds, and feature-rich phone service at pocket-friendly rates to cater to the diverse needs of hyper-connected Americans, Frontier also allows its subscribers a handful of options to pay their Frontier bill – they can choose any mode of payment as per their convenience.

1. Your Bill, Your Will

Well, let’s be frank… paying bills is never fun for most of you. Maybe because it usually eats up a lot of your precious time and messes up your schedule. Besides, the thought of seeing your bank account just vanish runs a chill down your spine. Either way, it is a huge bummer, isn’t it?

Thankfully, all hail to Frontier for making our lives easier than ever by not only offering us top-notch yet budget-friendly TV, internet and phone plans but for also giving us five easy options to pay our Frontier Bill. Yes, FIVE! Your read that right!

The fabulous Frontier customers can choose from five super-easy payment methods that give them the liberty to clear their bill any time, any place, any day!

2. Hate Paper-cuts? Sign-up for Frontier’s Paper-less Billing!

Hate long drives or waiting in queues? If yes then you will be happy to know that you can pay your Frontier bill by simply visiting the provider’s website and signing into your Frontier Account.

Once you have opened Frontier Communications’ website, look for a tab at the top-right corner that says “Sign In” and enter your Frontier ID and Password to access the Online Bill Pay option.

Note: In case you don’t have a Frontier ID you can easily create one by clicking on “Create a Frontier ID” tab.

After creating your Frontier ID, you can now enter and save your payment information and proceed to pay your bill online by following the steps below:

1. Click on the “My Payments” option that you will see near the top of the screen and then click on “Make a Payment”.

2. Next, select your Payment Amount and click “Current Balance” or “Previous Charges”. In case you need to enter a different amount, you can select “other” and do so.

3. After that, you need to select your saved payment method or if you are new to this you can easily choose to add a new one.

4. Then, click on the “calendar icon” that you can see on the right of the Payment Date and select the date that you would like to make your payment.

• Your payment request is submitted one banking business day before the date that you choose so always remember to schedule your payment on or before the due date so that you don’t face the agony of paying late fees.

• Your payment is usually deducted on the scheduled date but sometimes it may vary depending on your bank. However, when you opt for Frontier’s hassle-free online billing, your payment is posted on the billing system exactly on the payment date that you select to avoid any inconveniences.

5. Once you are done with selecting the payment date, you can click on “Continue” and then select “Confirm” to process the payment.

Note:In case you wish to make changes to the date, payment amount or method of payment, you can click on “Previous” to go back and tweak the details.

6. After you are completely satisfied, select “Confirm” to seal the deal!

7. Next, just simply log into the email address that’s registered with your Frontier account and check the confirmation email that you must have received from the provider that has your payment confirmation number. You can also take a printout of the email for safe-keeping.

3. Forgetful much? Pay Your Frontier Bill Spontaneously with Auto Pay

If you already have a lot on your plate and find it hard to remember dates then make your life easier by selecting Auto Pay while choosing your online payment method and clear your bills automatically and securely each month by choosing a payment date.

Just simply log in to “My Account” and click on the “Sign up for Auto Pay” option that you will find in the My Payments menu to turn on auto payments and you won’t have to worry about skipping the due date every again!

Don’t want Auto Pay anymore and not sure what to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! In case one day you wish to turn the Auto Pay option off, simply log in to My Account and click on “Manage Auto Pay” in the My Payments menu to stop paying your bills automatically every month.

4. Pay Your Bill on-the-go with MyFrontier Mobile App

Realizing that it’s the last date to pay your Frontier bill sounds like a nightmare!

However, for a Frontier customer, this nightmare can never come true as you can easily pay your bill anywhere, any time by downloading the FREE MyFrontier app from the Play Store on your Android or App Store on iOS and you will never dread late due dates every again.

All you need is your Frontier internet connection and your Frontier ID and password and that’s it! With the MyFrontier app, paying your bills is as easy as ABC!

5. Make Your Payment by Phone

If you are really stuck or feeling like a sloth then don’t worry as you can use your checking account, debit card or major credit card (except American Express) to pay your Frontier bill by phone.

Just pick up a pen and note down your Frontier account number and keep it with you. Next, call Frontier’s automated payment service on 1.800.801.6652 and follow the instructions to pay your bill in a jiffy through Frontier’s over-the-phone automated payment service.

In case of confusion, you can dial 1.800.921.8101 to talk to a Frontier Agent (fee may apply) or contact the 24/7 Frontier Customer Support to lead your way.

Apart from efficiently posting the payment to your account the same day once you hang up, the best thing about paying your bill by phone is that you only need to pitch-in a small $3.50 convenience fee to save an ample amount of time, energy and fuel.

6. Make Your Payment via Mail

Here’s great news for all the old-school Frontier-lovers who are not tech-savvy or have tight budgets! You can now conveniently pay your Frontier Bill the simple way via US mail for FREE through a check or money order made out to Frontier Communications. Here’s how:

1. Fill in your check or money order and don’t forget to write your account number on it.

2. Enclose your bill stub with your payment.

3. Mail your payments to the address given below:

• Frontier Communications

PO Box 740407

Cincinnati, OH 45274-0407

In case you are willing to make an overnight payment then you can mail your check to the following address:

• Frontier Communications

5050 Kingsley Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45227-1115

In case you’re wondering whether paying your Frontier bill via mail might take ages then let us tell you that it won’t!

Frontier’s mail billing is as efficient and fast as any of its payment methods as once you mail your payment to Frontier Communications, it is posted to your account after 5:30 pm sharp on the same day. It is acknowledged without any delay!

7. Walk-in and Pay

Apart from making your bill payments via the internet, phone and mail, you can also pay your Frontier bill by visiting one of the many Frontier retail stores or agent locations in your city.

Simply locate a favorable payment location that accepts Frontier bill payments near your neighborhood for a nickel and dime and visit during business hours.

Once you reach there, you can easily pay your Frontier bill through cash, check or money order as you wish to a customer representative and Frontier will take it from there!

In-person payments are as reliable as all other modes of payments as once you have paid the bill, the payment is posted to your account right the next business day!

8. Life’s Easier with Frontier!

As we humans are fallible and mortal, there are days when it gets pretty difficult for us to leave the house because of illness, unpredictable shifts in weather, a pandemic or just mere laziness—and bills that come every month with tight deadlines are ever ready to deprive us of all the digital goodies that we can’t live without!

With all the super convenient payment methods mentioned above, you can easily pay your Frontier bill in a couple of minutes so that you can avoid inconvenience and don’t fear to lose your beloved Frontier services ever!