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Self-quarantine, social isolation and the fear of death looming over our heads— living through the Coronavirus pandemic feels like we are stuck in a zombie invasion movie, doesn’t it?

As the US hunkers down to slow the spread of the Coronavirus and the new norm of social-isolation gradually takes over the American society, the demand for the internet has spiked exponentially.

Whether it is using the internet to work from home, access e-learning platforms, perform financial transactions, binge-watch shows on Netflix or keep in touch with loved ones, home-bound people need the internet more than ever to get through this COVID-19 nightmare.

Therefore, to give relief to people amid this difficult time, Wave Broadband has taken remarkable steps to bring seamless connectivity to all residential customers who have been affected by the Coronavirus.

With the sole aim to give relief to educators, students, and low-income households, here are the steps that Wave Broadband has taken to help millions of people on the West Coast to mitigate financial hardships and broadband roadblocks amid this pandemic.

Get Free Access to Wave High-Speed Internet

With the sudden closure of businesses and educational institutions millions of people have been forced to study and work remotely. However, not all are privileged to have access to a high-speed internet connection.

For such customers, who have financial constraints and cannot afford to pay the regular price for internet services, especially the ones who have students in their homes, Wave Broadband has announced to give free of cost Wave internet and Wi-Fi installation.

Starting from April, Wave has launched the Internet First Program that will help students to continue with their schooling, access online resources and more.

Students’ schooling has been affected the most, hence Wave wants to help out so that there is no hindrance in their learning. Wave plans to partner with school districts to let them know about these facilities.

Internet First Program

Amid this crucial time, Wave Broadband is determined more than ever to help its residential customers who are troubled with low monthly income, shrinking budgets, and financial hardships by flexing its policies.

Internet First Program by Wave is an easy-on-pocket internet plan that is specifically designed to facilitate eligible families and students living in low-income households by offering them reliable internet connectivity at incredibly low-rates.

The Internet First Program is eligible for people who have not subscribed to the Wave Broadband in the past 60 days. Also, people who are qualified for public assistance programs such as National School Lunch Program, Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, housing assistance and others can easily apply.

Once application is approved, customers will get free 25 Mbps internet, excluding taxes for two months. The offer will expire on 31st May 2020. After two months, customers will have to pay $9.95 per month. The offer also includes free installation along with free standard Wi-Fi and modem.

As per the Internet First Program, there will be no credit check and customers won’t have to enter into any contract either.

If your clan has Wave’s Internet First to hold on to during this healthcare crisis, you will no longer have to worry about incurring connection discrepancies or excessive monthly bills while working or accessing online educational platforms and resources.

Wave Eases Financial Burdens for all its customers

Undoubtedly, the Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the entire nation by causing great social and economic instability.

Apart from offering highly-affordable internet service with free installation to those severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Wave has made special arrangements to offer as much financial relief to all of its valuable customers as it can.

Residential and business customers will not incur any penalty fee in case they are making late payments.

That’s not all! For customers who haven’t subscribed to Wave’s unlimited data plans, the internet service provider has announced to waive internet overage fees during March and April.

Customers can now use the high-speed Wave internet with complete peace of mind without fearing to pay bills topped with overage fees in case they exceed their monthly data allowance.

Wave Customers Won’t Face Service Termination

Wave Broadband truly understands how hard it is for a family to make ends meet while being stuck at home with little income flowing in every month. However, don’t worry because Wave has got your back!

Luckily Wave is willing to share the burden of its valuable subscribers who are economically and psychologically impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak and have nothing else other than the internet to fight the tempestuous financial and social deprivation.

Taking note of the circumstances, Wave has promised that no household will face termination of their Wave Broadband service for two months starting from April in case they fail to pay their bills in time.

Wave customers who cannot afford to pay their bills can now easily reach out to the 24/7 Wave Customer Service and ask for special arrangements to be made in order to provide them financial relief.

Wave Internet—A Digital Weapon to Combat the Coronavirus

Wave’s fiber-powered network is innovatively engineered for capacity, expansion, speed, and reliability.

While more and more people working from home due to the Coronavirus situation, Wave continues to optimize its network by carrying out continuous tests to monitor and enhance its network’s performance as usage spikes.

As millions of customers, communities and even the government institutions are relying on ISPs to survive the economic and financial crisis that is brought upon them by the Coronavirus pandemic, Wave has pledged to keep its services running while offering monetary relief so that no household is deprived of any reliable communication tool.