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This Valentine’s Day, do something different. Learn to love your own self before setting out and seeking a soulmate. Spend the day doing what you love the most. Play video games. Take a trip to the spa. Or sink in your couch with your fur-buddy by your side and watch some rib-tickling rom-coms on Netflix.

Speaking of which, have you seen ‘The Lovebirds’ on Netflix? If you haven’t, then you probably should.

The Lovebirds – A Hilarious Flick To Stream on Netflix With Your Significant Other

The Lovebirds was originally released on Netflix in May 2020. Even though this movie bagged mixed reviews from the critics, the leads – Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae – were commended for their performances.

The Lovebirds follows a couple that argues almost on everything – yeah, kind of like you and your significant other. But, after four years of loving and arguing, Jibran (Kumail Nanjiani) and Leilani (Issa Rae) decide to call it quits.

Right amid their ‘final’ conversation, Jibran runs a red light and hits a cyclist on the road. Little did the couple know, things are about to take a bizarre turn from there. They witness some killings, but the fear that they would be racially profiled keeps both, Jibrain and Leilani from involving the police. Things get stickier, messier, and confusing. But, Nanjiani and Rae’s impeccable comic timing keeps it all well tied up. We won’t spoil the movie for you further. It’s there on Netflix. Stream it on your favorite device or watch it on TV - the choice is all yours! If it were up to us, we’d pick the latter.

Which Pay-tv Providers Get You Netflix?

Does Netflix fuel your daily entertainment? Imagine, how very convenient it would be to access Netflix right off your TV. Good thing, a few select TV service providers offer integrated access to Netflix with their TV and internet plans. All you have to do is bring any of these providers home and Netflix will be just a Voice Command or a click away. Sounds too good to miss, right?

  2. Cox Communications
  3. Optimum by Altice
  4. Suddenlink by Altice
  5. Xfinity from Comcast

Frequently Netflix? Get These Valued Packed Cable/Internet Packages


DIRECTV STREAM is a live streaming TV service that brings together live TV and On Demand content. DIRECTV STREAM is available in 4 standalone plans. You can bundle it with AT&T Fiber to enjoy it to the max. Across all STREAM tiers, there are tons of splendid highlights including access to Netflix when you also choose to get the exclusive DIRECTV STREAM device. The device costs you $5/mo. on a 24-month installment agreement or you can purchase for $120 upfront. But, its worth it because you get an all-in-one TV experience that cuts out the hassle of switching TV inputs.

Here is a quick glance at our favorite DIRECTV STREAM plans and bundles:




plus tax



plus tax



plus taxes & fees w/AutoPay & paperless billing for Internet



plus taxes & fees w/AutoPay & paperless billing for Internet

A Couple More Things

Cox Communications

Cox offers integrated access to Netflix to its Contour TV subscribers. In fact, Cox surely knows how to flex Netflix like no other provider in the market. All the TV shows, and movies on Netflix are directly integrated into Contour’s browsing menu for easy access via Voice Command. Moreover, you can access Netflix via the home screen through the Cox Remote. Be sure to keep Cox residential internet by your side, if you’re seeking a better experience. It is ranked one of the best for streaming video.

Best thing? Your first Contour box is FREE. Plus, you get to personalize their cable TV package by adding your favorite networks and other add-ons. Got you interested? Let’s take a look at our favorite Cox Contour TV packages:

Cox Internet Preferred + Contour Preferred


for 12 months with 1-year service agreement

Contour Box Included

Cox Internet Preferred + Contour Preferred + Voice Preferred


for 12 months with 1-year service agreement

Be Mindful Of This….

Optimum by Altice

Optimum TV is brought to life by the Altice One device that you can include in your subscription. The Altice One device provides a sleek interface. It’s a hub where all your live TV networks, DVR recordings, and a huge On Demand library reside. Do you know what else you can find in here? An array of streaming apps including your favorite, Netflix!

Optimum TV makes Netflix and Chilling rather easy. Since it comes already paired with Optimum Internet, you can stream your favorite shows and movies to your heart’s content. Moreover, with Altice One in the picture, there’s no need of bringing in another device or changing the inputs on your TV. A click is all that’s needed and you would land right on Netflix’s endless content supply. Curious to find out more about Optimum TV’s packages? Well, here they are.

Optimum Core TV + Internet 300


for 12 months w/AutoPay & paperless billing

Optimum Select TV + Internet 500


for 12 months w/AutoPay & paperless billing

Optimum Premier TV + Internet 500


for 12 months w/AutoPay & paperless billing

Suddenlink by Altice

Suddenlink is home to almost every top-of-the-line streaming service, including Netflix. If you have an existing Netflix subscription, we’d recommend getting a Suddenlink Internet + TV bundle for a better, all-included experience.

Suddenlink TV – just like Optimum – is also powered by Altice One Gateway, when you bundle with Suddenlink Internet. Not only does the device function as a gateway for the internet, but powers the media player which offers integrated access to live TV, On Demand, DVR titles and so much more. It comes with a Voice Remote that eagerly awaits your command to ‘play something from Netflix’ – too good to miss!

Let’s take a look at Suddenlink TV packages:

Suddenlink Core TV + Internet 500


for 12 months w/AutoPay & paperless billing

Suddenlink Select TV + Internet 500


for 12 months w/AutoPay & paperless billing

Xfinity from Comcast

Xfinity offers its TV service over the next-gen X1 platform. Customers who subscribe to Xfinity TV + Internet bundles are X1-eligible. Thus, if you feel all set to bring Xfinity TV to your home, consider adding internet to the mix – you won’t be disappointed!

Besides countless splendid features, Xfinity X1 offers an integrated Netflix streaming. You can access Netflix by selecting the app on X1 menu, or by speaking into the futuristic Xfinity Voice Remote.

Interested to know what Xfinity packages are like out there? Let’s go! But let’s caution you. Offerings from Xfinity vary in its different service regions so the following may not be available at your location. You can Order Online to check availability at your address

FAST Internet + Popular TV Double Play


for 12 months with 1-Year Agreement. Paperless Billing & Automatic Payments required.

SUPERFAST Internet + Ultimate TV Double Play


for 12 months with 1-Year Agreement. Paperless Billing & Automatic Payments required.

Spend This Valentine’s With ‘The Lovebirds’ on Netflix

This Valentine’s Day, instead of watching cutesy movies that make you weep, choose something funny to stream on Netflix. Lucky for you, the aforementioned providers offer you the ticket to stream movies and shows from Netflix, right on your TV. Shortlist the ones available at your address. Compare plans and prices, and bring home the one that offers you more for less.

This Valentine’s Day, find the perfect match for your TV and dial 1-855-349-9328 to get more information on available providers near you.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Does Netflix have The Lovebirds?

Yes, ‘The Lovebirds’ is available on Netflix.

  1. What's new on Netflix this Valentine's Day?

Netflix never disappoints its subscribers. And as always, you can expect the streaming giant to include new titles next month. There is already a bunch of them available to stream on the platform right now.

  1. Is ‘The Lovebirds’ on Amazon Prime?

Yes. You can watch The Lovebirds on Prime Video. Also, any Amazon user can browse through Prime Video movie rentals, and enjoy it on PC or another device compatible with Prime Video.