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As the NFL 2022-2023 season comes around, the air is abuzz with excitement as always. Among the much-awaited games are those of the Dallas Cowboys – ranking in the top six, this season. Watching the game in-person and on-field is definitely one of the best experiences you will ever have. But, there is also a certain charm in enjoying the game from the comfort of your home. For those who prefer to watch the game from their couch, NFL games do air live on a variety of TV channels, so you can double in on the fun.

In this article, we discuss how you catch the Dallas Cowboys games on Spectrum TV channels this season. So buckle up and let us see how Spectrum has you covered this NFL season!


Enjoy Dallas Cowboys Games on Spectrum TV

Being one of the most influential teams in the NFL, games with Dallas Cowboys are watched throughout the country and often sold out. Even so, you can enjoy the games on TV – with Spectrum TV airing some of the most popular channels where the game airs live. While there is no dedicated channel for the NFL games, customers of Spectrum TV can enjoy them on the different channels where the game is available.

Some of these include ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and more.


  1. ABC Channel


ABC has long been the place to enjoy elite sporting events such as NFL Football. The rich tradition that surrounds competitive games established by ABC Sports continues this season. You can watch live on TV, or online with your Spectrum credentials. Since ABC comes included in the Spectrum TV Select channel lineup, you can easily enjoy the game. Alternatively, you can also stream on the ABC app on your supported device such as Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and more. The possibilities are endless.


Watch your favorite team’s butt heads on screen and enjoy the games with your favorite snacks!


  1. CBS Channel


CBS allows you to watch live NFL games directly on your TV screen as long as you have a cable service – a practice that has carried forward since 1956. CBS is included with the Spectrum TV Select, so you can just enjoy it with your traditional cable plan on Spectrum, although it does only get you the live game. If you want to take things up a notch and get the player stats, as well as older games of the season, you can consider getting the Sports View add-on with Spectrum TV, including CBS Sports.


This add-on sets you up with over 20 exclusive and premium sports networks and is priced only at $6 per month. For more information, call Spectrum customer service at 844-481-5997.


  1. FOX Channel


FOX is another popular channel that carries NFL games during the season for live watch and more. As long as you have FOX Channel in your lineup you can not only enjoy the game live but also on the FOX Sports App which you can download on any screen and log in with your TV credentials. Since FOX Channel comes included in the lineup for Spectrum TV Select, you can catch all your favorite games live on TV.


Go to channel Fox and tune in to your favorite games when available!


  1. NBC



NFL seasons are also available on NBC in form of live games if you are in the market. Enjoy the game in all its glory and watch all your favorite and available Dallas Cowboys games to your heart’s content. This channel too is included on the Spectrum TV Select lineup, so you always have access to the games when they go live.


Learn more about Spectrum TV, or call 844-481-5997 for more information.


That being said, do bear in mind that you can only watch these games on your local TV channels if you are in the regional market. If you are out of the market, you would not be able to enjoy these games on TV and would probably have to look for an alternate. Our next section outlines exactly what to do if you find yourself stuck out of the market on the eve of your favorite game!


Watch Dallas Cowboys Games Out Of Market

If you are not in the region of the local game, catching the game on a cable network would not be possible. So what do you do then? Well, Spectrum TV has you covered on that front too. Spectrum Sports View is available as an add-on for as little as $6 per month and fixes you up with 20+ must-have sports channels. This includes the NFL Network and the NFL RedZone – both of which will get you the live game, even when you are out of the region.


  1. NFL Network


NFL Network on Spectrum keeps you in the loop all around the clock and year-round streaming of all your sports fixes. Enjoy updates on NFL Network, along with important news, game schedules, plus around 200+ NFL games on the Network, including highlights, replays, previous Super Bowls, and other NFL Classics.


NFL Network is available as part of the Spectrum Sports package. Once you have this service, you can stream your favorite game even when you are out of the region, on your Spectrum TV Everywhere App.


Learn more about Spectrum Sports view, or call 844-481-5997 to upgrade your plan!


  1. NFL RedZone


Enjoy hours of live football, presenting multiple games at once with the NFL RedZone. Experience every touchdown from every single game of the season and more so, every Sunday. Get the best scenes from every possible stadium and stay in touch with the magic that happens behind the scenes on game day. Find your perfect Fantasy Football companion with the NFL RedZone on Spectrum.


NFL Red Zone on Spectrum Sports View allows you to watch the highlights of all the games in the season, including out-of-market games. You may not get to enjoy the full game, but the highlights are sometimes all you need to quench the need for some good old game!


Get NFL RedZone on Spectrum TV today! Call 844-481-5997 now.


NFL Season 2022-2023: Dallas Cowboys Game Schedule

As the NFL Season 2022-23 continues, Dallas Cowboys will keep having matches with other teams. Here is a quick look at the schedule for all the Dallas Cowboys fans. Catch all your favorite Dallas Cowboys games on Spectrum TV channels today!

Date & Day

Time (ET)

NFL Game


Mon 1/16/2023

8:15 PM

Buccaneers vs. Cowboys


Sun 1/22/2023

6:30 PM

49ers vs. Cowboys




NFL is one of the biggest leagues in the U.S., with all of its 32 teams vying for a championship. The Super Bowl and other classical NFL games have made things even more interesting, in recent years. Enjoy the entire schedule of the best NFL games this season, on Spectrum TV, or add premium sports channels to your lineup to get around-the-clock coverage!

Learn more about NFL on Spectrum TV, or call 844-481-5997 now.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. What channel is Dallas Cowboys playing on Spectrum today?


Dallas Cowboys are playing for the NFL Season 2022-2023. The Spectrum channels airing live Dallas Cowboys games primarily include ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. To check what channel is airing the game today, scroll up to our table.


Watch NFL on Spectrum TV! Call 844-481-5997 now.


  1. What is the Spectrum Sports View?


Spectrum Sports View is an add-on to your TV experience and gets you all the best games from some of the best sports channels in the industry. With 20+ channels, enjoy every day of the week, and get premium and HD programming from the NFL Network, NFL RedZone, ESPN, and more. Only for $6 per month!


Get Spectrum TV and customize it with all your favorite add-ons. Call 844-481-5997 today!