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Windstream is an internet and home phone provider in the U.S. It is known for its reliable services and modest coverage, especially along the East Coast and the Midwest. Kinetic by Windstream is a DSL-Fiber Hybrid internet service that has gained popularity in recent years since it can reach speeds up to 8 Gig (in select areas). You can also pair Kinetic by Windstream with other independent providers to get a TV service since Windstream does not offer a TV service of its own.

On the other hand, the Windstream home phone is one of a kind, boasting 17 phone features which make the experience more efficient and enjoyable. In this article, we discuss some of the best features that the Windstream home phone has to offer and how you can make the most out of them.

Windstream Phone Service – All You Need to Know

Most features, such as call forwarding, call waiting, etc. come included with the Windstream home phone service. This means that you would not be charged separately for them. However, with some services, there is an extra charge attached and may vary across locations. Some other important things that you ought to know about the phone service are given as follows.


Important Windstream Phone Features

Since Windstream home phone comes with a variety of features, it is vital to know how to operate them. This way you can make most of the phone service and it is also convenient to manage. In the following section, you will find some of the best Windstream calling features and how to use them properly.

1. Anonymous Call Rejection

This handy feature allows you to reject calls from callers who have hidden their numbers. Anytime such a ‘blocked’ number calls your residence, the telephone would not even ring. The call would be rejected anonymously. All other numbers will ring through normally.

This feature is automatically active on your Windstream phone line.

If a blocked number calls: They will hear a message that you do not accept unidentified/anonymous calls. They can reach you by removing the blocking feature and calling again.

To cancel the feature: Press *87. Wait for the confirmation tone before you hang up.

To reactivate the feature: Press *77. Wait for the confirmation tone before hanging up.

2. Caller ID

A caller ID allows you to check the telephone number and name of an incoming call. This only works on unblocked numbers and allows you to screen for important calls and avoid unwanted contact.

How to use: Caller ID comes in-built and no activation codes are required. The name and number come on display after the first ring ends. Numbers that employ Per-Call/Per-Line blocking will appear as ‘Private’ or ‘Blocked’.

A special display unit is required to use the Caller ID feature. You can rent or purchase it from Windstream to attach to your phone. If you have a phone with an in-built display, the feature will work normally, no add-ons are required.

3. Caller ID on Call Waiting

This feature allows you to see the Caller ID of an incoming call while you are on another call. You would however need to have a subscription to both Caller ID and Call Waiting service for this feature to work.

How to Use: This feature comes in-built and no activation code is required. If you receive a call while you are already on one, you will hear a specific Call Waiting tone and the Caller ID of the individual in waiting will show up on display. As always, if it is a number that uses Per-Call or Per-Line Blocking, it will appear as blocked or private and no number or name will show up.

A special display unit is required to use this feature and it may be different from those used for Caller ID. It is great if you have an in-built display, however, if you do not have a compatible display, it can easily be rented or purchased from Windstream itself.

4. Call Forwarding

This feature allows you to forward your incoming calls to any phone number of your choosing. This is particularly helpful if you are on a vacation or running errands, you can answer your calls directly from your mobile device. Remote access to Call Forwarding does not work with the Preferred Call Forwarding feature. 

How to use: Dial 72#. Input the phone number you want your calls to be forwarded to. If the call is answered, you have successfully activated the feature. If it is not, go ahead and repeat the process.

To cancel the feature: Wait for the dial tone. Press 73# and wait until you hear two short tones followed by the dial tone. Activation codes for both activation and inactivation sometimes vary between locations so do consult a manual or an expert on the matter.

5. Call Return

This feature helps you call back your last incoming call – regardless of whether or not it was answered. It is perfect if you are in a hurry and have to dial quickly.

How to use: Pick up the phone and wait for the steady dial tone. Press *69 or 1169 on your rotary phone. An announcement would let you know the most recent number that called followed by an option to call back by pressing 1.

If the line is not busy, wait for the normal ringing.

If the line is busy, hang up and you will be notified when the line is free with a special ring.

To cancel the feature: Hear the dial tone before pressing *89 or dial 1189 on the rotary phone. Wait for the confirmation beep before hanging up.

6. Call Selector

Do you have a special someone that you would like to identify from just the ring? The Call Selector feature declares important callers with a specific ring that you can customize.

How to use: Wait for the dial tone before dialing *61. Wait for the message to tell you if the service is off or on for you at the moment and the numbers on your Call Selector list. Press 3 to toggle the feature off or on. Lastly, press #01# and follow the audio instructions given to you.

To add a number to your Call Selector: Press # and follow the recorded instructions. You may store up to 12 numbers on your list simultaneously.

To remove a number from your Call Selector: Press *, followed by the number you wish to remove. Then press * again to finish. To clear the list, press 08* to remove all entries or 09* to remove all the private entries therein.

To review numbers on your list: Press 1. Your list of Call Selector numbers will be read out to you, followed by instructions to make edits if required. Press 0 to hear the instructions again.

7. Enhanced Call Waiting

Enhanced Call Waiting notifies you when a call comes while you are already on another call. With this feature, you can put one of the calls on hold while you take the other call.

How to use: A tone will let you know when another call is coming through. Press the switch/flash hook of your phone for a second and take the incoming call. This will place your current call on hold. To go back to the first caller repeat the process with the switch hook for one second.

To cancel the feature: If you want to cancel before you place a call, select *70 or 1170 on a rotary phone and wait for the dial tone. Then enter the number you want to call. Call Waiting has been disabled for this call but is active as soon as you hang up.

To use during a call, press the switch/flash hook for a second to put the caller on hold. Select *70 or 1170 on a rotary phone to disable the Call Waiting feature. However, it will reactivate once you hang up.

8. Spam Call Alert

This feature detects potential spam calls and informs you of the incoming Caller ID. It comes with the Caller ID feature and protects you from unwanted interaction while answering such calls.

9. Per-Call Blocking

This feature allows you to ‘block’ your number or prevent it from showing up in someone’s Caller ID for a certain call.

How to use: Press *67 or 1167 on your rotary phone. Once you hear a ‘rapid’ dial tone, your Per-Call Blocking is active and you can go ahead and dial the number you wish to call.

This service is not available in all U.S. regions. However, where available, it is freely accessible where the Caller ID feature is provided, regardless of your subscription to any of these services.

10. Three-Way Calling

This feature lets you speak to two people at the same time. It is like a conference call but on a home phone instead of a smartphone. 

How to use: Dial the first number and place them on hold by pressing the switch/flash hook for a second. Listen for a dial tone, and then dial the second number. When someone answers the call, press the switch/flash hook again for one second to add them to the call. This way three people can talk to each other at the same time, on the same line.

When you hang up, the call ends for all parties involved.

Three-way calling can be used for both local and long-distance calls. But the original caller will have to bear the toll charges on the long-distance call.

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Other Features of Windstream Phone Service

While this was a rather detailed discussion of some of the most important Windstream calling features, a few others are worth a mention. These features include:


Your Windstream phone number sets you up with a variety of calling features that you can play around with to make your experience more fun. More than anything else, these calling features set convenience and efficiency at your fingertips, so you can focus on more important things in your life.

Learn more about the Windstream service. For more information or to order, call now 855-349-9312. For Spanish-speaking customer service, call 844-481-5992.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Windstream have contracts?

Windstream Internet service has no contracts, which is perfect if you are looking for a no-commitment service. This way you can cancel it at any time.

Is Windstream phone service available in my area?

To determine the availability of Windstream in your area, call Windstream customer service at 855-349-9312.

What Windstream calling features are there?

Windstream offers a variety of calling features including;

Three-Way Calling

Spam Call Alert

Call Forwarding

Call Blocking

Anonymous Call Rejection and more.