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Unless you’re an eccentric that likes to watch films in foreign languages, entertainment content without sound is sure to drive you crazy.

Sound is an integral part of any production. It sets the tone of the scene, helps create ambiance, and using music gets you acutely involved in all that is happening. Of course, it’s essential for dialogues as well. The emotions captured by the actors’ voices simply cannot be conveyed in the subtitles displayed on the screen. It just doesn’t work that way.

However, as Spectrum users will tell you sound can go mute and does so from time to time. Not only that, you might get a buzzing noise, video and audio that is not synced, and more such issues. For those looking to relax after a long day, it can get especially frustrating. Nobody deserves such hassle. Worry not though, it isn’t all that big an issue and can be resolved with ease. Troubleshooting sound is the tricky part but once you figure out where the problem lies, you’ll be able to fix it in no time. Here’s what you need to do.

Check the Sound of TV

Before you go mad at the TV service over the absence of sound, we’d suggest you collect yourself and simply check if your TV sound is on mute or not. You’d be surprised by how many people make this mistake. To ensure the problem has not originated from your television set, here’s what you should do:

Another common mistake people tend to make is plugging in headphones in the headphone jack of their TVs and completely forget about them, so make sure that it’s not the case for you.

If you still don’t hear any sound then you should try troubleshooting the sound on Spectrum TV.

Ways to Troubleshoot Sound on Spectrum TV

There’s no need to panic if the sound stops working. It’s a simple enough problem to solve and won’t take much of your time to get it sorted. Simply follow the steps below to systematically troubleshoot the problem.

Reset the TV box

Once you’ve ascertained that your TV is not on mute, you should try resetting your TV box and see if that makes a difference. Here’s how you can do that:

In most cases, that is all you need to do to resolve Spectrum TV no sound issue. If however, that does not work out for you, there might be a problem with the HDMI audio output. Here’s how you can resolve that.

Problem with HDMI Audio Output

When the sound stops working, we usually find that HDMI audio is the culprit. So, chances are high that that may be the cause of your woes. Fixing it though takes hardly any time at all. All you need to do this:

Voila, your Spectrum TV sound should start working again. You can watch the latest episodes and view your favorite movies with sound now. If however, it still isn’t working here are some more things for you to try.

Switch to Optical Cables

Cables are subject to wear and tear, so it’s possible that the coaxial and HDMI cables you’re using are not working for this reason. The thing about traditional cables though is that when they’re faulty, they may not stop working altogether but rather not work at the optimum level. Bad sound quality may be an outcome of this shortcoming. To remedy this, we’d suggest you upgrade to optical cables. It’ll improve the audio signal reception ensuring you get a good viewing experience.

For more details Visit Spectrum Services

Sound Not Coming from Stereo Receiver

If you find that the stereo receiver is not where the sound is coming from, here’s what you got to do:

If you find that only one receiver is giving off sound, make sure to check if the cables connecting the stereo receiver are connected properly and are not damaged in any way.

Video and Audio Out of Sync

There’s nothing more annoying than out-of-sync video and audio. If you’re faced with this issue follow the steps below:

This should fix the problem.

Optimize the Stereo Output

You should always make sure that your sound is set to stereo or surround sound. It often happens that when you’re plagued with skipping or inconsistent audio, and there are no issues with the wiring, it’s the stereo settings that are out of sync. What you need to do then, is optimize the stereo output on Spectrum digital receiver. Here’s how you can do that:

Hopefully, this will resolve the issue of skipping or inconsistent audio, allowing you to watch shows and movies in peace.

Get the Volume Right

If it’s poor sound quality giving you hard time, you need to adjust the volume on your receiver and TV. We’d suggest that you keep the volume on your receiver no higher than 75% and go all out on your television’s volume. This will improve the sound quality you are getting.

Adjust TV Volume to Stop Buzzing Noise

To stop the buzzing noise, simply reduce the TV volume. Use your remote control to set it slightly higher than the volume you’re used to listening till the buzzing noise disappears. And then, if you want even higher volume adjust it to your preference using the remote control for your receiver.

Update the TV’s Firmware

Smart TVs are great devices to have, but they do require a certain type of maintenance that traditional televisions do not. For example, if the firmware of a smart TV is not updated, you might get sound problems like these. So, before you assume Spectrum cable box no sound, we’d suggest you check if the firmware of your smart TV is up to date or not.

Contact Spectrum Customer Service

With how big the Spectrum community is, you’ll easily find help around you. However, if still you find yourself struggling, then you can always call Spectrum Support for help. They’ll connect you with a trained professional with all the knowledge on how to resolve any Spectrum issue you are facing. Before you call them, we’d suggest you try out the following and save yourself the hassle:

Taking these precautions will ensure your time is not wasted unnecessarily. After this, you can call customer service and get them working on the problem faster. Hopefully, the customer service representative will be able to resolve the problem over the phone.

Spectrum TV issues are easy to solve remotely, however, if that doesn’t work, worry not. They will send out a technician to check your system and configure the settings correctly and before you know it everything will be working fine, as it should.

Final Words

There you go, it’s that easy to solve the Spectrum Sound issue. Sure it’ll take a bit of your time but troubleshooting is a pretty straightforward process and if you follow the steps above you’ll able to resolve the problem in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset Spectrum cable box?

Simply unplug your Spectrum cable box, and after 60 seconds, plug it back in.

Is Spectrum experiencing an outage?

To check if there’s an outage in your area, visit Spectrum Storm Center and chat with the service.

Are optical cables better than traditional coaxial and HDMI cables?

While both have their pros and cons, optical cables do give you a decidedly better service than the traditional coaxial and HDMI cables